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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Women’s History Month — TY ALEXANDER

March is Women’s History Month, so we’re looking at the question “Who’s running the world?” Girls ”energy extra hard (because we already live our everyday lives with energy, right?) Let’s celebrate by learning some facts about Women’s History Month and celebrating all of the things we are not afraid to do.

1.we are not afraid to ask for more

In 1909, the United States celebrated its first Women’s Day in New York City. Just one day. 70 years later, the day turned into a week in an effort to draw more attention to women’s contributions to history… because could you believe they weren’t talking about us in class? history so far? With all that we have accomplished? Shame on them. Finally, in 1987, activists succeeded in lobbying Congress to establish a National Women’s History Month. Now accept the assumptions how many years it will take before women are raised, honored and respected all year round!

2.we are not afraid to raise our voices

The National Women’s History Alliance is a nonprofit organization that aims to do just that: uplift, honor and respect women throughout the year. Someone has to do it! Each year they announce a theme and this year’s theme is “Valiant Women of the Vote: Refuse to Be Silenced”. The 19th Amendment was passed in 1920 and prevented voter discrimination based on gender, but voter discrimination based on race remained for more than four decades. (Read: four decades too long.) And now, in 2021, we have influential women like Stacey Abrams who made sure their voices were heard through their votes. The women are amazing.

3.we are not afraid to take up space

Listen, men have been in a position of power for too long. They make all the decisions and mess things up. The reality is this: women make up more of the world’s population than men. (Only a little, but keep that energy, sister.) AND we tend to outlive men. So throw your elbows and claim your space in this world. Because we’re running it, girls.

How do you want to ask for more, raise your voice and take up space this month and always? Share on social media and tag me @tyalexander on Instagram and @lovetyalexander on Twitter.

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