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‘Apex Legends’ guns found on rapper Freddie Dredd’s new single artwork

Freddie Dredd’s new single Shut your mouth came out a month ago, but now it’s catching the attention of Apex Legends community after an eagle-eyed fan spotted weapons from the game on the single cover.

More on r / apexlegends, user have_you_ever_did took the time to report two guns from Apex Legends appear on the cover of the single. More precisely, the Flat line VK-47 rifle and the Winger gun. Several other random weapons are scattered all over the cover, but given that Apex Legends takes place in the future and uses its own fictional weapons, it is difficult to confuse them with a real gun.

Check out the cover art for yourself with the highlights circled below.

Apex weapons can be found on the new cover of freddie dredd’s song by apexlegends

The VK-47 Flatline is on the left, while the Wingman is on the right. Also, yes, Fall of the Titans fans – I know these guns are from this series. It’s a shared universe, ok! It’s not much, idiots.

Dredd has yet to comment on this sighting, but it’s probably just a clever nod to a popular game. Maybe he or the artist who made the album cover are fans? Hard to say, but still a great find.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.





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