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AD – My-Picture Personalised Photo Gifts

What better gift than a gift with your own pictures on it? I tried new things at My-Image.co.uk and I am amazed by the quality! I already knew the quality was good from the the last time I worked with My-Picture and I accidentally got lion sized portraits of my cats. At least it made everyone laugh! This time, I was reasonable and opted for a selection of practical tote bags, their new poster prints and a personalized cover.

I also had a discount code: SAVE 25 WITH GEORGINA for 25% off, see terms and conditions below.

My image, Georgina Grogan

My image, Georgina GroganMy image, Georgina Grogan

Tote bags

These are actually hand sewn and of such a beautiful quality. I have a whole drawer of tote bags but thought how nice it would be to have my 3 daughters on them! Tote bags are now a must have when shopping because they are much more durable and stronger than paper bags. I even used a tote bag to carry my wheelchair legs on the plane. You can have your own design printed, a photo of a loved one, a furry baby, or whatever else you can think of! See these bins correctly on my Instagam Reel.

This is one of the newer products from My-Picture and they are of a very high quality. You can stick them on a wall with blue nails or frame them like I tried here unfortunately my frame was just a little too big but you can definitely see how beautiful they are! I chose two colorful photos to see how the colors jumped out.

I actually picked it up to give to my brother and his girlfriend as a gift for the new home. They love Bella (it’s their favorite) so I thought they could have a big Bella in their house! They were so amazed at her high resolution you can literally count her hair and they love how soft it is. The gray below looks amazing and matches their living room, there doesn’t seem to be an option to change that from gray but in our case it worked perfectly!

You can change your photo to be black and white, but I thought it was pretty warm living room colors anyway, so I kept the photo in color. My only wish is to have a bigger one because they really love it!

My image, Georgina Grogan

My image, Georgina Grogan

What do you think of personalized photo gifts? Is this something you’ve thought about before? Maybe you will now! There is a lot more to choose from on the site but unfortunately I have no creative vision for making gallery walls and despite being so close we are not the kind of family that has a lot of pictures around. from home, so these were the perfect options for me.

My-Picture also offers smaller gifts like mugs, napkins, mats, pillows and face masks, as well as photo books, photo puzzles, photo pads for mousepads, calendars, cards, personalized star maps, then a wide selection of wall paintings. There really is something for everyone in the family and for everyone you will offer, whether it’s a friend or a teacher. Plus, they always have such great prices so you know you’ll always get a good deal on your order.

The extremely easy to use My-Picture website and the delivery was very straightforward with many updates, I knew exactly when everything was going to happen with the tracking. Overall I am very happy with my order and will definitely be back for Christmas shopping!

Discount code conditions:

SAVE 25 WITH GEORGINA. It will give you a 25% discount on all products already discounted at MyPhoto.co.uk (up to 90% off total), excluding custom masks and MIXPIX® photo tiles. Minimum basket value 50 GBP, expiration date February 1, 2022.




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