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5 Ways to Connect with your Teen Son

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I love to be a mom to a boy. My boys are very cold and keep me moving. My teenager and I have an amazing relationship and I am truly honored that he is so open with me. I had to learn that once I became a teenager, his needs changed. It was quite difficult for me considering he is my firstborn. But, I have it now and things are going well. These are a few things I learned about raising a teenager and how you can better connect with your teenage son.

Talk to him and listen to his thoughts

One important thing to note is that teens communicate differently, especially boys. Although I am super expressive and like to dig deeper into my feelings and opinions, my son is much more reserved. It took me by surprise lol.

I love to sit with him, especially around food, and have conversations about his life and everything that is going on. I have learned to let him lead and listen to him in a number of different ways. It will light up with joy at times, prolong certain conversations, or ask me for my opinion on things. It shows me that he is open and willing to talk about these topics. These are the times when I listen the most.

When your son shows interest in a topic or is ready to speak in depth, allow him to do so and let him continue to lead the conversation. You will learn so much about him. During these times, he will be much more open to communicate. Ask him questions, listen shyly, and write down for later.

Take an interest in his passion

One thing about me is that I’m my son’s number one fan. My son has been playing basketball for 6 years. I’m the loud mum of the audience who applauds for every little thing he does and films it all. I train in the park with him, watch games with him and support him as he needs it. Even though I’ve always been a sports fan, the point is to let him know that what he likes is important to me too. I want to be a part of what he does.

As parents, sometimes we have hope for the lives of our children and have these ideas about who we want them to be. I found it more beneficial to allow them to lead. Take an interest in his passion, he will let you in and you might learn a lot about him and yourself.

Encourage him to make his own decisions

Since he was alive, I have chosen my son’s clothes, his hairstyle, his bedding, everything. I mean naturally right. My son is finally expressing his interest in making his own decisions about these things. He starts with his personal hygiene items. He loves using Dove Men + Care products and Degree Advanced Protection deodorant.

Degree Men Advanced Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant is designed to keep it dry. MotionSense® technology works every time he moves. It offers up to 48 hours of sweat and body odor protection, meaning it stays active all day. And it’s perfect for active teens.

He loves Dove Men + Care Body & Face Bar because it smells amazing, has great lathering action and doesn’t leave his skin dry.
I love it because it’s dermatologically tested and feels confident after using it.

I love buying it wholesale for him at Sam’s Club because he does so much as an athlete. Shopping online and picking up at Sam’s is super convenient for a busy mom like me. No hassle with unloading all the children to get inside. It’s a win-win situation.

After the grooming products, he tries on new hairstyles and chooses his own clothes and shoes.

Letting your teenager make their own decisions with these little things will help them make better decisions when it comes to making a difference in life. Listen to his opinion, challenge his opinion, guide him in the decision but ultimately let him choose. This is how you cultivate respect among yourselves.

Create funny memories with your teenager

I love going out with my son. I feel like the coolest mom in the neighborhood when my teenager wants to hang out with me. We play sports, watch sports and do fun activities together. Most recently we have been climbing and it was amazing. I have fallen several times and my son found it hilarious. I didn’t, but nonetheless, it was good old fashioned fun.

Spend time doing the things your son wants to do. Don’t always force ideas on him. Let him choose. You’ll find that her idea of ​​fun will be very different from what you had in mind, and that’s okay.

Being a teenage mom is the best! They sometimes require a different way of communicating, but at the end of the day they are so loving and fun.




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