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What Shampoos Are Bad For Your Hair?

The great thing about shampoo and conditioner is that it helps improve the health and condition of your hair. So when you hear that shampoo can actually be bad for your hair, it can be very confusing. But, in reality, there are many different shampoos on the market today that contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair, and some shampoos can even damage your hair beyond repair. What is even more shocking is the fact that some of the shampoos which can be very damaging to your hair are among the most popular brands in the market. So even… Read More »What Shampoos Are Bad For Your Hair?

Why Are My Nails So Thin After Acrylics?

If you’ve recently removed your acrylics, you might be wondering now why your nails are thinner than before. Often times you will hear people share their negative experiences of having acrylics and how they left them damaged. The way your acrylics were removed will affect the condition of your nails afterwards. Peeling off the acrylic will likely remove some layers of your nail as well. Thin nails can also be caused by insufficient acrylic soaking. Your acrylic nails should be soaked as this will make them easier to remove. If they are not soaked long enough, a layer of your… Read More »Why Are My Nails So Thin After Acrylics?

Does Oily Skin Age Better?

Sometimes you feel like you can’t win with oily skin. Your makeup can slip off in a matter of minutes and you still feel like a person with a sweaty face, even when the weather is not nice. I can’t tell you how many times a day I wipe the area around my T-zone or wipe off the oil with a dry makeup brush and some powder just to feel like I look normal . Yes, having oily skin can seem like a curse most of the time rather than a blessing, but it might not be. Sometimes having oily… Read More »Does Oily Skin Age Better?

Is CeraVe Better Than Cetaphil?

Is CeraVe better than Cetaphil? Yes. But on the other hand, is Cetaphil better than CeraVe? Also, irritating, yes. How do you come to such a mind-boggling enigmatic conclusion? It’s a bit complicated, and it depends on what each of them is and what each of them does. So, for complete newcomers, what are CeraVe and Cetaphil? These are dermatologist recommended skin care brands. They look the same, they even sound vaguely similar, and they do things that are almost infuriating. So how can they both be better than each other? It comes down to the fact that there are… Read More »Is CeraVe Better Than Cetaphil?

How Do I Know My Skin Type?

To ensure that your skin is well cared for, it is important to understand your specific skin type. This will allow you to select the right products and follow a skin care regimen that is specific to your skin. Since there are several types of skin, you may be wondering what type of skin you have. You can easily examine and determine your skin type yourself. The first method is to use blotting paper. This is a quick method that can make it easier to distinguish between dry and oily skin types. First, you will need to wash your skin… Read More »How Do I Know My Skin Type?

It’s Comeback Season – The Chief of Style

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will. Either by not making anything happen at all, or by making everything happen at the same time. ” – Paulo Coelho For those who follow my blog, you may have noticed that I have been rather MIA for most of this year. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know why. If not (or if you’re curious about how I’m doing), this post is for you. Let’s go, okay? I had a few difficult years… I had a major breakup, I lost my grandmother, I lost my job, I moved… Read More »It’s Comeback Season – The Chief of Style

Warm Up With Lane Bryant’s Resort Collection

“Vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you took. – Earl Wilson January turns out to be the longest month ever, doesn’t it? While I really love this new energy 2020 (so long, 2019, aka the worst year ever!), I’m a little tired of the cold. I long for the hot summer days and long summer nights! Fortunately, Lane Bryant recently released his new one (online only!) Resort Collection with a selection of the cutest pieces, perfect for showing off a little (or a lot) of skin on your pre-spring / summer vacation! I took a little… Read More »Warm Up With Lane Bryant’s Resort Collection

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Cacique

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt Hey girls! Happy Monday and Happy Women’s History Month! Can you believe it’s already March? 2020 is really flying away! The above quote from Eleanor Roosevelt has always been one of my favorites. It honestly couldn’t be more true. After an incredibly tough 2019, I declared it my comeback season. (A reference to the rapper / singer / actor, Drake’s mixtape in 2007.) One thing that really helped me keep going was putting my personal care first. In… Read More »Celebrating Women’s History Month with Cacique

Self-love in the time of COVID-19

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou These wise words couldn’t be truer at a time like this. I read that this quarantine could last up to 18 months. Yes, 18… months! Even though the thought of staying indoors (just my dog ​​and I) sounds daunting, I’m so up to the challenge. I can’t wait to be there, actually. Like a lot of people, 2019 has been incredibly difficult for me. Still, I’m grateful to have been through this because it taught me so much about myself. I have… Read More »Self-love in the time of COVID-19

Plus Size Inclusivity in Queer Fashion: A Virtual DapperQ Panel

“I like your stuff, but you’re not my size.” – Jahn Hall (and pretty much every plus size person at one point or another) Hi friends! How are you holding up? Did my article on the importance of self-esteem during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine hold true to you? Do you find ways to enjoy this moment rather than complaining about it? I hope so of course! Out of sheer boredom (and because my friends have been telling me for years), I created an Instagram account (@thebabyvalentino) for my chihuahua-pomeranian fur baby, Valentino. Take a look and follow if you… Read More »Plus Size Inclusivity in Queer Fashion: A Virtual DapperQ Panel

Black/Indigenous Reflections on White Supremacy (During a Pandemic)

“You never have all of your rights, a person, until you have all of your rights.” – Marsha P. Johnson I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve collapsed and pulled myself together over the past few months. People have asked me how I was and my response is almost always, “Top to bottom. I try to keep the faith, but real talk was hard. Like many blacks, I have spent the last few days, weeks (months, years…) dealing with deeply rooted traumas after witnessing how insignificant black lives are in all corners of the world. Honestly, I feel like… Read More »Black/Indigenous Reflections on White Supremacy (During a Pandemic)

Time to celebrate! The Chief of Style is a DapperQ Instagrammy Winner

“Small victories, small triumphs, everyday victories. Celebrate them, they will take you there. Unknown I’m so excited to announce that The Chief of Style has been named in DapperQ’s 2019 Instagrammys as “Best in Insta Woman!” From the publication: “DapperQ published our very first post in 2009, a year before Instagram launched in 2010. At the time, and even for a few years after Instagram’s initial launch, the term ‘Instagram influencer’ wasn’t even not a thought in our minds, and we certainly did not foresee that Instagram would become such a powerful image (and now a video) platform that would… Read More »Time to celebrate! The Chief of Style is a DapperQ Instagrammy Winner

Can I Fill my Own Acrylic Nails?

As beautiful as acrylic nails look when they’re freshly done, they don’t stay that way for long. Even if you are very careful and don’t damage your fingernails, they will still start not looking quite right after a week or two, due to the natural growth of your nails. Some people have nails that naturally grow incredibly fast, in which case you may find that your acrylics need refills just a week or two after you’ve done them. While acrylics that have grown too large can seem boring, the price of fills is even more frustrating. Especially if you need… Read More »Can I Fill my Own Acrylic Nails?

