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Le Mystère: The Best Solutions and Everyday Bras

The Mystery became a household name when none other than Oprah named the Dream Tisha T-Shirt Bra one of her “favorite things” over 15 years ago and ushered in a new era: the Tisha Revolution. the cup of the bra. The brand is still going strong and, while Dream Tisha still anchors the entire collection, Le Mystère has taken two different directions: solution bras and everyday bras.

Today we are looking at solutions because who does not need more than a few of those in his arsenal for special occasions, especially this time of year? “People tend to go to brick-and-mortar stores first to try on these types of bras because they are too specific to take a wild hit,” says Heather Viskovic, high-end buyer of Bare. Necessities. “That’s why we decided to give the product a test drive. We’ve got the job done for you, so you’ll know how to pick the right bra with the best possible fit when you really need it.

Bare it All had three staff members put three solution bras to the test to find out firsthand how they actually work, if they work in the real world, what they’re great for (or not) so awesome) and everything you want to know before you bring home a bra so that it can truly be the answer to your nightly prayers.

Read on for the full scoop and to find a bra that solves some of your problems.

Le Mystère Infinite Possibilities Plunge Push-Up Bra, $ 65, Strips 32-38, BG Cups

This bra is everything go go voom. It’s supposed to be the cleavage-giving solution, but with a really believable, full and rounded shape. Kathleen Stafford, 32C, our Email Marketing Coordinator, gave it a try for three weeks and said this:

“So this bra really ended up doing it for me!” It doesn’t look like a push up bra, but it feels and acts like one. I am petite with an average breast size so I could use the boost. The first days of wearing, I was afraid the cups would be a bit big. I decided to try the crossover strap configuration, one of the many ways to wear it, and it made all the difference! It’s super comfortable, it fits a lot better and it’s definitely the way I’m going to wear it from now on.

Even though I’m not full of breasts, my breasts are shallow, who knew? Thanks, Bra Fit Experts! —And The Mystery hasn’t really been on my bra radar before now (I usually wear Calvin Klein, DKNY, or The Little Bra Company), I was pleasantly surprised when I found a way for the endless possibilities to work for me. It is a gorgeous bra that is beautifully made and offers a cleavage for days. Helloooo, date! “

Le Mystère The Perfect Ten Bra, $ 79, strips 32-38, CG cups

This bra is touted as the ultimate all-in-one multitasking. The lace layer can be worn as a bra, the strapless part can be worn alone and there are 8 other configurations as well. That’s why this bra is supposed to fit any outfit in your wardrobe, whether it’s a halter top, a plunging neckline, or a sheer t-shirt. Too good to be true? We asked business analyst Michelle Kennedy, 34D, for her unrestricted opinion after a month of use:

“The best thing about this bra is its value. I feel like a lot of brands are saying their bras can be worn in different ways, but this one really lives up to it. The best setups for me are the soft cup bra, which is my favorite, the wireless setup, and the “layered” look with the lace on the full cups. The bralette clasp was a bit tricky at first, but I got the hang of it. The brassiere has become my comfy weekend bra, the brassiere is a great special occasion bra that works as well as any regular brassiere and the layered look is like the brassiere but with more support ; that’s how I wear it to work. The layering was something completely new that I had never seen on any bra before. When I first took it out of the box, it was like two bras stacked on top of each other. The mechanism that keeps them together is really cool.

I suggest making sure you are properly measured and fitted correctly before ordering this bra. Since there are so many configurations in one, this is definitely a tighter fit that is less forgiving than some other styles. I hadn’t been fitted for a while and wish I had been before I got this bra as there is little room for adjustments once you put it on. I’m not the biggest fan of a silicone liner either, but I do know there is a need to prevent a strapless bra from slipping; because of this, I found myself wearing the bottom layer less day to day.

Overall, I would say this bra is definitely a wardrobe staple. I could see The Perfect Ten being my answer to my which bra could I wear with this outfit? dilemmas. I liked the plunging bottom, which can be hard to find in a bustier. I also like lace. It’s clear that a ton of engineering went into making this bra, from the extra straps to how the bras fit together. The bra is VERY supportive, even and especially the bralette. I think women above a D cup will love it. Honestly, I still can’t believe the set is much under $ 100. “

Le Mystère Soirée strapless bra, $ 74, 32-40 bands, BH cups

For a strapless bra that won’t let down a big bust, look no further. Our premium brand buyer Heather Viskovic, 36F, just took her on vacation to Miami:

“I’ve been wearing this strapless bra since early summer and most recently on my birthday getaway.

I’m all about off the shoulder dresses – I wore three of them on a four day trip if that tells you how serious I am – and this strapless has supported me day and night without wanting to. tear it off after a few hours.

The truth is, when you wear a 36F like me, you can look heavy and saggy in a bustier if you’re not wearing the right size and fit. The group must tight fit because that’s where all the support comes from, and you also need to be fully encapsulated inside the cups so you don’t have a side bust peeking out. This style ticks both boxes. It’s my night life lifeline.

I usually wear a 34F in UK size bras. Personally, I find The Mystery to run comfortably, so in this bra I’m wearing a 36G.

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Brooke is the editor of this blog here. In a previous life, she was an editor at Good Housekeeping and O, Oprah magazine. Brooke wrote for Charm, Travel + Leisure, New York magazine and more. She enjoys concerts, travel and her exceptionally adorable daughter and husband.




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