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If Your Best Friends Were Bikinis

So you and your daughters have planned another great summer. Maybe you’re renting a beach house for a long weekend, or getting on a plane to recharge and relax in a tropical location. Either way, those precious few days and nights are likely to involve Instagram-worthy hats and sunglasses, old jokes inside, aloe sunscreen, and lots of cocktails at. rum base.

Thinking of you and your team, Bare Necessities swimwear buyer Megan Puma took on the role of personal shopper, pulling off the best bikinis (and an unforgettable one-piece) for everyone in the circle. restricted. Simply pair the team member with their ideal swimsuit and get ready.

Freya Sundance


Your ride-or-die BFF knows how to read your mood with just one emoji. You can always count on her for an airport pickup, a reliable second opinion and a good cathartic cry. She wears both Advil and Tylenol because she knows girls need choice. She’s the swimsuit equivalent of a bra-sized bikini.

Sweetheart bikini Freya Sundance: Everyone’s going wild for the new black cherry color of this uplifting, fabulously fitted full bust bikini that locks and loads in style.

Freya Run Wild Idol Bikini: “It’s the same shape and fit as the hugely popular Idol bra,” Megan explains. The hot tub-friendly version has a chic abstract animal print and three different cover options at the bottom, in other words, pairs well with others.


Bless her, this friend doesn’t have a single wicked bone in her body. She’s kind to animals, allergic to gossip, tips profusely, and has a laugh you’d recognize from a mile away. She’s basically a real-life fairytale princess, and she dresses up for the role.

Freya Endless Summer underwired bandeau bikini: Megan loves the optional suspender on this watercolor ruffle top, available in D to G cups. It looks more unstructured than it does, with side bonings and power mesh rear fenders.

Ruffled bikini Flora Becca Woman: Triangle cups with ruffles for breasts 32 to 40 stretch over the top like a bra. Pair it with the matching romper jumpsuit for a darling matchy-matchy look.

Freya back to black


You know who we’re talking about: she can’t relax in a lounge chair for more than fifteen minutes before joining a game of volleyball, hiking a volcano, or learning to stand-up paddleboarding . She gets up with the sun to go to the hotel gym; her only tan line comes from her Fitbit.

Freya Back to Black High Neck Underwired Bikini: What to wear under a jumpsuit? A simple and elegant silhouette with a built-in bra, in the most versatile color combination known to women.

Glamazon Pour Moi Scoop Neck Underwired Bikini: Topped with a mesh basketball net for a unique appeal, this scoop neck bra is as comfortable and functional as it is fabulous.


Although she lost her driver’s license in the ocean the day you arrived, you still find her endearing. She is always late in fashion. She likes to keep things interesting and she’s ready to show up on the dance floor and at the bar. Just be sure to give her a call if you want to see her at brunch.

Glamazon Double Straps Bikini For Me: Sexy, layered suspenders transform it from ‘game day’ to ‘play on’ (see image at the top of the article). The bottoms range from short, knotted briefs to high-cut briefs.

Miss Mandalay Icon Strappy Bikini: Miss Mandalay brings the drama with a strappy costume in a bold cobalt color. Choose from two equally modern styles of socks with the same cool strap detail served in different ways.


The easy-going earth goddess who walks among you is happy to ride with anything, as long as she doesn’t miss any music festivals. She is seriously considering opening a coconut stand on the beach and never going home.

Seafolly Bali Hai Underwired Bikini Top, DD Cups: With DD cups and convertible suspenders, these Far Eastern flowers on a batik background bring a little luau wherever you go. Just put a flower on one ear.

Cowrie Tommy Bahama Diamond Halter Bikini: A classic cowry-inspired blue and white shibori halter only needs a necklace of wood beads and a piña colada. The sarong-esque skirted bottom is like a built-in blanket.


She’s single and ready to mingle, so why shouldn’t her swimsuit say the same? There are worse places to meet someone than Heaven. So play on the playa, player. Bring on those summer nights… and those costumes.

Robin Piccone Luca Plunge One-Piece: The brave older sister of the bikini is this non-basic black halter neckline in a deep V, with hardware suggesting a barbell piercing.

Luli Fama Mambo backless push-up bikini: If you like this friend, then whatever you do, don’t pull her towards the swim bar by the lace-up straps.


She’s the friend who fills half of her suitcase with novels and plays Duolingo and Words with friends on her phone in her spare time. You rely on her to plot the route, read a map, converse with the concierge in her native language and generally get by.

Bikini Backless Becca Tahiti: A canvas-inspired floral print with a sweetheart crochet border and adjustable tie back is discreetly soft and stylish. A white bikini made wearable, in Tahiti or Tijuana.

Barcelona Backless Bikini For Me: The metallic threads woven into this pin-up underwired halter shimmer in the sun, much like your amigas.

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Brooke is the editor of this blog here. In a previous life, she was an editor at Good Housekeeping and O, Oprah magazine. Brooke wrote for Charm, Travel + Leisure, New York magazine and more. She enjoys concerts, travel and her exceptionally adorable daughter and husband.




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