Is Leave-In Conditioner Good For Hair?

Leave-in conditioners are different from traditional conditioners. This is because, as the name suggests, they stay in your hair rather than being washed off with water. This allows the benefits of the conditioner to last longer than just using a traditional conditioner. Leave-in products give hair extra hydration, leaving it shinier and softer. Moreover, it can protect the hair from damage by coating it with a protective layer. This leaves a thin, smooth layer on each strand of hair and can make it easier to detangle as well. Leave-in conditioners can also protect hair from damage or breakage by brushing… Read More »Is Leave-In Conditioner Good For Hair?

Every day is Valentine’s Day 2021 Self-Love Gift Guide

Spoil yourself with these 21 self-care products All anyone used to talk about when it came to Valentine’s Day was partner love and romance: buying and receiving flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. for/from a lover or significant other. Now that self-love and self-care are on everyone’s lips, I think this Valentine’s Day may be a lot less performative and a lot more restorative. Honestly, from my experience, spoiling oneself can feel as good as –if not better!– than being spoiled by someone else. Because I’m invested in your self-love, I’m sharing 21 of my favorite self-care items that will allow you… Read More »Every day is Valentine’s Day 2021 Self-Love Gift Guide

Celebrating Black Pride When You’re Also Mixed

(Or, celebrate ~ Intersectional ~ Black Pride all year round) TomboyX invited me to share my thoughts on Black History Month in a post on their Instagram account. I couldn’t limit my thoughts to just one paragraph, so I’m sharing them here. Please visit their Instagram page for other contributor perspectives. Being both black and indigenous is a complicated thing. It’s something I think about often, but especially in February (Black History Month) and November (Native American Heritage Month). As many Métis will tell you, I often feel like I don’t have enough identity to claim it without having to… Read More »Celebrating Black Pride When You’re Also Mixed

Native American Fashion Designer Bethany Yellowtail Collaborates with The Chief of Style to Extend Sizing

I was a big fan of the Native American fashion designer Bethany amberjack (Northern Cheyenne and Crow) for years. Every season I look forward to the last B. YELLOWTAIL collection and fall in love with the patterns, silhouettes and story behind each design, as well as the poetic styles of the accompanying editorial photographs (often taken by Native American fashion photographers and featuring Native American models). So naturally when Bethany reached out to me in March to ask for my opinion on extending the size of her brand, then invited me being the plus size model in preparation for the… Read More »Native American Fashion Designer Bethany Yellowtail Collaborates with The Chief of Style to Extend Sizing

Is Rose Water Good For Your Face? (and How to Use It)

Indeed, it is! Distilling rose petals with steam is the process that results in this rejuvenating water, which is naturally a little thicker than the stuff that comes out of your tap. Such a concoction was used by the beauty industry – and even our ancestors before us! – for generations. There are several key reasons for the continued success of rose water: It is an anti-inflammatory: rose water is fantastic for reducing redness and soothing the skin, reducing puffiness and an overall smoother complexion It’s full of antioxidants: Since the petals of a rose and the oil extracted from… Read More »Is Rose Water Good For Your Face? (and How to Use It)


If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll know that I find it hard to resist a little kitsch and that Valentine’s Day has to be the most kitschy party there is. My husband and I don’t really make a big deal out of it as it’s very close to her birthday, it’s my sister’s birthday and it’s a month after our official couple anniversary, but you better believe I am using it as a reason to treat us to a good dinner and some good drinkers – any excuse eh! My love for cocktails has experienced a rebirth over the past… Read More »THE PERFECT VALENTINES COCKTAIL – THE FRENCH KISS 75


Whenever I take a trip to London one of the first things I plan for is where I’m going to have dinner. With such a wealth and variety of restaurants, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, although I admit I have some favorites that I will visit from time to time. However, opening a new restaurant will never be a source of excitement for me and so when I heard about the Brasserie of Light concept even before it launched, I knew I had to visit it. Brewery of Light is a stunning new restaurant… Read More »REVIEW : BRASSERIE OF LIGHT, LONDON


If I could only use one word to describe The artisanal food school that word would be special. Before you even walk through the gates as you travel through some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside, the feeling of excitement and privilege builds in, then you are in the field and it is as if you have stepped into another world. . It really is a feeling of privilege and luck, like I have access to a secret realm that encapsulates all the things I love that I feel when I come here and that’s rightly so – where from.… Read More »THE SCHOOL OF ARTISAN FOOD – AFTERNOON TEA DAY COURSE REVIEW


As someone who has never owned a property but feels the need to be surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things at all times, I have known the pain of renting and not being able to decorate firsthand. It also means however that after 13 years of renting I have realized that you can still bring your passions and your personality into your interior design on a non-permanent basis. Believe me when I say that art, textiles, books, keepsakes and a little imagination are your best friends and if you want to create a space that makes you feel comfortable, happy… Read More »NON PERMANENT DECOR TIPS FOR RENTERS


While it’s not really hard to find a place to eat in London, if you haven’t done your research ahead of time, it’s very easy to find yourself eating a really mundane meal. As a food fan and obsessive pre-planner that I am, I always search online and ask my friends in town where the best places to grab a bite are and I especially love when a blogger I know can. recommend a place to try. Balans Soho Company is one of those restaurants, so when I was in town for a day full of press events and needed… Read More »REVIEW : BALANS SOHO SOCIETY, KENSINGTON


TOP – Silk and Lace Camisole in Black by The Silk Boutique * gifted * – £ 40 TROUSERS – ASOS DESIGN Curve animal print trousers with wide belt – £ 20.00 SHOES – (Similar) Clio Block Heel Courts Extra Wide EEE Fit by Simply Be – £ 25.00 JACKET – (Similar) Black waterfall jacket by Evans Clothing – € 42.00 To be informed of my future articles and other adventures, follow me on Twitter– Bloglovin – Instagram – Facebook – Google+ * This post contains articles that have been offered for review. For more information go to my disclaimer… Read More »LUSH LIFE


I’m pretty sure it’s nourishing but it could also be in my nature thanks to my family, but for me one of the great pleasures in life is sitting down to a good meal with your family or friends. Whether it’s a cozy meal in the fall or an alfresco dinner in the summer, I love to eat with other people who appreciate and appreciate great food, people you can relax with and have a drink and chat about anything and everything. While I love to cook for people, eating out can also be a treat and when you pick… Read More »REVIEW : MARMALADE, BIRMINGHAM | Sugar, Darling?


