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9 Affirmations to Help You Through the Week — TY ALEXANDER

Are you struggling with negative self-persuasion? How do you feel after speaking negatively about yourself? Not great, I’m sure. What if you chose to speak positively about yourself instead? Our words have incredible power, so let’s channel it for positivity, growth, and happiness. Here are some of my favorite affirmations to recite.

  1. I learn to be grateful for what I have while being excited for what is yet to come.

  2. Every thought, prayer and intention that I send and send works for me.

  3. I manifest. As if by magic and miraculously, things are happening for me.

  4. Everything that happens serves a higher purpose.

  5. I will not belittle my dreams to match my reality. I will improve my belief to match my destiny.

  6. The light I’m looking for has always been inside.

  7. My peace is the price. It is more important than anything.

  8. It is a season of clarity. I will let things come in and out of my life naturally. Remember: new energy is welcome.

  9. I am powerful. I am precious. I am incredibly blessed.

If any of them really speak to you, write it down and hang it somewhere in your house. May it be a reminder to speak positively everyday ! If you want more affirmations sent straight to your cell phone, sign up for my Text Gang below.




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