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OFFICE loves Converse // Muslim Sisterhood + The ‘Earthy Tones’ Pack

Muslim brotherhood is an artistic collective working through the creative arts to create an inclusive community centered on Muslim women and non-binary Muslims. It was founded via Instagram by Lamisa khan and artists Zeinab Saleh and Sara gulamali. The collective’s work has been highlighted by publications such as Vogue, Dazed, Creative Review and The Photoworks Annual.

Khaoula (she / she) is a writer and podcaster. His work explores the intersections of culture, identity and religion. Find her in good shape with her Muslim kickboxing team.

Sarara (she / she) is studying interior design and space in London while being an active photographer, illustrator and jewelry designer. Spot her in the park relaxing with her great food and best friends.

Laura (she / she) is a journalist, inspired by her love for all things culture and music that she wrote for Galdem and GUAP. She is a passionate foodie in her spare time and loves R&B.

We caught up with the creatives to find out how their style allows them to then create.

Khaoula, wearing the Converse All Star High ‘Earthy Tones’.

What inspires you about Create Next for your community?

My community is filled with an incredible array of stories, cultures and talents. Yet sometimes it is difficult to get the impression that your community is represented and celebrated, especially in the media. I create with the goal of inspiring the next generation of young people in my community to feel represented and imagine endless possibilities of what they can accomplish

How does your style allow you to Create Next?

Feeling good about what I wear has been an essential part of my creative journey. In the tough times when I feel like I lack confidence, a good outfit has always been what gives me the momentum to reach new heights. If I am at my best, I know that I can be and create the best!

How does your faith influence your style?

I believe that faith informs a lot about how I dress and how I wish to dress in the future Insha Allah. My faith is part of my identity, and that means modesty plays a big part in it. It played a very important role in my journey.

What do you want to create next? (literally or figuratively)

I want to create works of which I am proud, which represent my community, my heritage and my faith in a positive and festive light.

Who do you want to create with next?

Some of the best experiences I have had so far have been with the collaboration, support and mentorship of other Muslim women. I would love to continue creating works that celebrate and uplift my community and hopefully inspire the next generation to create the next.

Sara, wearing the All Star High Lift ‘Earthy Tones’.

What inspires you about Create Next for your community?

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by an amazing Muslim woman, my friends, family, culture and education inspire my work.

How does your style allow you to Create Next?

I use the way I dress to express my creativity and my personality. As a Muslim woman, my style is central to my modesty and also serves as a way of representing myself and the community to which I belong.

How does your faith influence your style?

As a visible Muslim, I am a walking and speaking representation, whether I like it or not. Often people have a preconceived idea of ​​what I am. Seeing other people who dress like me and come from similar education is important because it reminds me that being a Muslim is a blessing and that I am not alone. The way I dress is a constant reminder of my faith and trust in Allah.

What do you want to create next? (literally or figuratively)

As a spatial designer, I am always interested in space and the individuals and communities that occupy them. I am currently really in spaces that have intimate and personal meanings, it is my goal to create spaces that center my community and uplift them.

Who do you want to create with next?

I love to create with like-minded people who understand the intersections of my identity. Be part of creative collectives like Muslim brotherhood is so important because it allows us to work in industries that don’t traditionally include us and gives us control over our own narratives. This is when I feel most inspired because I can be creative without any inhibitions.

Laura, wearing the Run Star Hike ‘Earthy Tones’.

What inspires you about Create Next for your community?

My peers, to witness a growing community of fearless and ambitious young teens and young adults investing in their talents, setting the odds against them is what drove me to write in the first place and continues to inspire my job.

How does your style allow you to Create Next?

My style gives me a sense of individuality and identity, feeling good about what I wear gives me a boost of confidence to express myself freely and take center stage in my own little note – even if it is. is right when I am working behind the screen.

How does your faith influence your style?

For me, Muslim representation is about fearlessly navigating spaces that other Muslims, especially Muslim women, may think they don’t belong to. of comfort and familiarity at a time when we have faced endless prejudices. As we move forward in society, I hope to see more to allow us to have access to the same spaces as everyone else.

What do you want to create next? (literally or figuratively)

I want to report on stories that feel personal to me and all parts of my identity as I recently went through a period of soul-searching and had the chance to really connect with my background and where I come from. I would like to cover stories that showcase my African descent, my Islamic foundation, my experiences as a young woman. More than anything, I would love to create or be part of larger projects that aim to showcase individuals who deserve to be discovered and shared with the world.

Who do you want to create with next?

I would love to have the chance to work with more women who come from the same communities as me, both ethnic and religious communities in the creative industry. I think being in a room with inspiring women working together on something that we’re all passionate about would be such a dream and hopefully something that will happen in the near future.

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And see more of the story on Instagram @officeshoes!





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