Now that Halloween is over, chances are your mind is heading straight for Christmas and gift shopping. I’m told I find it hard to buy and know more than a few who seem to stay on the gift list the longest because I just can’t decide what they would like. While you might think someone interested in food would be an easy buy, I know firsthand that you may end up with a glut of fancy chocolates, cookies, and wine. While it’s a nice thing to have a stock of I know I would much prefer to receive something unusual… Read More »THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR FOODIES


* This post is in collaboration with Ciao Gusto, but all content is mine and 100% honest as usual! * I don’t know about you, but this time of year I often need to squeeze the cold flavors of rich stews, roasts and decadent spices with a lighter, brighter meal. I usually tend to do this at lunchtime with open sandwiches, salads, or bruschetta toast topped with a mix of spreads, pickled or pickled veggies, and more delicately flavored protein like fish. smoked or canned. This recipe is just one of those midday meals, but it’s really elegant enough to… Read More »RECIPE : CREAMY RICOTTA AND MACKEREL TOASTS


You might have already noticed that I’ve had a soft spot for green since I was a redhead, so the fact that I made this leafy set is no surprise! I had never tried anything from SHEIN before, mainly because I had stupidly assumed that with such low prices the products must be of terrible quality and also the size would probably be smaller. Lucky for me, SHEIN recently very kindly sent me some parts to try out and I was honestly blown away! I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on this dress and bag and jacket… Read More »GREEN GODDESS, AN OUTFIT WITH SHEIN CURVE


I absolutely love this celebratory season, but I have to admit that even as someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking, it can be pretty darn stressful. Celebratory dinners, buffets, brunches – these are all meals that we want to make special for or for our friends and family that put a lot of pressure, so an arsenal of quick and easy desserts that look great and can be prepared. in advance are essential! Make it special, but make it easier for yourself! This cheesecake tastes amazing, suuuuper creamy with small pieces of sweet and inflamed candied ginger… Read More »RECIPE : GLOWING GINGER CHEESECAKE


Honestly, in all the relationships I have had, I don’t remember Valentine’s Day being a big deal. I’ve never hated it, but it never felt so important, especially since it’s my little sister’s birthday too. Now my husband and I are exchanging cards (usually something stupid – last year for me was just a red card with “IF ** KING LOVE YOU” in all caps, without the stars of course) and c is an excuse for me to cook us a more fancy meal. It’s obviously more stuff when V-Day falls on a weekday like this year because you have… Read More »A WEEKNIGHT VALENTINE’S FEAST | Sugar, Darling?


For me one of the great pleasures in life is exploring a new city or suburb and of course one of the best places in the world to do that is London. South Kensington has been one of my favorite areas for some time, which isn’t surprising as it’s home to my favorite museum, the V&A, but so far I haven’t explored the rest of Kensington much. If you are looking for a base in the area, I can certainly recommend the Exhibitionist Hotel where my husband and I stayed for a wedding anniversary, but there are plenty of other… Read More »CITY GUIDE : KENSINGTON’S HIDDEN GEMS


A special occasion deserves a special cake, so figuring out what to make for my village’s Victory Day street tea with the ingredients I had in the house was a bit difficult! Naturally my first thought was a good ol ‘Victoria sponge, but I have a very strange husband who hates jam and no whipping cream, so she came right out the window. I knew I wanted to make something that looked traditional yet awesome, so a fully covered layered cake seemed like the way to go. After a lot of pantry hunting I came across a jar of Lotus… Read More »RECIPE : BEST VANILLA CAKE WITH WHIPPED BISCOFF FROSTING


You know, even though I’ve broadened my knowledge of cocktails and spirits for years chatting with bartenders, taking classes and collecting quite a few books, I’ve always felt really overwhelmed by the world of wine. . It seems to be a much more closed world and I can’t lie, I felt quite intimidated by a lot of wine experts that I have met (although I have been fortunate enough to find some nice welcoming shops with a amazingly friendly and helpful staff), which is why I was so thrilled to hear The Wine List because that’s exactly why founder Josh… Read More »HOW TO WIDEN YOUR WINE KNOWLEDGE FROM HOME WITH THE WINE LIST


A fresh, crispy straw of cheese is a magnificent thing and I think it is very underrated. Easy to make and full of savory flavors, they really are the perfect accompaniment to an evening cocktail and a lovely thing to put on a plate as a small welcome snack if you have guests coming over for dinner. I love recipes that you can easily adapt the flavor of by changing just a few ingredients and the cheese straw is one of the best things you can do this with because it’s basically a savory shortbread. Just go with the flavors… Read More »RECIPE: BUTTERY BLACK PEPPER CHEESE STRAWS


* sponsored article * We all know that a good sandwich is a real beauty, but it completely depends on whether you can put delicious things in it. While we were lucky at the start of the year and didn’t suffer too much trying to get ingredients, there were times when things like lettuce and cold cuts didn’t come up. and I was even more grateful than ever for my little pantry of jars and boxes. Those occasions were when my “isolation sandwich” was born. Gone are the days when “things in jars and cans” simply meant hard syrupy fruit,… Read More »RECIPE: DELICIOUS ‘THINGS IN JARS’ ISOLATION SANDWICH


It has finally happened. I consider myself a lucky enough girl to have turned 34 without any wrinkles, but fine lines started to appear, so it was time to find some new products to add to my skin care routine. I’m pretty excited to jump into an old-fashioned skincare blog post! Now the search for anti aging products can be overwhelming to say the least, and I have been fortunate enough to try a few thanks to friends in the skin care world, but my most recent discovery is one. company called Skinicien who were kind enough to send me… Read More »SKINICIAN – MY NEW BEST FRIENDS FOR FIGHTING THE SIGNS OF AGING SKIN

CHRISTMAS DRINKS GUIDE 2020 | Sugar, Darling?

Let’s be honest, this year has been full of anxiety and the unknown, but while we still don’t know how we’ll be celebrating Christmas this year, there are a few things we can control about the holiday season – one of them. they being the drinks cellar! Although I’m a huge fan of cocktails and love a glass of red I don’t usually drink a lot, but it does take a turn when the holiday season turns and even though I’m not exaggerating (I hate being drunk and I hate hangovers even more) I definitely enjoy a drink a lot… Read More »CHRISTMAS DRINKS GUIDE 2020 | Sugar, Darling?


