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adidas Originals Trimm Star ‘The Lost Ones – Mark Evans’ – size? Exclusive – raffle open

Our adidas Originals ‘The Lost Ones’ series is back with the incredible Trimm Star ‘The Lost Ones – Mark Evans’ – size? Exclusive. There were incredible silhouettes of the ten finalists chosen, showcasing the creativity and effort that may be required to reinvent the iconic 3-stripe canvas.

Mark Evans has designed a Trimm Star which is a tribute to his wife, who was sadly diagnosed with thyroid cancer 4 years ago. Inspired by the colors of the thyroid cancer ribbon, this shoe represents the journey he and his wife set out on following diagnosis.

Certified to turn heads, this incredible sneaker opts for soft-touch purple suede on its upper, complemented with 3-stripe blue stripes and another shade of purple on the velor heel tab. The lightweight tongue remains logo-less, while the shiny gold Trimm Star label adorns the side walls. Underfoot, a contrasting black rubber outsole enhances the colors above, while it also arrives with a pebble-like texture. Finally, a range of shamrocks adorn the sockliner, so when you admire the hand, you’ll get a touch of heirloom.

The raffle for adidas Originals Trimm star ‘The Lost Ones – Mark Evans’ – size? Exclusive. It arrives in men’s sizes and is priced at £ 90. Discover our interview with Mark Evans. Join size? Access below – read terms and conditions here.




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