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How to help when someone you know is bereaved | Discover

Ways to cope

The individual things that have helped me deal with my loss are very personal – long nature walks, listening to memorable music, and reading about other people’s experiences of dying and dying have helped me understand my own feelings.

Death affects us all, but for some it is not something they experience later in life and they may not necessarily know how to react when a loved one loses a loved one. I was surprised at how some people struggled with knowing what to say to me after my mother died, with some friends not being able to acknowledge her death for fear of upsetting me.

Grief, that personal and private emotion, has been made even more isolating and difficult by the pandemic. Grieving during COVID has been a frightening and lonely experience for many people, as the risk of infection has forced us to socially distance ourselves and steer clear of those we love. It is therefore more important than ever to support those who are facing the death of a loved one.

Since this is such a personal time, I wouldn’t pretend to be advising other people on how to deal with their own grief.

However, this period of reflection allowed me to reflect on the things that those around me did that really helped me feel supported during such a difficult time:




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