*** This is a sponsored post *** I think we can all agree that Italian cuisine is some of the best in the world and certainly one of the most popular – pizza, pasta, ice cream, appetizer, mozzarella on anything. It is true that many Italian dishes that we eat regularly have been altered and Anglo-Saxon in many ways, often unintentionally only because of the ingredients we have easy access to here in the UK. That’s why I’m such a fan of Ciao Gusto with whom you’ve seen me work a lot of times now! Picking up all your favorite… Read More »RECIPE: ITALIAN CHEESE FILO PIES

🐰Happy Easter #StylistSunday

Happy Easter Yall! I hope everyone is doing well. Remember we will all go through this pandemic by the grace of God. Today I bring you another # elegant sunday see. This is the outfit I intended to wear to church, but of course it isn’t. I had to go ahead and take my pictures yesterday because in Alabama we are expecting tornadoes and a lot of rain today. To continue, I’m wearing this paisley print dress from my favorite place Boohoo. You already know I like some Boohoo. I bought this dress in size 20 and it only cost… Read More »🐰Happy Easter #StylistSunday

🌷Spring Fashion Inspo #FlatLayEdition🌷

Hey everybody! Have a good bump day! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this pandemic. I know it’s been tough, but we’re gonna get through it together. So today I just relaxed at home. I received my ring light from Amazon so I set this up and decided to flat photography. A flattening is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface, captured directly above. It’s a great way to showcase fashion and I love to do it. It’s not as easy as it looks as you have to rearrange the elements and make… Read More »🌷Spring Fashion Inspo #FlatLayEdition🌷

Spring Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration

Hey everybody! It’s your daughter Just be LaKedra! Hope you had a good weekend and continue to be safe. The state reopened last Friday, so it is very important that you continue to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. This means wearing a mask and disinfecting / washing your hands. Moving on, as I sat here this Sunday, I noticed that I hadn’t blogged any outfit ideas for a rainy day. I don’t know why this hasn’t occurred to me because we’ve been having such a crazy time lately. It’s a bit… Read More »Spring Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration

Update on Just Being LaKedra

Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since I posted! Today, I have no fashion to present. This is just an update on what’s going on in my life right now. May has been very busy and on top of that I had a serious writing crisis. I’m trying to come up with new ideas for the blog. This pandemic and the recent events of these senseless killings have really touched me. George Floyd’s murder really did something to me. I just don’t understand how someone who’s supposed to protect us is hurting us instead, but it’s amazing to… Read More »Update on Just Being LaKedra

Colorful Sunday

Happy Sunday Yall !! I’m back with another #OOTD. I know it’s usually #StylishSunday, but I’m doing it #ColofulSunday today. There is so much going on in the cold world now, so I wanted to be very vibrant and colorful. Today I went to the park with my boyfriend to hang out and take pictures for this blog. He took them so I want to thank you again, Demarcus. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was in the 90s today and I wanted to hurry before my makeup started to melt. Continuing, as you can see my… Read More »Colorful Sunday

Saturday Sun🌞

Hey everybody! Hope you have a good weekend so far and to my new viewers, Welcome to Just Being LaKedra. Today, I present you another look of the day. Yesterday I spent the day with my boyfriend in Huntsville, AL. We got tired of Florence, AL, and decided to venture out to Rocket City for the day. First, we went to the Parkway Place Mall to look around (mask of course). In fact, I received an outfit from F21 which I am delighted to wear. Then we went to Big Spring Park. If you don’t know, I love going to… Read More »Saturday Sun🌞

Must-Have Shoes and Accessories for the Summer🌞

Happy Sunday Yall! Hope you are having a nice weekend so far. Happy Father’s Day also to all fathers and father figures. You are certainly all appreciated. Growing up in a single parent family, I didn’t have the luxury of having mine with me. I thank my uncles and my grandfather for being there. It’s not the same, but they’ve helped me become the smart woman I am today. Stepping out of my soapbox, lol, yesterday was the official first day of summer. It was really a beautiful day even though I had to work. I still enjoyed a nice… Read More »Must-Have Shoes and Accessories for the Summer🌞

Red Hot Saturday!

This article may contain affiliate links. Refer to my Privacy and Disclosure Page for more information. Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since I posted. A lot has happened in my life. I was preparing for graduation, trying to find a job, taking care of my health, etc. Lately I have also struggled with creativity and have been so uninspired. Writer’s Block is certainly frustrating to deal with. I must have walked away for a minute, but I’m back. Today, I wanted to be cute, and especially because the weather is so beautiful outside. It’s 86 degrees and… Read More »Red Hot Saturday!

Saying Bye to Summer

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is well during this pandemic. I decided to go back and start blogging again after a long hiatus. This summer was definitely different from previous summers. This coronavirus has really rocked the world and me personally. I’ve done my best to keep doing some of the things that I love to do. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel overseas this year, but I loved going to the beach with my best friend, Jas, and our boyfriends this past weekend. Of course, we distanced ourselves socially and still wore our masks. It was truly a lovely… Read More »Saying Bye to Summer

Hello Fall

Hey everybody! It’s the first day of fall and I’m so excited. Alabama is finally cooling off and now is the perfect time to break out those ankle boots and cardigans. I was waiting for this cool weather, especially since I have a skin problem that does not support the heat. If you stay in Alabama then you know that heat hasn’t played out at all this summer. On top of that, I can’t wait to wear my fall wardrobe. Fall is my favorite season and mainly because I love the colors, like burgundy, olive green, mustard yellow and burnt… Read More »Hello Fall

Happy Sunday!!! #StylishSunday

Hey everybody! It’s a new year and I hope all is well. I know I know! It’s been a while since I posted. So much has happened since my last message. I lost a family member (#destinystrong) a few days later and sort of lost touch with blogging. I have become truly uninspired. I had also struggled to find a job since I graduated from graduate school. On the positive side, I now have a new job that I love so far (it’s only been a week). I am so grateful to have my family, friends and boyfriend, Demarcus, who… Read More »Happy Sunday!!! #StylishSunday

It’s #StylishSunday

Good Sunday to all ! I know I’m posting late today, but I was enjoying my family and friends! I went to church today and enjoyed an amazing Word! You absolutely must stay prayed, especially during this pandemic. Our traditional Sunday goes to church and feast in Golden Corral afterwards. It’s a new tradition that we started last year and I love it. It was my day, now in fashion. Today I wanted to be cute and laid back and that’s exactly what I did. In my church, it doesn’t all depend on how you dress. I have days when… Read More »It’s #StylishSunday

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Affordable Plus Lingerie

Hey everybody! I hope everything is okay! As you know, February has just started and I am delighted. It looks like this year will pass. As you know, February plays host to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Love Day is actually approaching in less than 2 weeks and ladies I hope you are getting ready! To guide you, I’m going to introduce you to four online stores offering affordable lingerie and more. I’m not talking about that boring dress you wear to sleep (no offense, I love them too). I’m talking about some sexy pieces that… Read More »Valentine’s Day Countdown: Affordable Plus Lingerie

