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Experience True Support – Cosabella

Are you looking for supportive bras? If so, we understand that most of our customers put support first. A supportive bra gives you the confidence to go out and face your day knowing that you won’t have any fashion issues or, more generally, discomfort. However, there is more to a bra than just support. The material and design play a huge role in your overall comfort when wearing any type of bra. An irritating hook or uncomfortable fabric can be as bad as a bra that doesn’t give you full support.

At Cosabella, our products are designed not only for luxury, but also for comfort and practicality. Our designs are popular for the materials used, the color options offered and the overall support provided. Read on to find out which support bras and bras we offer that give wearers the most support for their day-to-day life.

What makes a bra or bralette support?

Finding the right bra is like finding the right thing – you not only have to know what you like, but know when your bra or bralette looks right on you. It helps to know your breast size and shape, as well as the types of bras and bralettes that best suit your body. However, if you are new to shopping for bras, you may not be familiar with the different parts of a bra that determine your bra size. The two most important parts of the bra are the band and the cup size. The bracelet size is represented by numbers, while the cup size is represented by letters.

To determine if a bra is likely to fit on you, it is recommended that you look at the group size first. Since different companies use different sizes, you cannot expect to buy a bra from another company that is the same size as your old one. While you are certainly lucky, it is more important to get an accurate tape measurement first.

The cups keep your breasts in place, so they should be adapted to the size and shape of your breast. Identify how companies fit their bras, decipher their size charts, and do your best to find the right size comparison. Consult Cosabella’s size chart to find the best bracelet size for you.

When do you need more assistance?

You might be wondering if you need a more supported bra, and we understand the confusion. We want to clarify that everyone is very different. You might need extra support from your bra or bralette for a number of reasons.

Having poor posture can lead to back pain, which can be exacerbated by a lack of support from your bra. The right bra can be a good solution to consider if you are suffering from something.

You may also want to consider a more supported bra if you notice that the weight of your breasts is causing the straps of your bra to dig into your shoulders. If you notice that the bra irritates the shoulder area, consider purchasing a bra with stronger cups to help take the strain off your shoulders.

Obviously, only you know your body best. That’s why it’s up to you to go out and explore different bra options. If you’re having any of these issues, consider which Cosabella bras and bralettes support you the best. Our range of underwired and cordless styles offer multiple options depending on media and style.

What are our most supportive bras?

We have a wide range of bras for all body types to dress up for a night out or a little bit of comfort while lounging around the house. Our selections of bras vary in size for each body type, including standard, petite and curvy sizes.

Underwired bras

Typical bra styles include an underwire, which is a stiff wire woven into the material of the bra to help shape and support the breasts. Modern examples are numerous, especially in Cosabella. Our underwired bras are designed to be as flexible as possible, moving smoothly with your body movements as you go about your day.

Confidence evening

The Soire Confidence collection is designed to be as stylish and elegant as possible under clothing. Using minimalist lines and thin straps so that each bra will fully support you while appearing to be doing the bare minimum. The Soire Confidence underwired molded bra is one of our most popular bras. Made from 100% polyamide and available in a variety of color options, this bra will give you the confidence you need, wherever you are.

Never Say Never Balconette Bra

The Never Say Never collection has been designed with uniqueness and durability in mind. Made from soft floral lace which is a signature of the Cosabella design. A perfect example of this is the Never Say Never balconette bra, which is one of our most sought after styles. Its elegant look is accentuated by unpadded balconette cups. These will not only boost your cleavage, but also provide the support you need so much.

Puglia underwired bra

The Puglia underwired bra is available in classic black and features semi-sheer lace and unlined and unpadded underwire cups. Its minimal design makes it easy to forget that this bra is designed not only to show off your strengths, but also to support them. This is a great option for a luxury bra if you are trying to have a romantic evening or a fancy evening. Still, you won’t lose any of the functionality you rely on from your basic bras.

What about our most favorable bralettes?

There is a misconception that bralettes cannot be supportive. Yet at Cosabella, we’re determined to put that old theory to bed. We have several lines of bralettes that offer a lot of support while remaining stylish and classy. Bralettes are a great addition to almost any outfit, as they can serve as both underwear and outerwear. Even the best bralettes can tend to lack the support they give your breasts. Unless you’re talking about the bralette options at Cosabella.

Never Say Never Darling Bralettes

Cosabella offers a range of Never Say Never bras, and each has something unique to offer. However, they also have one thing in common, and that’s the theme of this entire article: support. The Never Say Never Sweetie bra was designed for the everyday woman, whatever her size. This best-selling style is available in Small, Standard, Curvy, Ultra Curvy, and Extended. This bra has been designed to adapt to whatever situation you need it for. This means he can function as a freelance top or as everyday close friends. Completely wireless, it is very fluid to wear thanks to its soft and stretchy lace design, while keeping your breasts supported. Available with different strap options and band lengths so you can find your perfect fit.

Confidence Evening Bra

Included in our collection of bras, the Soire Confidence bra comes in a dazzling range of colors. Designed for sleeping, relaxing and general lounging around the house, these bras feature a hook and eye closure, making them easy to put on and take off. But when it comes to support, these bralettes are no joke. Brings a stretchy mesh with a shiny elastic border despite their cordless nature. That means they’re just as comfortable as they support, making them one of our favorite bra offerings here from Cosabella.

Never Say Never Flirtie Headband

If you need a strapless option, but still need that support, the Flirtie Bandeau is for you. Made with the same Never Say Never lace as the signature Sweetie, this strapless option has non-padded cups lined with powerful mesh for support and coverage. Slip-on style with side boning for added support and silicone handles at the top and bottom to prevent slipping. Available in standard and curvy sizes, this must-have bra is perfect to layer under blazers and sweaters for a chic fall look.

Discover Cosabella’s bras and support bralettes

As the new season approaches, he’s ready to update our everyday basics and intimates. Regardless of your beanie or headband size, support is needed when shopping for new underwear that we start our morning with every day. At Cosabella we have a wide selection of bras and support bralettes to choose from, regardless of size. Explore sizes small, standard, curvy and extended to enhance your everyday lingerie today.




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