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Food safety equipment, supplies, and tips

Did you know September is National Food Safety Month?

It was established in 1994 by the National Restaurant Association to raise awareness of the importance of food safety education, and it has been observed annually since. This year’s theme is “Know Safety and Show Safety,” a very apt angle for this time when customers want to see exactly what you are doing to keep them safe.

Even the most savvy restaurant professionals can always use a food safety tip reminder. We’re going to go over some of the bigger ones. In addition, we will highlight some products that can streamline your food safety practices.

Food safety tips

Maintain your equipment. Start with your gaskets and water filters. Without a tight seal, the temperature of the refrigeration unit could change and food could end up in the hazardous area. Without a properly functioning water filter, contaminants could be present in your water and ice – which is why water filters need to be changed every six months.

Consult your local health department. Each state has specific food regulations and safety requirements. Make sure you know exactly what is required of your facility.

Implement a HACCP plan. Or review your current plan to see where it needs to be updated, including reviewing staff training to update food safety certifications that have expired.

Consult the CDC for resources. They have an entire section on their website devoted to food safety.
These are just some of the best food safety tips for a commercial kitchen. To learn more, see our Food Safety page.

All of the protocols your kitchen has to go through may seem like a long time, but there are food safety products that make it easier. Here are some of our favorites.

Food safety equipment and supplies to facilitate safety

The right food handling supplies and the right kitchen safety tools can make a big difference. Here are some of our favorites.

food hygiene gloves
Digital pocket thermometer

Color-coded sanitizer buckets, cutting boards and more

Color coding is a great way to avoid cross contamination and to help keep your cleaning supplies separate. Color-coded cleaner and disinfectant buckets help you remember which bucket is for cleaning solutions and which is for disinfectants. Color coded cutting boards are also useful because you can designate each color for a specific use, meat, products, etc.


Thermometers are essential in a commercial kitchen. There are food thermometers, refrigeration thermometers and of course thermometers for checking employee temperatures. In food thermometers, there are several different types, including meat thermometers, candy thermometers, and the ever-useful data logger. You also have the choice of a digital probe or thermometer, each with its advantages (probes are cheaper, but digital ones do not require calibration). Take a look at your thermometers and make sure you have all of the types you need, and see if they need to be replaced.

Gloves and glove dispensers

Disposable gloves have always been a staple for the back of the house and right now you may want them for your hospitality staff as well. Your basic options are nitrile, polyethylene, latex, and vinyl, and you’ll want a variety of sizes in stock so you have the right gloves for everyone. Another good investment is a glove dispenser, so your staff has quick access whenever they need a pair.

At TundraFMP, we have all the food safety products you need for your restaurant establishment. Buy everything you need here. You can also find more food safety tips and information from us here.



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