#Stylish Sunday: Recreating an old look

Hi all ! I hope everything is okay! Valentine’s Day is officially over and I have to say mine was awesome! My boyfriend and I went to Birmingham for a mini-getaway, but we had to cut it short. Overall, I appreciated the quality time. We ended up having the winter storm that migrated from Mississippi and Tennessee so we had to come back a day early to prepare. Alabama barely has snow so it was very different for us especially with the magnitude of this storm. I was off 3 of my 4 days from work due to unsafe road… Read More »#Stylish Sunday: Recreating an old look

Happy Birthday To Me

Hey everybody! It’s just being LaKedra here! I hope all is well as we continue to navigate this pandemic together. It seems that this is improving especially as vaccines become readily available. I pray that we can defeat this virus and finally get back to normal. Sooo, today as you can see from the title it’s my birthday 🎂🥳🎉! NS !!! I’m 29, but it’s really not officially my birthday until 4:03 p.m. To celebrate my last year in my twenties, I decided to do a photoshoot. I haven’t had a photoshoot since I graduated last year, so it was… Read More »Happy Birthday To Me

Summer Must-Have Accessories #2021Edition

Hey everybody! I have just returned from a long hiatus from blogging. I’ve been on other social media platforms to bring you the looks, so be sure to follow just_being_lakedra on Facebook and IG. Even though it’s not officially summer, I’m taking a head start and bringing you a #JBLStylishSummer series. I’ll be featuring everything summer and fashion to help you shop, create looks, pack for vacations / getaways etc. Today’s blog will focus on my 5 best summer accessories. They include oversized sunglasses, sun hats, colorful sandals, handbags, and bold jewelry. SUN GLASSES If you’re like me, then you… Read More »Summer Must-Have Accessories #2021Edition


Hey everybody!!! Hope everything went well and hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! I just returned from Negril, Jamaica yesterday morning and can say it was amazing! I have been to Jamaica before, but in another city, Ochos Rios. I had to attend a family reunion this time. When I say, these family reunions are not the average reunion. This family reunion actually fell on my blogging second birthday, which was July 2nd! I started my blog in 2019 when I got back from Punta Cana and I can say it’s been a ride! I’ve had a lot… Read More »JUSTBEINGLAKEDRA TAKES NEGRIL, JAMAICA!

Happy Stylish Sunday #JBLStylishSummer

# elegant sunday. Hope everyone has a good weekend so far, even though it is coming to an end. Weekends definitely go by too fast for me and I’m sure you will too! It’s always #JBLStylishSummer so I will continue to bring you the summer looks. Today’s look is inspired by Normani’s new single, Wild Side. Did I mention it’s in rehearsal? 🤣🤣 So what better way to represent than wearing a leopard print 🐆. If you are new to JBL this is my favorite print. The top I wore was part of a set of New trend. He came… Read More »Happy Stylish Sunday #JBLStylishSummer

Are You REaDy For This Summer Look? 💋

Today’s blog will feature my #OOTD and it is also outside #JBLStylishSummer series. #JBLStylishSummer is something I created to showcase my summer looks and give some tips. So today I wanted to wear a color that really goes with that Alabama heat and it’s RED. Red is one of those colors that really brings out the sexy side for me and I love it! I don’t own a lot of them, but I’m about to start investing more in red coins. I love the way it really shows up on my melanin. So let’s get into this look! High💋 The… Read More »Are You REaDy For This Summer Look? 💋

🍂Bronzing into Fall🍂

Hey everybody!!! I hope everything is okay! If you’re new here, welcome to Just Being LaKedra! I know it’s been a while, but I’m working on more content to bring you. This blog is very important to me so I want to bring the best content for my readers so stay tuned! today # elegant sunday look will be a transitional style. Fall is approaching in a few days and I’m so excited to be sporting some new looks. It’s one of my favorite seasons besides summer! I love incorporating my summer pieces into my fall styles and can’t wait… Read More »🍂Bronzing into Fall🍂

Curves to Kill…: A Love Story

My second shipment of Hell Bunny arrived last week and without hesitation I ran to the park, photographer by my side to take these adorable pieces! Lovisa’s hat Vixen belt by Micheline Pitt When I was browsing the last catalog, this little floral dress with ruffles really caught my attention. Check effortlessly, super light and flattering on all shapes and sizes. While I’m not usually a fan of the short sleeve, this style has a nice tie-up feature, so it will fit any arm size – a super important feature for plus size styles! The soft pink flowers on a… Read More »Curves to Kill…: A Love Story

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

It’s been way too long since my last full shoe review, so I’m back with a huge review, full of tons of photos. Today I want to share my latest 4 swoon arrivals and give you the low down on fit and comfort.Adore-730 For years, I committed to a specific heel style because I thought my naturally goofy nature would tip me into anything but a smaller heel or my classic Pinup Couture style. But in 2020, I made the choice to try on more epic heels, give in to my favorite designs and add lots of funky / sexy… Read More »Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Curves to Kill…: Another Forest Escape!

I’m about to flood your screens and review streams after reviewing some of my must-have lingerie sets. This week I’m featuring 3 of Brastop’s most divinely soft sets – my # 1 store for all bras, swimwear and more. Shorty For Me Love City Chic coat Every time I get a new Pour Moi set, I swear I instantly fall in love again. From the perfect fit, detailed lace patterns and stunning construction – I am forever blown away. This week I think I’m feeling a little harder than usual. There is something so amazing about a black lace overlay… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Another Forest Escape!

Curves to Kill…: Little Berries

This month, Smak Parlor arrived at Natasha Marie’s and I immediately needed to get my hands on this cute little strawberry skirt! Instantly I was inspired to create a gothic twist on a strawberry shortcake. I have been a long time Smak Parlor fan, but I was never sure how my body would fit their size chart as I am between their 1XL and 2XL. For this skirt, I opted for the 1XL and it is super spacious because it has an elastic waist. Fully lined with a layer of sheer tulle on top and the softest sparkling strawberries. This… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Little Berries

Curves to Kill…: I love honey!

More Lovehoney goodies to share with you! No more stunning wet look lingerie with the perfect accessories and amazing pieces made from eco-friendly recycled materials. Fifty Shades of Gray Captivate Plus Size Wet Look Crotchless Bra Set When I first saw the Fifty Shade line, I immediately loved the wet look fabric and harness style of each piece. The bodysuit was first on my list, but my torso unfortunately didn’t fit, but the bra set was an absolute winner. A halter / crossover style underwired bra with a slightly longer line, paired with the most delicious (open back and crotchless)… Read More »Curves to Kill…: I love honey!

