Watch out for the wolves | Things we look for in pastors
“Enter through the narrow door. For the gate is wide, and the path wide, which leads to destruction, and many pass through it. How narrow and difficult the gate is the road that leads to life, and few find it. Be on your guard against false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but […]

“Enter through the narrow door. For the gate is wide, and the path wide, which leads to destruction, and many pass through it. How narrow and difficult the gate is the road that leads to life, and few find it. Be on your guard against false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but who ravage wolves inside. "Matthew 7: 13-15 (CSB)

False prophets are real.

Jesus warned that they looked like sheep, but they were wolves!

We need to take this seriously.

Yes, that might sound critical, but as you see in the video, the type of judgment we're making here.

And don't you want to make sure that you hear the truth and that you are on the right path to heaven?

Not everyone teaches the true gospel.

To be honest, we don't want to fall back into false practice.

Please share this video with anyone you think would benefit from it.

We hope you find this video / podcast useful.

Please do your own research on these practices. There are a lot of other great people who discuss these topics in more depth than we do.

We are just sharing things to help you seek the truth.

We strongly encourage you to open the Bible and find out the truth for yourself.

Just be careful who you listen to online and in your churches. Read Matthew chapter 13 where Jesus describes what will happen in the churches.

We actually think it's good to have a variety of views and to have different versions of the Bible.

Remember that NOBODY is flawless. We will all mess up.

We are not mad at false teachers instead we pray their eyes will start to see the real truth.

Jesus knows that many will not really hear and see HIM and His message.

We want you to know the real Jesus of the Bible.

We read the Bible to know God. Know our savior.

It's not always about us and what we can learn for our own lives.

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We know that this topic is another controversial topic.

As Michelle mentioned in the video, we saw a girl banishing a pastor who only talks about false prophets.

And we just say but what is that the way God uses Him?

To help the rest of us get to know the wolves among the sheep.

Just something to think about.

Again, we don't think a pastor (or pastors) is amazing and perfect. Only God is extraordinary!

We are NOT to IDOLIZE PASTORS. Or what they say.

Each will have their beliefs - rooted in a different theology.

We haven't watched all of these people's videos / sermons.

Each helps us in different ways with different things.

Remember this is where we are now.

Our opinions could change.

We personally love pastors who read chapter by chapter because that's what we need right now. We always listen to other sermons on topics as well.

And just because someone isn't mentioned here doesn't mean we don't like them. There's no way we can know all the pastors out there or listen to them all.

These are only those who have fallen in our path ...

and we find new ones all the time.

Pastors and Online People We Love: * Note that this is not an exclusive list, but the people we go to the most.

Verse by Verse Pastors -

  • Chuck smith
  • Harvest family scholarship
  • FL Calvary Church
  • Tim mackie

People who help with false teachings and / or new age stuff:

  • Doreen Virtue
  • Steven Bancarz
  • Melissa Doughtery
  • Alisa childers
  • The Cultish Show
  • Mike winger
  • Bezelt3 (name of the youtube channel)
  • Costi hinn

Pastors and people we love to learn online:

  • Allen Parr
  • Mark of Applying the Word of God
  • Daniel from DLM Christian Lifestyle
  • Real christianity
  • Redefining television
  • Bible project
  • Milena Ciciotti and her podcast with her husband - For me and my house
  • Phylicia masonheimer
  • Jackie Hill Perry
  • What are you meming ??
  • Ravi Zacharias
  • Ruslan KD
  • Derek Prince Ministries
  • Tetelestai on the cross

People on IG:

  • Tiphani Montgomery
  • Amy Klutinoty
  • Breton dawn
  • Amanda Pittman
  • The girl named Blake
  • Jennifer lucy tyler
  • Michelle myers
  • Allie stuckey

For more people we follow on Instagram, you can check who we follow.

There are other videos that we have watched that have helped us to see it differently, we know some of these people are controversial like Spencer Smith, Justin Peters, John Piper, John MacArthur and Paul Washer.

And we keep finding new people too!

Remember, as we mentioned in the video, we haven't watched every video or read every thing that any of these people posted. We know there are things we don't agree with them on, but we are still doing good for the Kingdom.

We're not saying you have to watch or listen to the people listed here, we're just sharing who helped us on our journey.

In this episode, we discuss false teachers and what to look for in gospel-speaking pastors.  And when, as Christians, we can judge.

What we are discussing:

    • manifestation and law of attraction
    • Jesus believed in demons
    • evil is real
    • Satan has some power
    • idolizing
    • witchcraft
    • to be blinded by the truth
    • why is manifested badly
    • repentance
    • Satan tempts Jesus
    • wrath of god

Please don't hold us a pedestal or anyone. We are all human and imperfect.

We will make mistakes, but that's why we do our best to help each other and pray for others. We share this to help others seek the truth.

We know some will call this judgment. We ask you, wouldn't you prefer that we love you by pointing out a false belief or false teaching rather than letting you believe something that is not from the word of God?

Remember the devil also knows how to use the scriptures.

Be careful who you listen to ...

even recheck us. We know that we are not perfect and do not know everything.

We share all of this with love and pray that those who speak falsely will have their eyes open to the truth.

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We hope our stories encourage and inspire you to begin reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and care deeply about you.


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Test and temptations - Matthew chapter 4

A verse taken out of context - does this really mean that I get what I ask for?

Is coming forward really that bad to practice as a Christian?

We appreciate your support.

Please share this with someone you think will benefit from hearing about Bible reading.

L and M


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