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Enjoy the Vegan-Friendly Metaverse with New Alt Leather – vegconomist | Health Physical Fitness

Taiwanese silicone product manufacturer General Silicones has released its latest vegan product; Silicone Velvet Leather. The soft faux leather material is made for consumer electronics like headsets, AR/VR glasses, and gloves for a vegan-friendly experience in the metaverse. 

Designed for consumer electronics that often get exposed to the wearer’s skin, General Silicones’ new VL301 Silicone Velvet leather is made primarily from natural silica, which does not break down into smaller particles as plastics do nor does it release toxic fumes. Electronic manufacturers currently rely on PU-based faux leather, which can create allergic reactions for some users during prolonged use. Silicone however is well-known for its non-allergenic properties and is preferred for baby products. 

General Silicones
©General Silicones

In addition, PU leather commonly used in consumer electronics can degrade with sweat and humidity while silicone is an inert material that neither reacts to oils nor cleaning products. Devices like headsets are often discarded due to damage to the device’s leather, rather than faulty electronics, therefore manufacturers can prevent the creation of unnecessary electronic waste by extending product life with silicone leather.

All the vegan leathers of General Silicones are manufactured using silicone, the raw material extracted from silica – the main component of sand. The company claims the material is highly durable with a low carbon footprint, as well as recyclable, and harmless to humans. The alt leather sector is seeing rapid growth as manufacturers move away from animal products, with Volvo recently revealing plans to make all new cars leather-free and BMW opting for innovative cactus leather.  





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