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Men’s lingerie has hit the headlines – today Deadgoodundies goes behind the veil to reveal the truth about sexy men’s briefs.

DGU’s men’s underwear experts are following this week’s discussion of whether men’s lingerie is a real fashion trend, or more of a fetish. Deadgoodundies expert Jane Garner, who worked with the lingerie industry for decades before devoting all of her time to the online men’s underwear and swimwear store Deadgoodundies.com, has a new theory on why lace, panties, boxers and bodysuits for transparent and overtly sexy men and more continue to raise eyebrows.

Male lingerie – fashion or fetish?

Jane says, “All lingerie is about the fabric, the sense of indulgence, the extra embellishments, but more about how this underwear feels on your skin and how someone feels when they have it. door.

“Is men’s lingerie trendy or fetish? Well, both and neither. Men’s lace underwear has been around for years and sells well, so it’s not. not new. Maybe in the past men had to borrow from women, but now many international designer collections offer men’s underwear in sensual sheer fabrics, designed to enhance and accentuate the male shape. As women appreciate that “underwear” is for everyday and lingerie is for special occasions (or just to feel special for ALL occasions), men have their own lines.

“What is surprising is that there may be a sense of disapproval or suggestions of double standards about men wearing, for example, lacy briefs or thong underwear, not to mention a photo of man wearing these styles to promote them Men wear silk boxer shorts forever – why is lace or mesh any different?

Is that just bad language?

Jane says, “There are so few useful – and precise – collective names for men’s underwear and there certainly isn’t one that works better than ‘men’s lingerie’ for sexy briefs and boxers. The term lingerie sounds more glamorous, more exciting than boring. Old “underwear” but that’s just the French word for underwear. To say lingerie involves so much more sparkle, more suggestion, and more than a hint of boudoir … “

Which brands are best for men’s lingerie?

Deadgoodundies.com has several brands that offer sheer lace and mesh underwear, sexy form underwear for men, and wider interpretations of sultry briefs including faux leather, soft chainmail, revealing cuts like trendy jockstraps, portholes and peekaboo patterns. All-in-one male bodies straddle the divide as well, whether in strictly reasonable cotton underwear combinations, or through second-skin pieces or strappy swimsuits.

Some of DGU’s bestsellers for sexy briefs in the men’s lingerie category include Andrew Christian, Joe Snyder, Manstore, Cut 4 Men, HOM, Modus Vivendi and Doreanse. Each line has its own take on the concept, ranging from wicked fun (Andrew Christian), levels of enhancement (Joe Snyder, Cut 4 Men) to understated sophistication (HOM Temptation), true lingerie accents (Manstore) and some interesting interpretations of that pure / sexy appeal (Modus Vivendi).

Who wears male lingerie briefs?

Jane smiles: “You would be surprised. Our lips are sealed.

Read more about the men’s lingerie debate in the latest article from TheIndustry.Fashion and in national newspapers in the UK.


You will never know who is wearing men’s lingerie, unless they let you see.

In the photo, the Floral Lace Classic and Tanga briefs from Modus Vivendi and which, with their Floral Lace Low Cut briefs, are available in black or ivory.


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