Curves to Kill…: Dinosauria

Did you get any of the latest versions of Erstwilder? The epic Dinosauria collection went live this week with some of the coolest pieces I’ve ever seen. Dino Skulls for the absolute victory! T-Rex skulls are iconic and Erstwilder has perfected the art of creating resin bones and the sharpest teeth. Carefully constructed, with hand painted details – that’s all I love in one piece. Plus, with the matching earrings, it’s the perfect set for any Dino fan. Honestly, I never knew I needed these two pieces until now and I will wear them to death. Ahhhh my first Pterodactyl… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Dinosauria

Curves to Kill…: Magic

Are you ready for some Playful Promises magic? Now you’ve seen the latest lingerie looks from Brastop, but I wanted to give this look from PP its own functionality so that it can shine in all the pastel glory. Playful Promises Eddie Crossover Bra Matching crossed stockings Orchard Corset Pale Pink Lace Up Side Underbust Doll dress Miz Smitten Flower Crown Sometimes your outfits come together and work magic. That’s what happened when we paired this strappy crossover set with my corset. A long style bra and super strappy stockings that look amazing when worn without anything else make this… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Magic

My latest Heart of Haute Haul!

This week, I’m featuring some of the cutest must-have pieces from my loves at Heart of Haute. I have been working with and modeling their clothes for so long now and no matter the size fluctuations I could have their clothes always compliment my figure and fit like a dream. Now for this post I am wearing everything in a size 2XL. Some items are a bit looser than others so I’ll give my honest opinion on the fit and if you need to take a size down etc. I never really gave royal blue a chance when I had… Read More »My latest Heart of Haute Haul!

Curves to Kill…: Sleepy Hollow

I finally had time to shoot my beloved pieces from Sleepy Hollow from La Femme En Noir! The most divine styles created my loves Micheline and Lynh around the folklore and the store of Sleepy Hollow. Now my mom tells me that from a young age I was obsessed with the Headless Horseman so that’s perfect! Lots of magic when in this collection it seems. Each piece is tailored perfectly to the curves and the prints are both iconic and breathtaking. The Gothic Tales canvas features lovingly hand-sketched images from the film in a pastoral canvas pattern. This stunning print… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Sleepy Hollow

Curves to Kill…: 17 Sundays for Everybody

As you know I have been a fan of 17 Sundays from the start. The level of comfort, stunning construction and attention to detail in every room make their ranges a must-have for me. But recently I noticed my love Jay was eyeing every one of my coins and wanted to steal them. I am always very protective of my favorite pieces, but with their range we can easily share styles as they suit any shape. size and sex. I am very proud of my love because they were recently released as Non Binary and I am absolutely blown away… Read More »Curves to Kill…: 17 Sundays for Everybody

An 80’s cartoon dream!

Sarsparilly made my childhood dreams come true in dress form with their latest collection of the iconic little Miss Strawberry Shortcake! I was obsessed with this character when I was little and now I can wear them in print! Berry Best Friends Dress I don’t think I’ve ever worn or owned a piece as sweet as this dress! A sweet as sugar print covered with the adorable Custard and Pupcake characters with lots of strawberries. Super light, so comfortable and yes it has pockets! I love the added touch of glitter from two strawberry shaped rhinestone patches and matching heart-covered… Read More »An 80’s cartoon dream!

Curves to Kill…: Barbed Wired

My latest Hell Bunny goodies arrived last week and it’s time to sit down and talk about the fit, fabric and new products. I immediately had a craving for this fabric when I saw the sneaky previews. The bold barbed wire in white really pops up and the fact that my husband owns a death-wrestling business really appealed to me. I wear it in 2XL and the fit is really amazing. The sleeves are elasticated to avoid excessive pinching for wider arms. The V-neckline shows off that perfect amount of cleavage and the corseted waist sides really help you amplify… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Barbed Wired

Curves to Kill…: Bratz Doll Inspiration

I had a sneaky little photoshoot last week to highlight two of my new Blackmilk loves! Two totally different dresses with so much fit and flare action that she will blow your mind !! As someone mentioned to me last week, I’m usually not a floral style person in my everyday casual wear choices, but there is something so delicious about the fit and feel of the Short Dress. Blackmilk tea. All of those ruffles, layers, and the most perfect amount of stretch make this tight little mini dress so flattering. I’m wearing my usual XL and the fit is… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Bratz Doll Inspiration

Curves to Kill…: Bonsai Blouses!

It’s time for a little article featuring some amazing Bonsai Kitten tops! I love bell sleeves or bold black and white stripes and these two pieces are my current obsessions. Delia striped top Black and pink dinosaur skirt If you want me to make eye-catching hands on your online website, just make some super flattering striped tops! The Delia is my absolute new favorite top to wear with just about anything in my wardrobe. Bold stripes, 3/4 sleeves and a contrasting collar, it’s just perfection! Great stretch but still very fitted and flattering on my curves. I wear it in… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Bonsai Blouses!

Curves to Kill…: My Skin Must Haves

Recently I have put in a little more effort to take care of my skin. You could say that I am obsessed with having the right product for me, helping against the signs of aging and feeling good! So I thought I’d share my essentials with you. TARTE – Sea Drink Of H₂O Moisturizing Boost Moisturizing I have never had a moisturizer that makes my face so soft and smooth all day until I tried this amazing creation. Ultra-hydrating but does not leave the skin oily or wet. I originally received a sample jar from Sephora that lasted me 2… Read More »Curves to Kill…: My Skin Must Haves

Curves to Kill…: Lovehoney Tales

I feel like it’s been too long since I last shot lingerie! With lockups, moves, and a new job, I had my hands full, but finally pulled out my latest Lovehoney order and shot these awesome pieces. I wear the 1XL / 2XL in all styles. I had no idea that these two colors combined would be such a hit with my skin tone! But now that I finally own this awesome set, I’m so obsessed. This super deep V-cut cage style bra is lush. With full frame, scalloped lace trim and contrasting red cage straps. A longer line style… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Lovehoney Tales

Curves to Kill…: Route 66

I finally got my hands on my most converted skirt from BlackMilk Clothing! The Route 666 Underbust Corset Dress makes my Show Us Ya Tops faux leather dreams come true. Now this piece is the perfect mix of two of my all time favorite Blackmilk pieces. Combined, they create the most hugging piece of perfection in my wardrobe. I wear this skirt in XL and the fit is really amazing. Perfectly adjusted at the waist then brushes my hips. The buckles are adjustable, so you can adjust it a bit more if you want. The bold metal zipper on the… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Route 66

Curves to Kill…: Aurelia

While we may have just entered spring here in Australia, I still dream of fall! Granted, the gorgeous flowers blooming, all those intoxicating scents make me pale, but there is something that attracts me about fall prints. Hell Bunny’s latest take on the Aurelia dress blew me away. An incredibly soft and fluid dress. With a print full of autumn leaves and tassels, a v-neckline and a fitted waist. Featured small decorative brown buttons have the center of the bodice and the sleeves are the most perfect 3/4 length with adjustable ties It’s this attention to detail and fit that… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Aurelia

Every month is Halloween right?

