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Justin Rose’s caddie calls into question U.S. player’s graciousness at Solheim Cup – GolfWRX

Europe beat the United States 15-13 on Monday to retain the Solheim Cup in a thrilling final at the Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio.

The victory marks Europe’s second victory in America and now means that it has won four of the last six editions of the event.

Here we take a look at each player and rate their performance for the week at Inverness Club.


Céline Boutier: Only Boutier’s three games this week, but his low-key stint in Ohio still resulted in 1.5 points and included a resounding singles victory that put the team’s tail more than latitude. 7

Mathilde Castren: The captain’s choice, and Castren proved why she deserved her place. Has played four games, winning three, including his singles match against Salas, where his clutch putt on the last ensured the cup’s return to Europe. 9

Carlota Ciganda: Hesitated Sunday to lose their singles match, but his narrow four-ball victory on Sunday alongside Koerstz Madsen was vital. 7

Georgia Room: Only 1.5 points out of four possible for Georgia Hall, but was not helped by a face to face Sunday against the best player in the world which she pushed to 18. This is not her best Solheim Cup , but she’s done enough. 7

Charles Hull: Two out of four possible points for the Englishwoman, who thrived as a team with a record 66%. Vital member of the team who has once again proven his worth. 7.5

Nanna Koerstz Madsen: A victory, a loss and a half for the choice of captain including a half point coming out sixth in singles certainly helped those who were further in the standings. 7

Léona Maguire: It might not have been a perfect 5/5 on the scoreboard, but 4.5 out of five possible points for his away debut is exceptional. A phenomenal display, which led her to a landslide 5-4 victory in Monday’s singles. A star is born. ten

Anna Nordqvist: A fearless competitor who is as important to this team as anyone. We went 2 on 3 as a team before taking the lead in Europe and taking a crucial half point to challenge Lexi Thompson once again in the Solheim Cup singles. 8.5

Emily K. Pedersen: Another of the heroes of Europe. Pedersen went 2 for 3 in foursomes and fourballs before stepping out in the anchor match and beating Danielle Kang to ensure her team not only retains the cup but wins it squarely. 9

Sophie Popov: Never started. I played three, I lost them all. In the end, it didn’t matter. 4

Mel Reid: He looked in great shape before being hampered by a nagging injury from Sunday night. Picked up 2.5 out of four possible points and turned out to be the perfect match for Leona Maguire. The singles loss was of no consequence. 8.5

Madeleine Sagström: Went through a nightmarish scenario where his early pickup in Saturday’s four balls cost his team a point. Deserves huge credit for the way she performed and for winning in her singles match to get the W. 7

Captain Catriona Matthews: She secured the captain’s place and made the most of it with her pairs of four balls and foursome, tactically outwitting her opponent. Just the second Team Europe captain to win in the USA 9


Brittany Altomare: The choice of the captain who performed well in a few moments. Lost two of his three tag team games against 18, but recorded a victory in his singles match to end the week with two points out of four possible. 6.5

Austin Ernst: 1.5 points out of four possible, including half a point in singles against the European Koerstz Madsen. A single point in three foursome / fourball games was not enough. 5

Ally Ewing: Another who won 1.5 points in four matches. A fiery Ewing finished second in Monday’s singles, but was outclassed by European Sagstrom. 5

Mina Harigae: Harigae was a captain’s selection who played three games, won one and lost one before Monday’s single, where she was convincingly beaten 5 & 4. 4.5

Danielle Kang: One of the star names in the United States who once again failed to fire. Played four games and picked up only one point. I went out in the anchor match on Monday and lost to make sure Europe won the event. Now has only collected 2 points out of eight possible in his last two Solheim Cups. 4

Megan Khang: Just the three matches for Khang, who got half a point in two team matches before rising and being tallied in the singles to earn his country a point. 6

Jessica Korda: Surprised to see older sister Korda only appear three times, but maybe her early performances dictated it. She lost both of her tag team matches and her singles victory turned out to be mere consolation. Too little, too late for another team leader. 4.5

Nelly Korda: She looked short of energy all week, but still had two points in four games in Ohio. Expect a little more from the world number one, but she’s likely to feel it after a recent grueling spell. 6

Jennifer Kupcho: One of the brightest lights on the American team, Kupcho has collected 2.5 out of 4 possible points. She looked on fire during the fourball / foursome action but, unfortunately for her, ran into a circular saw in the form of Leona Maguire during the singles. 7

Yealimi Noh: A captain’s pick that excelled during her time in Toledo, and her singles victory where she beat the excellent Mel Reid suggests she was underutilized. Only played three times but won two points for the United States 7

Lizette Salas: A solid performance in Ohio for Lizette Salas, who started the week with 2.5 points from three matches in the tag team format. Was beaten in singles action in what turned out to be a crucial and tense affair, but can certainly hold her head high for her week’s efforts. 6.5

Lexi Thompson. Another American star who failed to produce the goods. Lexi has won 1.5 points in her four games and couldn’t get the all-important W when she led the team in Monday’s singles action. Given his skills, stature and experience, it’s hard not to be disappointed with his performance in Ohio. 4.5

Captain Pat Hurst: Has failed to make the most of its star players and, once again, has not been able to come up with a formula for the USA team to embark on team formats. Likely to regret not having used Khang and Noh more. 4.5

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