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Five Of Our Favorite Day-Date Watches That Aren’t Rolex

The day-date function is incredibly convenient. You have the time, date and day – what else might you need ?!

It is also one of the most profitable complications. Rolex is of course well known for its interpretation of the Day-Date, AKA the Presidents’ Watch, but they only produce the watch in precious metal. This means that there is a lot of value to be gained from companies like OMEGA, IWC, Tudor and TAG Heuer.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite up-to-date watches currently available on Crown & Caliber in this article, but don’t forget to check out our full selection of up-to-date models here.

OMEGA Speedmaster Day-Date Ref. 3220.50.00

The Speedmaster Day-Date is a strange ball. Built on the Speedmaster Reduced platform, this model adds a triple calendar complication to the mix. As a physical item, the watch looks a bit awesome at first glance, but it continues to surprise as you look deeper and admire further. Knowing where the Speedmaster’s comfort zone is, the Day-Date is so outside of it while still feeling cohesive at the same time. Also, you would be hard pressed to find an automatic chronograph with a date function, let alone a triple date, in a 40mm diameter case and not taking up your entire wrist.

TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Ref. CV2A1R

The TAG Heuer Carrera no longer needs to be presented. Its status as perhaps the ultimate motorsport-influenced wristwatch is undisputed, as is its presence in TAG Heuer’s largest reference library. While many details from Jack Heuer’s original design and modern additions are present, this model in black with red accents features a day-date display and tachymeter scale that measures average speed over a measured distance.

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Chronograph Ref. IW3910-08

The very first Portofino from IWC, the ref. 5251, was a very large watch due to its movement. It was powered by a pocket watch caliber, which IWC rotated 90 degrees and fitted with a moon phase display. It was really more of a pocket watch adapted to the wrist than an end-to-end wristwatch. The modern Portofino Chronograph ref. IW3910-08, however, is charming on the wrist, with its excellent use of negative space, non-existent bezel, pump pushers, and day-date display at three o’clock. Best of all, IWC is able to store the whole thing in a polished 42mm stainless steel case. The attractive mesh bracelet is just the icing on this Italian cake. (Do you understand? Because Portofino? ​​Ok, forget that.)

Tudor Glamor Day-Date Ref. 56000

Tudor has been in the shadow of the big brother Rolex for decades, but that is no longer true. With the international success of its Black Bay collection in the 2010s, it shows that the Swiss brand has not forgotten its vintage roots. From the Submariner to the snowflake hand to the “Big Block” chronograph, Tudor has always separated from Rolex by being a bit more funky and adventurous compared to the largely conservative Crown. However, Tudor never compromised its quality, and the watches – both vintage and contemporary – all look great on their own. This is what makes Tudor a great alternative to a more well-known Rolex model, and the Glamor Day-Date is the perfect example. This is particularly attractive since the Day-Date models produced under Rolex are all encased in precious metals, which gives the watches a more dressy quality. This Tudor version is made of stainless steel and has a relaxed vibe perfect for a more casual affair.

TAG Heuer Carrera Ref. WAR201A-1

In one of its simplest forms, the modern Carrera has taken the form of an up-to-date classic watch, with a number of references to the original Carrera from 1963. Take, for example, the subtle stacked texture that stretches across. reflects on the center of the watch. axis. This detail alludes to the milling that can be found on the totalisers of the original Carrera ref. 2447 N from 58 years ago. Just as readable as Jack Heuer had expected, the Carrera without chronograph has been adapted to today’s world with reasonable proportions of 39 mm, an automatic movement, 100 meters of water resistance and a double-treated sapphire crystal with a anti-reflective material.

Check out our full collection of day-date watches here.

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