Well in my world it sure is !! From August to October, I might just improve my game a bit and really fill my wardrobe with all the scary stuff. Hex 50’s skirt Sweater to fly There is nothing that makes my heart pale more than adorable Halloween partings. This season I’m back on the sweater train with the witch-themed Fly away knit and love the softness and fit. I wear this sweater in 2XL and it fits me perfectly. Kiss my curves but don’t restrict me in any way. The softness and elasticity of this knit is truly amazing… Read More »Every month is Halloween right?

Curves to Kill…: Cute ‘n’ Spooky

Last week I got my hands on some of the amazing new pieces from the Erstwilder X Mimsy collection. So we rushed over the weekend to take these little wonders! Now, I’ve been a huge fan of Mimsy’s work for over a decade now, having met her just before Greezefest several moons ago. I watched her tattoo my love Micheline with the softest pieces of makeup, so my goal was to get a tattoo from her someday soon. For now, I will wear these pieces with pride! A witch’s cauldron is never complete without a little smoke and sparks. I… Read More »Curves to Kill…: Cute ‘n’ Spooky

Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit | Something Gold, Something Blue

Cream Collar Sweater with Pearl Buttons (under $ 30 and comes in sizes XS-XXL (22-24) | My favorite pair of jeans | Leopard ankle boots | Round sunglasses | Pearl earrings Thanksgiving strikes differently this year… at least for me. Although 2020 has been a roller coaster whirlpool, it has definitely allowed me to slow down and really appreciate all of the wonderful people and things that I have in my life. And as I jump into this Thanksgiving month, I’ve spent a little more time each morning reflecting on this year and the journey it has been and the… Read More »Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit | Something Gold, Something Blue

Looking forward to Christmas morning…

Many thanks to my favorite destination for plus size Christmas pajamas, Lane Bryant, for sponsoring this article. All opinions are mine. Please see my disclosure page for more information on my sponsored posting policy. Mountain peak: Black Waffle Knit Top | Penguin striped pajama pants | Left: Plus Size Black Sherpa Bathrobe | Crimson Check Pajama Pants | Law: Night top in black sherpa | Snowflake print pajama bottoms It’s hard to believe how close the holiday season is! In just a few weeks it will be time to take the work computer off and celebrate Christmas morning with my… Read More »Looking forward to Christmas morning…

2020 Holiday Gift Ideas | Something Gold, Something Blue

Buying Christmas presents has always been something I love to do! While 2020 has been a different year, finding holiday gifts is always so much fun. I loved creating these holiday gift guides because it gave me the same thrill as shopping for loved ones this holiday season. While I sincerely believe that giving a gift is not essential to celebrate the holidays, it really gives me joy to find a gift that someone close to my heart will absolutely love. And I hope these 6 gift guides help you find something for that special someone in your life. Most… Read More »2020 Holiday Gift Ideas | Something Gold, Something Blue

2020 Cyber Week Sales | Something Gold, Something Blue

It’s that time of year again when email inboxes seem to be overflowing with discounts galore and this year online sales are even better than in-person sales on Black Friday (and they’ve started. Much sooner). Throughout this week, I’ll be updating these articles with all the great deals and amazing offers I’ve found on some of my top-rated products and recommended gifts for this holiday season. Hope this helps you find the items you have purchased for yourself or others on your list. Happy Cyber ​​Week shopping, folks! Eloquii Top Row: (L) Cream or beige lounge jumpsuit (M) Wrap dress… Read More »2020 Cyber Week Sales | Something Gold, Something Blue

Last Minute Gifts from Amazon

Activate your JavaScript to view the content Are you still looking for a holiday gift for someone you love? It looks like December has just passed and we’re only 6 days away from Christmas Day?!? I still have a few gifts to take home and hope I’m not alone. With less than a week to go, we’re limited on what we can realistically get before the big day… but, all is not lost. There are still plenty of options for gift giving this year, including ordering a few last minute gifts from Amazon. They even have an indicator on each… Read More »Last Minute Gifts from Amazon

20+ Experiences that Make the Perfect Gift

In recent years, giving gifts seems to continue to become more and more difficult. Everyone in my family is over 25 and we don’t have little ones running around. In addition, we are fortunate to have everything we need. Not only is it hard to find an item they’ll love, but they always ask me what I would like and I’m still left speechless – honestly, I don’t know what to say. After spending hours researching the best gift to give my dad a holiday season, I had a aha moment – why not give him a gift certificate for… Read More »20+ Experiences that Make the Perfect Gift

Cooking with Mr. Bill – The Perfect Steak

I love spending time with my family and one of our favorite ways to do that is to share a meal. My dad and I both love to cook, so we’re usually in the kitchen. My mom loves to cook, so I usually help her prepare some of the candies for each meal ahead of time. My dad can cook a lot of tasty food, but one of the things he’s known for is his steaks. They always turn out so tasty Since this year’s holidays are a bit different, I asked her to share her tips and tricks for… Read More »Cooking with Mr. Bill – The Perfect Steak

7 Tips for Having a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is everything! Before I had Brady, I slept among the best I’ve ever had. While one puppy (temporarily) put a damper on my 8 hour night’s restful sleep, I’m confident these 7 tips have helped me get the best night’s sleep. 1. Turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before bed and do something offline. I know this one is cliché, but it’s something that has really changed my sleep routines. I started putting Do Not Disturb on my phone around 9pm because I’m an early riser and got out before 10pm. During that hour before falling… Read More »7 Tips for Having a Good Night Sleep

Red, White and Blue with Lane Bryant

This article is sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are mine. Please see my disclosure page for more information on my sponsored posting policy. I’ve always been someone who loves a good theme and with Memorial Day in a few days and July 4th in a few weeks, a good red, white, and blue outfit (or two) is just what my closet needs. Lane Bryant still has some of the cutest collections and this year’s Americana collection doesn’t disappoint. Plus, most of the items are cotton which is absolutely necessary for the summer heat in Houston, especially when we are… Read More »Red, White and Blue with Lane Bryant

Choosing to Wear the Shorts

Plus Size Denim Mom Shorts | Lightweight button down | $ 15 Black plastic frame sunglasses | Snakeskin Print Sneakers (Under $ 40!) The Internet and social networks are powerful tools. They can do so much good, but at the same time can be so destructive. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. I consider Google to be my best friend because I ask it questions several times a day. Damn, I wouldn’t have my job or I couldn’t share this post if the internet didn’t exist. Out of all the reasons the internet is amazing (thanks for the… Read More »Choosing to Wear the Shorts

