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“Life’s a Party! So Let’s Celebrate!” Patrick Starrr x Fashion to Figure’s Collaboration Reveal

Fashionistas! Get out your dancing shoes and turn on the strobe light! We have a reason to celebrate!

Patrick Starrr, digital designer, beauty mogul, actor, facebeater master and social media mega influencer, has teamed up with Fashion to Figure, a leading retailer of women’s clothing and fashion accessories. Her “La vie est une fête” collection is more than sparkling sequins, plunging necklines and glamor, but a reimagined way of thinking, attracting customers to celebrate life every day in style! Letting go of the beloved sweatpants and t-shirt mentality, customers will find the Starrr collection a source of motivation to live and dance no matter what life throws at them this season.

It’s a big win for fashion, “..the first Fashion to Figure capsule designed by a male influencer ”, states the company’s recent press release.

Starrr is delighted with the sincere comments on the project. “This collaboration is an exciting project for me as I work to open doors and encourage inclusion so that all body shapes and sizes, skin types, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation are accepted and represented equally.” .

“Flattering” is the word that best describes this dynamite “Ready to Wear” collection of dresses, jumpsuits and separate pieces. The “party” is in the details of each piece, with carefully selected sequins, rhinestones and metallic elements that will make the wearer shine and feel energized.

The collaboration is truly a marriage between the perfect pieces and the beloved clients of Fashion to Figure. Starrr and Fashion to Figure are proud of this exclusive collection. Starrr’s unique vision, love for fashion, and ability to tap into the hearts of all will surely manifest in huge ways, beyond imagination. Congratulations on this excellent collaboration and addition to the fashion world! This “Starrr” breaks barriers and builds bridges!

Visit www.fashiontofigure.com for this collection now available.




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