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Do Butt Lifters Work? Here’s What We Have to Say

You’ve been looking for ways to improve the appearance of your loot, and you’ve butt lifting panty discovery and underwear. Now you are wondering if these clothes actually work or if this is just hype. Read on to find out whether or not buttock lifters work and what the different types of buttock lifters are.

Do butt lifters work?

Butt lifters give your booty a lift both physically and visually without the need for hours of butt exercises. They are made of a thicker compression fabric that covers the front of your pelvis and the top of your legs. The area above each cheek is either left open or covered with a finer fabric that provides a seamless finish. The reason the back is made of a different fabric, or none at all, is that your booty will look as rounded as it gets while the rest of your butt is smoothed out.

Buttock lifters work because the compression fabric physically lifts your rear end, making it appear cheerful and rounded. The compression fabric on the legs also adds to the look of a more rounded butt by smoothing the thighs just below the cheeks, making your butt look wider in comparison. If you want to know more about how to lift your butt, see our previous blog post.

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Types of butt lifters

Butt lifters are available in many different styles including shaping shorts and bodysuits. Shaper shorts are also available in different lengths including mid-thigh, knee length, capri length and even full length compression leggings. Choose the length depending on what you plan to wear over it. Mid-thigh butt enhancers are best for shorter dresses, while capri-length butt enhancers work for longer dresses. Choose leggings that lift the buttocks to wear under long pants.

Shaper shorts and leggings also have different belt heights. Most of them are high waisted to smooth the tummy areas as well. Some of them go all the way to the bra line for full tummy coverage. All are made with anti-roll technology to prevent the edges from rolling on both the stomach and the legs.

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Some wetsuits also incorporate butt lift technology. Jumpsuits are a great choice for those who want to shape their upper back and maybe even their arms as well as the rest of their body. Bodysuits can cover the bust or leave it open so you can wear it with your own bras, depending on your preference.

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Buttock lifters are available with open and closed backs. If you’ve never worn a butt enhancer before, you may find it more comfortable to start with a closed back, which will more closely mimic the feel of underwear.

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The best butt lifters for shaping

Our customers love the way our butt lifters make them look and feel. Here are some of our most popular butt lifters that are definitely worth your attention:

Invisible body shaper with leg compression and buttock enhancer

This full length shaper makes your tummy, thighs and legs smooth while giving your butt a boost. These leggings go well under pants and maxi dresses and give you extra warmth during the winter months. The ultra-light material is designed for complete freedom of movement and the leggings come with removable straps to keep them in place.

Well rounded invisible shaping shorts

If you’re looking for a shorter booty shaper that you can wear under dresses, this is a great choice. The legs go down to the knee to sculpt your thighs and avoid irritation, while the triangular mesh cutouts on the legs allow greater flexibility for a more comfortable fit. The specially designed leg bands won’t sink in or out, so you don’t have to worry about the fabric wrapping your legs.

Short and Firm Strapless Body Shaper with Butt Enhancer

This is one of our best-selling butt lift suits, and it offers firm compression for optimal sculpting and support. The bust is open so you can wear any bra of your choice and has removable straps to keep it in place. The leg bands are made with our signature SmartLace® and a non-slip silicone liner so they won’t twist.

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