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Hazel-Anne Johnson’s Sports Bra Sizing Makeover

Hazel-Anne M. Johnson, Ph.D., 38, is a teacher and director of an undergraduate university program, a mother of two toddlers, deeply involved in community activism and adept at CrossFit. She has been exercising intensely for the past 5 years and can do a 150-pound handstand or deadlift like it’s the easiest thing in the world. “This is the most inspiring workout I have ever done,” she says. “I actually like burpees.”

In other words, Hazel-Anne is basically Superwoman, and finding time for herself is her Kryptonite. She tries to get to CrossFit three or four times a week, an ambitious goal even on a less intimidating schedule: “My mission is to figure out how to save time despite a busy schedule. “

So you can pretty much guess where bra shopping ranks on Hazel-Anne’s priority list. “I don’t like to shop and have been pregnant or breastfeeding for over three years so I don’t understand what my bra size is at this point. When I saw some of your swimwear makeovers on Bare it All last summer, I was intrigued by the transformations in women. This is where the Bare Necessities bra experts come in. Hazel-Anne wanted to experience the same revelation with her bras, especially her sports bras.

The last time Hazel-Anne adjusted professionally, it was for a nursing bra. She is weaning herself off and getting back into shape, meaning her weight fluctuates. Maternity bras are comfortable but don’t provide enough support; his old Chantelles are beautiful but large; all have seen better days: “Sizes are everywhere. I looked down at a meeting the other day, and my underwire came out of my bra as if to say, “Don’t forget me!”

At that point it clicked, “I don’t want to wait a year for a new bra. Life will always be hectic. If not now when? “

Hazel-Anne called Bra Fit Expert Mette for her fit consultation. She was 34 “in the band and 42” in the bust, which puts her squarely at 34H (US size) or 34FF (UK size). “Oh my God! I’ve never heard any of these letters before. Wow!” said Hazel-Anne, audible processing.

“Getting the numbers is just the first step,” Mette said. The shape of the breast is also a factor of adjustment.

“Let’s say this about my breasts: I clearly had children,” Hazel-Anne said. “They don’t stand up, and there’s a gap between the two, but they’re still full.”

Thinking about her wishlist, Hazel-Anne told Mette, “I don’t need any help with stuffing,” so they narrowed the field to unlined bras and cups in three or four. parties, a new term for Hazel-Anne.

“They don’t have any padding, but because they have this hand-sewn cup, they offer so much support and lift and will make your breasts look like when you were younger,” Mette explained, at which Hazel-Anne offered a resounding, “Yes, please!”

Mette pointed Hazel-Anne at the Panache Jasmine balconette in her personal experience: “My breasts have never been rounder, more voluminous or prettier than in this bra. What is wonderful is that this bra has stretch lace on the top. Most women have one breast that is bigger than the other, so this is great because it tightens and stretches to make them uniform. I will send you a few sizes so you can find the one that best matches your figure. We will ride one in the group and one in the cup until you are comfortable. For you, I will stick to Panache, Chantelle, Freya and Fantasie; I think you will get the most out of it.

A personal bra shopper to find the right sizes and styles for her? Hazel-Anne was in full swing.

Mette sent Hazel-Anne the Panache Jasmine, Andorra and Ultimate Maximum Control sports bra, the best-selling bra here at Bare Necessities, period, end of story. “It happens to be a good fit and most women end up trimming in the band or in the cup,” Mette noted. (To her surprise, Hazel-Anne defied this rule; you can also contact a bra expert to help you get it right.)

“Is that a sports bra that you put on like a regular bra?” It is refreshing. Some of my sports bras look like straitjackets. It’s more a workout to put it on than the workout I’m doing! Said Hazel-Anne.

“Yeah, and it has a J-hook too, so you can turn it into a race back. It’s definitely armor, and it’s going to really protect your breast tissue while you exercise, ”Mette said. Hazel-Anne was intrigued: her old sports bras “don’t hide to compliment a racerback shirt, and they’re not much fun.” The cosmic print she chose is nothing but fun.

They reviewed the Fit 5 and plan to hit base in a few days.

“I feel like a kid on Christmas morning,” Hazel-Anne said. “Yy, my bras are coming! “

Finally, Hazel-Anne tried the Panache sports bra in 34F, 36F and 36FF, and the Jasmine and Andorra in 34FF and 36F. She also tried the Fantasie Rebecca Lace in a 34G (“it’s okay, but I prefer a front plunge”) and the Freya Fancies Plunge Balcony (“nice bra, but I need more support”) . She was doing trials at home between engagements – meetings, gatherings, practices and more.

Upon arrival, Panache Jasmine in 34FF was a hit: “She has a nice cut in front, and I love the way she lifts my breasts. Panache Andorra, also in 34FF, was “perfect, I love it”. In a sports bra, she took a 34F: “I love the bra. It’s on FIRE! Her encapsulated-style underwire cups gave her a boost and definition that, even on the best day, her old pull-on bra never had.

“I love all three of them! Apparently, I’m a fan of Panache. Where have you been, all my life ?! ”Hazel-Anne raved.

With a phone call, an email and two sets of fittings, Hazel-Anne had killed the beast otherwise known as bra buying, something she had pushed back for years. “I can’t thank you enough for this amazing experience,” she told Mette. “It’s funny because I always thought all I wanted was t-shirt bras. They’re smooth, they’re easy, that was all Victoria’s Secret had. But once you introduced me to the three-piece and four-piece sewn cups, that changed. I had no idea that my breasts could be so firm and fabulous.

Hazel-Anne loved the beauty and strength of her two new bras for the day, but it was the sports bra that gave her the biggest boost, mentally and physically.

“A lot of people who do CrossFit get naked to do it. It was never me because I didn’t feel confident enough in my bras or in my body before, ”she says. “I can be one of those people now. In this bra, I feel confident enough to go for it.

Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra
Jasmine plume
Panache Andorra

For a reveal of your own bra, call or chat with a bra fitting expert at 877-728-9272 (select option 4) or at barenecessities.com.

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Brooke is the editor of this blog here. In a previous life, she was an editor at Good Housekeeping and O, Oprah magazine. Brooke wrote for Charm, Travel + Leisure, New York magazine and more. She enjoys concerts, travel and her exceptionally adorable daughter and husband.




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