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I am very exited to share my updated kitchen with you today! If you want to see where we started, you can read my original Kitchen Tour blog post here.

When we first moved into this house the kitchen was truly captivating. I loved the detail of the woodwork, the wall-to-wall windows in the dining area and the island in the center of the kitchen. However, I never liked the island’s wooden top, and it was in pretty bad shape when we moved in.

Our guess is that this was the original cherry wood counter from the time the previous owners built the house. I liked that it looked different from granite on outdoor countertops, but the wood was a bit picky for my liking and had a wavy, uneven finish, which made it difficult to sit a cutting board well on the surface.

In January of this year, we started the process of replacing the counters. We’ve also enlarged the island a bit, making it wider and several inches longer so that it fits the space better. Originally we could only fit 3 bar stools on the island, and now we can fit 4 chairs and two backless stools.

The selection of the counter was difficult for several reasons. First of all, I wanted to keep all of the other elements in the kitchen the same. I loved the cabinets, the color of the island cabinets, the color of the walls and the pendant lights above the island. The only thing I wanted to change were the countertops, and I needed to find a lighter material that still had warmth.

But I didn’t want it to look yellow or gold.

I walked through about 4 different warehouses with slabs of marble, quartz, quartzite, porcelain and granite. The designer I worked with was with me, and we placed pieces of my backsplash, as well as faces of the two cabinet colors, against the slabs to see how the colors fit together. My eye kept turning to marble or porcelain, but after speaking with my designer I knew that quartzite or quartz was going to be the best choice for what I wanted.

And after walking through walkways and slab walkways, I finally found the perfect quartzite for this kitchen. It’s called Mumtaz, and we were able to secure 3 slabs for the new size of the island as well as the outdoor counters.

The process of preparing the kitchen for the new countertops was fairly straightforward, and after the installation of the new posts and construction, the old countertops were removed and the new hardware was installed.

This all happened on the evening of a dinner party with my team, so I came home at the end of the night to what looked like a brand new kitchen. It was really exciting!

Just replacing the counters made everything look new. It made the colors look fresher and brighter, and the kitchen felt like it had doubled in size. It’s pretty amazing what color and light can do in a room.

I was so happy with how it looked, and also very happy that I was able to keep much of the existing kitchen at the same time.

It’s always like a treat Everytime I walk into the kitchen and love how we were able to use the space exactly as I hoped: with people gathered around the island and plenty of space to sit, eat and hang out. time together!

Questions and answers:

One. What else have you changed? Nothing! We have moved the pendants to be re-centered as the size of the island has changed, but otherwise nothing else has moved. We considered adding a third light but I’m really glad we didn’t. We were also able to reuse our sink.

Of them. Why did you paint the same colors? Love the colors, but our walls were pretty covered in dents, scratches, and previously filled nail holes. The previous owners had also hung heavy curtains in the breakfast nook so when we took them off there was a lot of fixing to be done. The walls just needed to be refreshed.

Three. What’s your favorite part? The Island. I’m so happy with the size and I love being able to serve the kids a meal or snack and then sit on a stool at the end of the island with them.

Four. Have you needed to redo all of your floors since they moved the island poles? We were recommended to do so, but refused. I knew the two places that needed to be touched up were going to be under the chairs that were under the island, so I wasn’t too concerned about a perfect match. The ground crew did a good job of getting him as close as possible!

Five. Where did you find the shelf next to the oven? Click here for the link, I really like it.

Six. Do you have any links or information on your kitchen details? See below!

To paint: the walls are Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki flat, the trim is Sherwin Williams Creamy semi-gloss, the ceiling is 50% Universal Khaki flat.

Counters: Quartzite at Mumtaz. The island has a miter finish to make it thicker than outdoor countertops.

Other: The pendant lights above the island, the kitchen table, the island chairs, the island stools, the rug in front of the sink are sourced from Target (cannot be found online!)

Cabinetmaking information: The perimeter cabinets are called Crystal White, with a brushed Chai glaze. The island cabinets are Heirloom stoneware with a coffee glaze. These colors are Conestoga wood colors and not paint colors. The sandstone looks abandoned, but you can see Crystal White here!


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