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A Good for You Shoe

Candice and her Dansko Professional clogs, with Effie the Australian Labradoodle.

Candice reviews the iconic Dansko professional clog:

dansko professional clog

The “Brown Beauties” by Candice aka Dansko Professional Clogs in antique brown leather.

I’m sure you’ve heard health stories from retirees. It’s mine. Ankle fracture from riding (what can you expect at 42?), Broken wrist from walking a dog (what can you expect at 53? ), surgery to relieve hallux rigidus, and total hip replacement (what can you expect after decades of walking terrazzo school floors, ballet classes, and yoga?). My feet, ankles and hips cried out for help. Dansko Professional clogs answered that cry.

Dansko shoes are not easily found in Canada. Some local stores have styles, but the choice is always limited. The Dansko Company no longer ships to Canadian residential addresses, unfortunately (but you can use their store locator to find out if there is a Dansko retailer near you).

dansko professional clogs

Dansko Professional in camo leather

Luckily I got a store in Calgary and ordered a size 38 pair. My usual shoe size is 8, but 38 was too small. The 39 is fine. The rocker sole is exactly what the doctor ordered for hallux rigidus and it relieves my wobbly ankle. A happy toe and ankle helped me recover my hip. Reviewers describe the Dansko Pro clogs as hard or stiff, but I’m pretty comfortable with them.

professional dansko

Personalize your Danskos!

Dansko Professional clogs have a very awkward appearance which may not appeal to everyone. I actually had to adapt to the Frankenstein look. However, there is something classically awkward about them. They are best styled with a little ankle watch. The space in the toe box is spectacular and the firm arch support is fantastic. The upper easily adapts to my high instep, and I’m unaware of the heel movement that Dansko mentions in his description of the professional clog.

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) claims her song Moonshadow celebrates being present and living life as it is now. Dansko shoes have helped me to live my life as it is now.

The Dansko Professional clog is available in a variety of colors and patterns, Euro sizes 35-43 (5-12.5) for $ 130-140 at Dansko.com, Zappos and Walking Co.

For our Canadian friends, check out the store locator on the Dansko website to find a retailer (hopefully) near you.

If the Dansko Professional clog isn’t your cup of tea, check out 21 of our favorite Dansko shoes, from sandals to trainers to boots!

Personalize your Danskos




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