Tips For A Merry & Safe Christmas – Grown and Curvy Woman

Happy Monday everyone! To say that Christmas this year is unlike any other we’ve ever seen is an understatement. If you had told me last year that we would be celebrating the holidays during a pandemic I would have thought you were crazy, With COVID hovering over our heads, many of us have changed or canceled our plans Christmas for security reasons. While it is extremely difficult to be away from family during the biggest vacation of the year, there are ways to stay in touch. Here are some tips for staying safe and connected this Christmas: Online: We are… Read More »Tips For A Merry & Safe Christmas – Grown and Curvy Woman

What 2020 Taught Me – Grown and Curvy Woman

Happy Monday everyone! To say that 2020 was a dumpster fire is an understatement. Everything that could go wrong did. Although 2020 has been difficult, I have learned more about myself than in a long time. In many ways, 2020 has been a year of growth for me. I know the popular refrain is to attribute only negative things to 2020, but for me there was a fair amount of positives as well. So here’s what I learned from 2020: Friends and family are ALL: I’ll be the first to admit that before 2020, I assumed my family and friends… Read More »What 2020 Taught Me – Grown and Curvy Woman

Coping With The “COVID Wall” – Grown and Curvy Woman

Happy Monday everyone! I remember reading about people hitting the “COVID wall” a few months ago. While I too was frustrated with the ongoing pandemic, I did not consider myself to be one of those people. After contracting and recovering from COVID last month, I hit the “COVID wall”… hard. Coupled with my complete aversion to winter and a fit of Seasonal Affective Disorder, my struggle has become very, very real. Although it is easy to give in to feelings of hopelessness, I intended to keep my head above water. Here are some tips I have used to help me… Read More »Coping With The “COVID Wall” – Grown and Curvy Woman

49 & Feeling Fine – Grown and Curvy Woman

Have a good bump day! If you had told me last year that I would be celebrating my 49th birthday during a pandemic, I would have thought you were crazy. But alas here we are! Despite COVID, I am fortunate to see another year of life. I refuse to let this dampen the spirits of my birthday. I am entering my 49th year of life feeling better physically than I have been in years. The love of my family and friends continues to uplift and encourage me. I have a great life and little to complain about. Of course, I… Read More »49 & Feeling Fine – Grown and Curvy Woman

Get Moving With Lane Bryant & Livi – Grown and Curvy Woman

Have a good bump day! Spring is a great time to get your body moving. Working out doesn’t mean you’re trying to lose weight. Many plus size women train because they I LIKE THIS and the other benefits that exercise brings. Exercise can help improve your endurance and strengthen your core. There are also emotional benefits to exercising regularly. Exercise is known to increase the production of endorphins in the brain. This increase can help fight depression and anxiety. I can confirm this. Exercising instantly improves my mood, especially if I’m having a bad day. Another benefit of exercise is… Read More »Get Moving With Lane Bryant & Livi – Grown and Curvy Woman

Life Update – Grown and Curvy Woman

Happy Tuesday everyone! So you all know that I try to be as transparent as possible. Many of you have been following me for years, so I thought it was important to take my recent weight loss into account. Last fall I had gastric sleeve surgery. I did this for health reasons (although there is no “right” or “bad” reason for having the procedure). I have no problem with the plus size and I don’t want to be “skinny”. I wanted to go from an unhealthy situation to a healthier one. My mother died from 57 of the diseases that… Read More »Life Update – Grown and Curvy Woman

Layered Fall Look with Women Within and Mustang Sally

Good Monday, famous blogger, how is everyone? Well I hope the answer goes well, stay safe and your week starts well. And if not, well tomorrow is always a new day to turn things around! I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the country, but fall definitely showed up here last week. The leaves have started to change, the air is fresh and I officially had to turn on the oven for the first time today. So today’s post in partnership with Woman indoors Now is the perfect time because we’re going to be talking… Read More »Layered Fall Look with Women Within and Mustang Sally

Holiday Favourites with Woman Within

Happy Monday my awesome blogger fam, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed some safe but fun Halloween tips and treats. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s costumes, people definitely got creative! I can’t believe it’s November already! We had a little snow here and a cold snap last week and you can tell winter is coming. I’m personally delighted that Halloween is over as I’m not a fan so I can focus on my favorite time of year. So we start the month with an article featuring looks from Woman indoors which are perfect for… Read More »Holiday Favourites with Woman Within

Holiday Cheer with Mustang Sally and Lane Bryant

Happy Tuesday my amazing family of bloggers, How are you? Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Here are some hugs in case you need them Can you believe that we are already a week away in December? I’m sure I’m ready for the end of this year but I still have a few things to do first! And luckily for you guys who understands this year’s edition of # 30Cheer’sHolidayDays. Hope you have followed the gram so far. ?? Today’s post is in partnership with my friends from Bryant Street and i am so excited to share the… Read More »Holiday Cheer with Mustang Sally and Lane Bryant

Cozy Winter Favorites with Woman Within and Mustang Sally

Happy Monday my amazing blogger fam, hope you all are well and stay safe! Did you follow the gram with all the #30HolidayCheer posts? Hope you enjoy it so far. It was officially announced today that the province of Ontario will go into lockdown on Boxing Day, so I’m really happy to have been able to complete this project. It’s definitely one of my annual favorites and has helped get me into the party spirit more than I have in a long time. Today’s post is in partnership with my friends from Woman indoors which of course had to be… Read More »Cozy Winter Favorites with Woman Within and Mustang Sally

Plus Size Lingerie Upgrades for Your Wardrobe with Mustang Sally

Happy Tuesday my awesome blogger fam, hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. We’ve been on lockdown since Boxing Day and unfortunately it’s just been extended so we’re at home trying to make the most of things and do our part. Today’s post is in partnership with my friends from Woman indoors who return with their regular programming scheduled for 2021! I love the opportunity to work with brands like Woman indoors long term because I can share my continued love for my favorite brands, share my insider knowledge and my favorite choices. I can’t wait for you to… Read More »Plus Size Lingerie Upgrades for Your Wardrobe with Mustang Sally

Plus-Sized Spring Fashion with Mustang Sally

TGIF my amazing fam of bloggers, who’s ready for the weekend? As always, I hope you are doing well and staying safe. We had a lovely sunny day here and it was so nice to see the snow melt. It should rain this weekend but it’s definitely warmer so I’m not going to complain! Today’s post is in partnership with my friends from Woman indoors! As this weekend marks the end of February (is it just me or is time flowing?) And I thought it would be nice to talk about refreshing your wardrobe at home for the spring. As… Read More »Plus-Sized Spring Fashion with Mustang Sally