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Women in Beer | Amanda Trimm – At-Home Abs Home Abs Workout – Bicycling

Amanda Trimm, co-owner of Barking Armadillo

Central Texas has a distinct and growing beer culture and women are not only present in all its aspects, from brewers, distributors to consumers; they are also respected leaders who shape the culture of craft beer. Our Women in beer series highlights the women in our community who shape the beer scene, including members of the Austin Chapter of the Pink Boots Society. This edition features Amanda Trimm, Co-owner of Barking Armadillo in Georgetown, Texas.

Describe your average week. What are you responsible for?

My role is primarily to manage social media and other miscellaneous tasks including, but not limited to creating graphics, scheduling calendar, posts and emails to our mailing list, responding to emails, ordering products, updating Untappd and our website. Also, does giving Jacob moral support count as a responsibility?

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Try lots of different beers, of course! Seriously, it’s starting to become part of the community in a way we’ve never immersed ourselves in before. Georgetown is a small world despite its rapid growth, and meeting other small business owners, neighbors, artists, etc. has been wonderful.

What challenges have you encountered in this role or in previous roles in the beer industry?

Trying to start from scratch, with no experience in marketing or social media. When we planned to open the brewery I thought I would do all of this and realized how much time and energy is invested. I always learn as I go and have fun with it!

How long have you worked in the beer industry? What were you doing before this role?

I had never worked in the beer industry before opening Barking Armadillo. I was, and still work, my day job as a pharmacist.

If someone asked you to describe the current state of the current craft beer climate, what would you say?

Booming! There are so many breweries opening left and right, so much experimenting with styles of beer with a wide variety of ingredients, it’s pretty exciting to be in the swing. Right now, anything goes… craft beer really is for EVERYONE. That being said, it is also evolving with the rest of the world in terms of social change and inclusion.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you, your business and / or the industry as a whole?

Just that we’re here and serving beer! Come visit us and take a day trip to Georgetown! We run taproom events such as trivia every Thursday, live music on weekends, and rotating food trucks. We are a small family business, with only three owners and five employees, so the crew really get to know the locals.

Has Pink Boots played a role in your career? If so, how?

I’ve only been a member since the start of the pandemic and couldn’t do more than a few meetings, but I was introduced to some inspiring women in the industry. I am impressed by the diversity of roles and the wealth of knowledge of the women I have met within the group.

What question (s) are you tired of answering / being asked?

Do you have all of Miller Lite on hand?

Which beer do you like the most right now?

I’m not committing to just one beer because there are too many good beers out there. Of our currently available beers, I like our Odin Hazy DIPA – this was the 3rd beer in our Viking series after Freya (hazy pale ale) and Ragnar (IPA) all using the same Norwegian Kveik yeast. From outside our brewery, I recently tried and really enjoyed Rentsch’s IPA Cryo Therapy – crispy, smooth and lots of juicy citrus.

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