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Education Is An Important Part of Childhood, So Take Playtime Seriously –

Engage kids in learning while they play! KC Cubs rugs are carefully designed to stimulate your child’s curiosity, giving them the opportunity to learn while playing with all of their favorite toys. More than just educational rugs, KC Cubs learning rugs are designed to be eye-catching, allowing you to easily integrate them into the decor of your home, bedrooms and playrooms. And, because they’re made from premium polypropylene with a non-slip rubber backing, you can be sure they’ll withstand hours of consistent play, year after year.

KC CUBS Playtime Collection Outer Space Safari Map Educational and Activity Mat

Teach children about outer space by presenting the planets with attractive illustrations. Your child will love to play on this mat. It promotes pretend play, interactive play and cognitive play. Includes all planets, moon, rocket, hubble telescope, black hole, comet, asteroids, astronaut, and a UFO for the most complete space experience possible.

ABC Children’s Rug Educational Alphabet for Animals – KC CUBS

Let the fun and colorful animal friends of KC Cubs help your child learn the alphabet! From recognizing letters and sounds to colors and animals, this mat provides plenty of learning opportunities for you and your child to enjoy side by side. This colorful alphabet kids educational mat is perfect for teaching ABC to your baby and / or toddler in the most fun and interactive way.

Kids ABC Numbers Shaped Classroom Rug – KC CUBS

A great all-round educational tool for young children, this light-up mat provides opportunities to explore the alphabet, numbers, counting, shapes, colors, sounds and more. Make playing time a learning time without taking anything away from the fun! This colorful alphabet kids educational mat is perfect for teaching your baby and / or toddler the most fun and interactive ABCs along with the most common words, shapes and numbers.

Educational children’s mat with dinosaur road map – KC CUBS

Let your child go on an adventure filled with dinosaurs at every turn – whether dangerous or playful, it’s up to them to find out! Whether it’s driving cars on the road or just relaxing with your favorite book, this mat will become the place to be! With over 10 dinosaurs, a volcano, a waterfall, raptor eggs, an electric fence, a regular map and a dirt road, your child’s imagination will be wild. Have your child bring their favorite toys to the mat and let the fun begin! Watch your son guide the expeditions in front of a T-Rex.

Thanks to their non-slip latex backing, the KC Cubs Playtime Collection rugs create a very safe and fun atmosphere to teach your children the basics of the English language.

Each of the KC Cubs products is designed to keep children engaged in play. At KC Cubs, they think outside the box, providing them with learning opportunities in an environment where the imagination is limitless.

Bright colors and cute artwork make KC Cubs rugs unique, a touch of fun magic for any room your child loves to play in. Great for all ages, there is something for everyone to learn. Parents love how excited their kids are to explore the information on the rugs – and the kids love to spend more time playing and learning!




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