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Nationals Release Derek Dietrich, Blake Swihart

The Nationals released the utility Derek dietrich and receiver / fielder corner Blake swihart, Relays Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post. Both players were with their main affiliate in Rochester after signing deals with the minor leagues this year.

Dietrich started the year with the Triple-A club of the Yankees, posting a bizarre but productive line of .215 / .413 / .393 in 143 appearances at home plate. While the left-hander hit a massive 32.2% clip and posted that low batting average, he walked in a fantastic 18.9% of his home plate appearances and struck for decent enough power. When the Yankees did not select him from the major league roster, Dietrich triggered an opt-out in his contract and secured his release in early July.

He hooked up with the Nationals on another juvenile deal soon after, but his time with the Washington organization didn’t go well. Over 160 home plate appearances with the Red Wings, Dietrich collapsed to a .121 / .270 / .212 line, with his walk rate more than halved from his time in the Yankees’ system. Now he’s going to hit the open market and look for another opportunity. Dietrich hasn’t appeared in majors this season, but he saw big-league action with the Marlins, Reds and Rangers from 2013-2020.

Swihart hasn’t appeared in the majors for two seasons. A unique prospect in the Red Sox system, Swihart always came with a few defensive question marks behind the plate, but he was expected to be a high-end offensive player. However, he never quite found his home base in the majors, hitting .243 / .301 / .355 in 696 home plate appearances between Boston and the 2015-19 D-Backs. Signed to a deal with the miners in January, left-hander Swihart had a mark of .198 / .299 / .339 in 204 home plate appearances at Rochester.




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