The Sports Archives – Boxing’s Next Big Fight: Wilder vs. Ortiz Heavyweight Title Match on March 3
By Layton Dudley - - - Deontay Wilder, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link The heavy weapons are in place! Deontay Wilder will defend the WBC Heavyweight title before Luis "King Kong" Ortiz at the Barclays Center in Brooking on Saturday March 3, in a boxing match that should have been played a long time […]

By Layton Dudley - - - Deontay Wilder, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The heavy weapons are in place! Deontay Wilder will defend the WBC Heavyweight title before Luis "King Kong" Ortiz at the Barclays Center in Brooking on Saturday March 3, in a boxing match that should have been played a long time ago. After a brief doping scandal that nearly ended the fight prematurely, Cuban-born Ortiz and American Wilder will finally clash and end all speculation about the start and direction of the knockout. Showtime will air this next big fight live on Saturday night after 8 p.m. ET.

We will now take a quick look at the records of these two heavyweight titans and venture to make predictions for the fight to come, with the help of our esteemed friends who are experts in boxing odds for added action value.

Everyone has a past.

Let's face it, Luis Ortiz is everyone's emotional favorite, he's the oldest fighter - at 39 - is a tough, hard-working man, and he comes from a country where he can make a name for himself. is not a simple thing. When statements about certain hypertension medications appeared in the press recently, his involvement in the heavyweight world of boxing was almost permanently over, however, luckily for Ortiz and boxing fans around the world, he just got fined $ 25,000 and let go with a smile. He seems determined to take the belt from under Wilder's nose, and he just might use one of his devastating blows to accomplish it. Keep in mind that this type of action will affect the betting odds of the boxing match regardless of which bookie we are talking about.

Wilder is no stranger to misdemeanors, but his offenses might more easily fall into a typical American way of boasting. He's got a big mouth and ran with her to belittle his rival in every imaginable inventive way and during any media he could get his hands on; most recently, the “Bronze Bomber” was forced to serve no less than 60 hours of community service due to an incident of possession of marijuana. Wilder has held the heavyweight title since 2015, and his 83-inch reach could prove the nail in the coffin of Ortiz's aspirations.

The nitty-gritty of the case

Wilder enters this fight with an unbeaten record of 39-0 and 38 KOs, he beat Bermaine Stiverne and sent him flat to the ground in less than a round last November. He is 6.7 feet tall and has a powerful right arm attack that has earned him many victories throughout his career. While he still lacks a solid technique to support his towering presence, he has what it takes to take down just about any boxer he comes across, and he's done it over and over and with a speed incredible in the past. It remains to be seen if he can endure a long session before the tastes of the gargantuan Ortiz. Let's not forget, you can find odds online for the Wilder vs Ortiz fight, as well as other boxing matches at the super market.

We can find so many knockouts in Luis Ortiz's flawless 28-0 boxing record and he owes most of his successes also to a similar combination of colossal proportions and his unstoppable southpaw technique. This 6.4 athlete from the tropical Caribbean islands last tested his skills in front of an unsuspecting Daniel Martz, who succumbed to a knockout in the second round of the bout. Surprisingly, Ortiz was able to keep his incredible size from reducing his range of motion in the ring, and his speed in both attack and defense could ultimately lead Wilder to make a fatal mistake and land the final punch.

Ortiz is unlike any other boxer Wilder has ever met; the sheer size of the cuban pugilist is the stuff of the scariest boxing fantasies and that is the main reason i am going with the underdog this time around. Wilder can still win the day and he has all the tools to do it, but I believe Ortiz will find the right time to use his legendary southpaw and become the new holder of the WBC heavyweight title.


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