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6 Ways To Connect With Customers Via Email

Email is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with your customers. Here are 6 ways to connect with customers via email.

A well-executed email marketing campaign will do more than just generate clicks and sales – it can foster a lasting relationship with your customer base.

# 1 be personal

The first and easiest way to foster a connection between the business and the customer is to personalize your emails. Rather than sending general emails, make sure the email addresses each customer by name. Opening with “Dear Steven” rather than a generic and generic term makes all the difference, and the personal touch goes a long way.

5 Dos and Don’ts of Retail Email Marketing

# 2 be creative with your signature

Email signatures are important and can include a lot of useful content. Social media links are a must, as are contact details and calls to action. Rather than an afterthought, signatures can actually be the part of the email that forms the relationship, so it’s important to get them right. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are opting for tools like a Gmail signature generator. These ensure that the signatures are properly formatted, mobile-optimized, and consistent across all emails.

# 3 Provide value

Quality takes precedence over quantity. Rather than spamming your customers with countless emails, try to deliver real added value. It comes in many forms, but it usually involves answering a specific question (or a set of questions), solving a problem, or giving readers something they need. Think about who your customers are, what they want, and then work from there.

# 4 Keep it succinct but engaging

Most people lead busy lives and don’t want to spend too much time reading their emails. Keep your dots and syntax crisp. This means shorter sentences that get to the point quickly and emails that succinctly deliver relevant information. Divide large paragraphs into smaller paragraphs and use subheadings or even lists where appropriate. Emails should provide small pieces of information that encourage the reader to follow.

Make emails fun again
Make emails fun again

# 5 Avoid spammy subject lines

The subject line of an email is your chance to make a big impact. It may be tempting to fill it with words like “offer” or “free”, but these seem to spam. A quick scroll in your own inbox will likely reveal countless headlines with similar terms, all of which sound like overt marketing rather than valuable content. The wrong type of subject line can even see your emails confined to spam before they reach the intended inbox.

# 6 rework successful content

The sight of an empty email draft can be intimidating, and there’s nothing worse than writer’s block. One way to get around this problem is to rework the existing content on your website and turn it into an email. If you’ve been following the scans, you’ll already know what has been successful elsewhere, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rephrasing that as an email. A little more research on the topic helps you grow and deliver even more value to your customers.

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