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Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit review

Many people who are interested in music turn to drums at one point or another. There is something very exciting about what this instrument brings to the art form. The fact that there is also a physical aspect to playing definitely adds to the fun and enjoyment of the activity. Nowadays, anyone can join in and get hold of an electronic drum kit, without the need for a dedicated, isolated space that was needed for big, loud acoustic sets. Alesis is one of the manufacturers who democratized this access. Their Nitro Mesh Kit is a great example of great value, thanks to great features and a reasonable price.

In this video, I recorded some sound samples and my first impressions of the Nitro Mesh Kit.

Great buffers and options

Nitro Mesh Kit Pads

The Alesis Nitro mesh kit comes with high quality pads that feature mesh skins. These offer a realistic feel and you can even adjust their tension to suit your playing style. It’s a great way to develop technique if you’re a beginner or to preserve your drumming skills when playing on an electronic board. . The snare drum is a little different from the two rack toms and the bass tom. It has a second area on the rim so you can use rim shots.

The three 10-inch cymbal pads are more direct types, and you’ll have access to a hi-hat, crash, and ride. Their single zone design doesn’t allow a lot of variation, like playing the bell during the ride. That being said, they are dynamic and will play an adequate sample depending on how much force you are using to play.

This set comes with a bass drum tower and a bass drum pedal. This is a huge plus, because you will have a much more authentic experience. This is superior to a simple spring loaded model because you will have the proper feel of the drummer hitting the pad. You will also have access to more advanced techniques, such as doubles. The Hi-Hat is a simple spring pedal that does its job well.

The powerful module of the Nitro Mesh Kit

Nitro Mesh Kit Module

The module supplied with the Nitro Mesh Kit is very well made and easy to use. There are 40 different preset kits to choose from that range from natural-sounding instruments to electronic-style drum machines. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sampling, which is a marked improvement over the more affordable Turbo Mesh kit I reviewed simultaneously. In addition, there is the possibility of some modifications. You can adjust the equalizer and even activate reverb. Besides, you can mix and match different parts to create your own user kits. It adds a lot of depth to this product.

In addition to a metronome, you have access to a virtual drum coach who will help you develop your timing skills and complement your private lessons. The rhythm analyzer is always on, letting you know how late or early you are depending on the metronome. It’s a great reference for fine-tuning your playing. Plus, you’ll be able to follow different snare rhythms, complete kit templates, and musical tracks. Each of these modes has different difficulty levels to help you get familiar with things. It is definitely a great way to learn and will really help you develop your ear; essential if you want to play with other musicians the same day.

Dual zone pad

There is a simple recording function for you to listen to yourself. Taking a step back and analyzing your own playing is one of the best ways to develop your musicality. When we actually play we are distracted by the actual physical demands of the game and can be slightly misled about how things go. Listening to your own beats can be a difficult experience, but it will definitely point to areas that need work, so I highly recommend doing it every now and then.

The module has many different connections to make it a very flexible unit. First of all, you have the usual main stereo outputs, a headphone output and an auxiliary input to jam your wired device such as a CD player or an iPod. You have two inputs for additional pads; a fourth tom and a second crash cymbal. Finally, you will also have access to certain digital possibilities. You will have a dedicated MIDI input and output, as well as a USB output. Use them to interface with external soundbanks and your computer. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities for your playing, recording, and songwriting needs.

Good choice for all levels

Bass drum tower

Beginners will benefit greatly from starting on a fully loaded product such as the Nitro Mesh Kit. Mesh heads really make a difference in the technical development and the sustainability of your investment. What’s cool is that you also get a dual zone snare for the all-important edge trigger which is very common. The fact that you also have a real bass drum pedal with a tour pad is very good news, because the bass drum is one of the most important aspects of the drums.

More experienced gamers will certainly appreciate these features. Additionally, the fact that you can adjust the tension on the heads is another plus for those who have explored how it affects their playing. I’m sure they will also appreciate the quality of the sounds included in the module and the fact that it’s easy to plug into any type of external soundbank for easy exploration.

Spring pedal

This electronic kit is much quieter than an acoustic one, but be aware that vibrations still pass through floors and walls. I recommend a thick mat or maybe even a rubber mat to reduce the possibility of complaints, if you have neighbors who live below you.

This particular set is excellent value for money, thanks to its quality sounds and material. It is a great investment because you will be able to grow with it and use it for years to come.

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