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6 Comfortable Pumps/ Comfortable Heels for Women 2021

Comfortable pumps. Is it possible to find a pair that won’t irritate bunions or hammer toes, squeeze forefoot, or cause ankle instability? How about finding comfortable pumps in extended sizes and multiple widths? We’ve done our homework at our favorite online stores with free returns (just in case you need to try out a few styles to find your perfect pump). We offer our favorite comfy pumps in Basic Black (but click to see other colors and patterns).

Vionic Jacey

Vionic Jacey: For feet that prefer the feel of a soft outsole to a hard heel, the Vionic Jacey is a great option. Featuring a 2 “wedge heel with 1” platform, elasticated upper line, removable insole with arch support. Find the Vionic Jacey in 5 colors, sizes 5-11 for $ 109.95 at VionicShoes.com and Zappos.

Wonders Karma Platform Pump: Bold and fun, the Wonders Karma features a 3 1/4 ″ heel, 3/4 ″ platform, lightweight outsole and gel footbed shape memory. Find in sizes 5-11 for $ 160-179.95 from Nordstrom and Wonders.com. Discover more of this unique Spanish brand!

comfortable pumps

Heidi walking cradles

Do you have bunions or tough hammer toes and feel comfortable push-ups are out of the question? Try Heidi Walking Cradles! Many Zappos reviews mention that the toe box is accommodating and the leather is soft and forgiving. Find Heidi Walking Cradles in sizes 4-13, four widths for $ 114.95 from Zappos and Walking Co.

comfortable pumps - ara ophelia

Macaw Ophelia

Ara Ophelia: A premium classic pump with a 2.5 “heel, 1/2” platform, almond toe and cushioned footbed. Available in sizes 5-10.5 for $ 189.95 from Nordstrom, Zappos, and Amazon.

comfortable pumps

Rockport Total Motion Kaiya Stretch

The LBD of comfortable court shoes, the Rockport Total Motion Kaiya adapts well to wide feet, especially in the stretch fabric option. The insole is well padded under the sole of the foot and the heel. Find the Kaiya in sizes 5-11, medium and wide widths for $ 100 at Rockport.com and Amazon.

Mystical Beauty

Mystical Beauty

Truly a pleasure to wear, Beautifeel shoes don’t come cheap, but the high level of comfort can’t be beat. The Mystique offers ample toe room, a foam-padded footbed with arch support, and a small 1 3/4 ” kitten heel. Find sizes 35-42 (5-11) in euros for $ 160-315 at Walking Co and Amazon.

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