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Girl With Curves Launches at QVC

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I’ve been a blogger / content creator since 2012, and when I think of the names of OG bloggers from that time period, one of the first to come to mind is Tanesha Awasthi from Girl With Curves. We were here blogging (before Instagram) when a lot of people didn’t understand what a “blog” was. Her style is always classic, elegant, refined, but not fussy and not too trendy or revealing. I have always enjoyed following her and seeing her meteoric rise in the fashion world.

She has just launched a new collection at QVC, available in sizes XXS-5X (34/36) and pants available in small, regular and long lengths. It’s an incredible achievement for any brand, and I’m happy that more people can experience their style. Three years ago she had a collection with Lane Bryant which sold out very quickly. I bought 4 pieces from this old LB collection and I still have them in my closet because they are this Well. (You can see the review and some poorly lit photos here.)

If you’re looking for classic, raised pieces that are easy to wear, take a look at the new Girl with Curves line at QVC. There are a lot more pieces than she has ever presented, and they are so chic.

I have ordered items and will update this item with more photos when I receive them.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite looks:

You can find more photos and information on Tanesha’s website, and head over to QVC to purchase the collection while all sizes are available.




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