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Ems Electrical Muscle Stimulation Today we take a look at the 3 pillars of Smart home and explore the ways specific examples from each category can help improve your own smart home ecosystem. But first, what are the 3 pillars of a smart home? Answering this question is the goal of today's blog. Read on […]

Ems Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Today we take a look at the 3 pillars of Smart home and explore the ways specific examples from each category can help improve your own smart home ecosystem. But first, what are the 3 pillars of a smart home? Answering this question is the goal of today's blog. Read on for a full explanation of each of the 3 pillars of smart home products along with an example of one or two products from each.

The 3 pillars of smart home products explained

Included in the 3 pillars of a smart home are, in no particular order, Safety and security, Comfort and convenience, and Energy and efficiency. These categories are meant to make your smart home shopping experience easier by breaking this broad category down into smaller, more manageable parts that make logical sense based on what the products bring to the table. This makes it easier for you, as a Best Buy customer, to assess your needs and determine which smart home products will best fit into your unique smart home ecosystem. Now let's explore each pillar in more detail with specific product examples to help clarify those categories.

Safety and security

Smart home products

The products in the Safety and Security category include items that protect you and your home from all kinds of threats and dangers. For example, to protect your home and everyone in it, you can choose to install Smart locks and doorbells, Security cameras, and Security sensors and detectors (like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors). These products will not only prevent uninvited intruders from entering your home, but in many cases, they can alert you to potential intruders and other dangers as well.

Smart home products

Popular items in this category include smart locks such as August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th generation). Not only will a lock like this keep you and your family safe in your home, it also has a number of extremely useful features. For example, you no longer need to use physical keys to enter and exit your home, instead using features like app-based control, virtual keys, and proximity detection to let you go. enter while preventing intruders from entering. You can share access to your home with those you love and trust, then use the app to see who's past, get notifications when someone tries to enter, and do a lot of other things. useful. With a lock like this, you'll enjoy safety and security with a little bit of comfort and convenience.

Comfort and convenience

Smart home products

The products in the field of comfort and convenience are intended to make your life more pleasant and easier. Virtual assistants (in the form of Smart speakers, displays and accessories) and Smart furniture and decoration (including smart shades and smart lighting) are some of the most convenient types of products you can buy to improve the comfort level in your home. If you want your home to be as comfortable as it is smart, you can't go wrong with this type of product.

Smart home products

Take for example the Google Nest Hub smart display with Google Assistant. This type of device represents the absolute epitome of smart home convenience. Need to know the upcoming weather forecast? Just ask the built-in Google Assistant and you're sure to have your answer. Likewise, if your child has a question related to their homework, Google is very likely to know the answer. If you need to turn something on or off, the wizard can also do that. Just make sure your other smart devices are connected to your smart home ecosystem, and the possibilities will be endless.

This smart display can also play you a song or a video, translate a foreign language phrase for you, or calculate the tip of your pizza delivery man, to name just a few of his many talents. Conclusion: Today's virtual assistants are invaluable tools and the heart and soul of your smart home setup!

Energy and efficiency

Those whose smart home concerns revolve around energy and efficiency want products that help track and regulate energy use in and around their homes. These products include Smart thermostats and Smart lights of the LED variety. Smart switches and sockets Also inhabit this category for their ability to be remotely controlled, allowing you to turn your lights and other electronic devices on and off from the road via a smartphone app (one of many such examples).

Smart thermostats are among the most popular products in the Energy and Efficiency category. Models such as the 3rd Generation Nest Wi-Fi Smart Learning Thermostat help you reduce your energy expenditure through various clever ways. For example, remote monitoring through a dedicated app allows you to track and collect detailed information about your energy consumption and make adjustments remotely, thereby better controlling your overall energy consumption.

Even more impressive is Nest's smart learning technology, which lets your thermostat know your daily schedule (as well as your heating and cooling preferences) over an extended period of time. The data collected will ultimately allow your Nest Thermostat to self-program in a way that can significantly reduce energy production while keeping your home perfectly comfortable. In fact, reducing energy costs by up to 20% is Nest's goal and claim. It is quite impressive!

Overlap between the 3 pillars

Smart home products

So much the better if you've noticed that several of the products discussed today fit perfectly into 2 or more of the 3 pillars of smart home products. Some items, such as smart thermostats and smart plugs and switches, can occupy more than one of the pillars at the same time. These products offer both energy and efficiency benefits and provide comfort and convenience in your daily life.

And then there is intelligent lighting, which accomplishes a triple duty by serving customers in the three major categories of pillars. For example, they provide Safety and security by lighting up dark areas of your yard and helping to deter intruders; They provide Comfort and convenience via their various remote control capabilities; and they provide Energy and efficiency support by means such as their ability to be set on timers, as well as by their low power consumption.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using smart home products in your home, and categorizing these benefits according to the 3 pillars of smart home products can be helpful in analyzing and prioritizing what you need for yourself. -even. Smart home. Good luck!

For a more in-depth exploration of Best Buy's vast selection Smart home products, just follow the link and see what happens!


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