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AW21 Baby and Toddler Fashion | Autumn Winter Kidswear

Discover the first wave of AW21 fashion for babies and toddlers. From gorgeous onesies and warm coats to pretty dresses and cute sweaters, here’s a taste of what our favorite brands have to offer this season.

Fleece Dress With Curly Fawn, Il Gufo

Little Pal Shoes, Start-Rite

Foot Onesie with pinstripe jacket, Il Gufo

2-piece set with sheep, Il Gufo

Buddy First Walking Shoes, Start-Rite

Hooded cashmere cardigan, Cashmirino

Tawny cardigan, Rachel Riley

V-neck cashmere double-breasted blazer, Cashmirino

Top Bow Hat, Pearl Copper

Scottie dog smocked playsuit, Rachel Riley

Organic jacket, Pure Earth Collection

Ribbed Romper, Mori

Recycled Water Resistant Padded Vest, Mori

Rosetta Dress, Mini La Mode

Mittens Clelia Cachemire, Cashmirino

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Raincoats perfect for jumping in muddy puddles

Bear Hat, Kit and Kin

Small Knitted Leggings, Frugi

Winnie Reversible Overalls, Frugi

Dungarees and Drawstring Top Set, Little Bird

Emma Caroube dress, AlexandrAlexa

Green Camo Trousers, AlexandAlexa

Rabbit cardigan, Kit and Kin

Brown Bear Crib Shoes, AlexandAlexa

Daphne Dress, Mini La Mode

Friend zipped boots, Start-Rite

Matinee Flopsy Jacket, Mini La Mode

Fox jogging pants, John Lewis

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