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Ems Electrical Muscle Stimulation Photo credit: hometone.org A new year brings a new commitment to things. For those of us who work from home, this may be the signal that it's time to put...

Ems Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Photo credit: hometone.org

A new year brings a new commitment to things. For those of us who work from home, this may be the signal that it's time to put some love into your work from home or home school space. In these unprecedented times, Best Buy can help ease the burden with secure shopping solutions for all of the latest technology to keep your home office, school or dormitory running smoothly.

Best technology for a home office

Technology to stay productive

As we encounter new barriers at work and at school, the key to success will be finding ways to stay productive. Fortunately, there are a number of practical technology solutions that can help you maximize your time and efficiency.

Work from homePrinters and scanners

Someone on social media recently noted that no one under the age of 40 owns printer more. They claim that the millennial generation is “owning” their office print / copy / scan equipment all the time. Honestly, that might not be far from the truth!

Concrete example: a all-in-one printer was my first purchase a few days after working from home. It's definitely fun to see how quickly this becomes a staple when the office visit isn't an option.

It easily places at the top of the list of must-have technologies for students. For many, access to libraries or other common printers and scanners is currently scarce. Having the ability to print, copy and scan your own documents is a huge plus in staying productive.

PC monitors

In today's electronic work and learning environments, multitasking is essential. Having enough screen space to work is the key to productivity. If you work from home or go to school with a laptop or an older screen, you might find that the size doesn't cut it.

PC and laptop users have a few options to boost their virtual space. Large or ultra-wide monitors provide a large screen for viewing multiple applications at once. Conversely, a configuration of multiple monitors like this can easily double or triple the amount of screen space you have available.

Work from homeAudio solutions

Has your home office become a hub of the work-life clash? Or maybe the communal nature of college dorm life requires you to frequently share space with neighbors and roommates. A nice pair of noise canceling headphones can be the difference between chaos and blissful serenity!


If this is your first time going to school or just looking for a way to convert a home office, a new one portable can simply be the tool to deliver efficient productivity and learning without taking up a large amount of space. Choose between something portable and energy efficient for dorm living away from home, or a more powerful unit like this gaming laptops to take on resource-intensive tasks (or to enjoy some free time when the job is done)!

MacBook Air M1The new Apple computers have arrived

Apple recently announced new Macbooks too. There's a new Macbook Air, 13 inches Macbook Pro, and Mac mini (a great choice for people who have a monitor and keyboard but need a computer upgrade!) powered by a new chip that Apple calls “revolutionary”, the new Macbooks are faster, have a longer battery life and come with the largest collection of apps ever for Mac.

Office and games furniture

If you're going to be spending more time working from home or studying in your dorm, comfort is key. Now might be the perfect time to upgrade your chair or desk to something more spacious or comfortable. Long hours of poor posture or cramping can have long-term negative effects.

Tech for communication and mobility

Work from home

Keeping in touch with colleagues and classmates is more important than ever. When working from home or studying in virtual classrooms, maintaining continuous discussion is the key to efficiency and success. Avoid costly interruption of communication with the latest mobile technologies.

Best Buy offers the latest and greatest cell phone models of both Apple as well as your favorite Android manufacturers. You can choose from options, including plans from all the major carriers, or opt for something from a wide selection of unlocked phones. Either way, a powerful mobile device will help you keep in touch and get things done without worrying about outdated features or dropped calls.

You can also consider a tablet or iPad as a hybrid solution for productivity and mobility. With wi-fi and cellular connectivity, quality cameras and impressive processing power, these devices really blur the line between computing capacity and communication tool.

Work from homeEntertainment and recreation

It can't be hard work all the time. Staying alert and efficient also means taking the time to relax. Avoid exhausting yourself with these options to add fun and games to your home office or dorm room.

Kinematic PC monitors

Having a big screen isn't just a boon for the workplace or learning about productivity. If you're planning to double your budget by using your dorm or home office for work and play, a big screen can provide endless entertainment once your obligations are met.

Have a 4K resolution monitor means that when you are ready to go into relaxation mode, you will get some awesome high quality visuals whether you are streaming a recent Hollywood blockbuster or playing the latest graphically stunning video games. Additionally, if true immersion is your idea of ​​amazing entertainment, you might want to consider the captivating viewing experience of a ultra-wide curved screen monitor.

Work from homeTake a break from Nintendo Switch

the Nintendo Switch may just be the perfect console to complement your back to school or work at home. Thanks to its portable functionality, you can take it with you anywhere. Still, the Switch can still provide a big screen solution for gaming and docked streaming. Either way, the console itself is minimal and won't tax your limited space!

Make working at home or at school easier with excellent technological solutions

Working adults and students alike will depend on efficient consumer technology for work and school more than ever this fall. However, with incredible products designed for remote productivity and efficiency, working from home or in student accommodation is easier than ever.

Whether you are looking to convert your home into a more permanent office outside the office or manage a small dorm for a balanced learning and fun lifestyle, these products will help you make the most of your time. .


Lose Belly Fat

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