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Period underwear review (VLOG)

Yes, we are talking about period panties.

We hope today’s vlog is of use to you.

Before we are it is not sponsored.

We bought all the vintage underwear with our own money and we just share them for those who want to know if they are worth it or not.

The opinions and points of view are our own.

We tried 3 brands. And it’s fun since we’ve been working on this post in the last 2 days we’ve seen more brands of this type of period panties.

But these are the ones we felt called to try when we did our first round of research in 2019.

If you are tired of unnecessary tampons and pads, menstrual underwear might be a great option for you.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

As we mentioned in the video, we were personally curious about period panties and didn’t want to keep adding to the waste of tampons and pads that get thrown away every month.

Menstrual underwear protects you from leaks and offers a more durable option for women who don’t want to use tampons or pads.

YAY! It’s us, and you?

Most brands have bundles where you can save money, and companies have sales too, so sign up for their newsletters and look for them.

All brands have a variety of styles and blood flow ranges.

As we said in the video, our periods are heavy on the first day and sometimes on the second. But then becomes really light.

These work for our feed.

And all three are easy to wash.

It’s a bit disgusting at first to flush the blood out, but then you get used to it.

The 3 brands of vintage underwear that we tested:

1 – Thinx – This one we heard a lot about on social media, then finally decided to buy some. It was the first guy we bought.

2 – Luna pads, but now called Period Aisle – We haven’t tried the newer ones because they have changed since we bought them.

3 – Joyja – This is the last one we tried and found this company after doing more research after the whole Thinx issue (details on this below).

We are aware that there are many more vintage brands to choose from these days.

Crazy. Maybe we’ll try some more, but for now it all works.

What do we think of the brands:

1 – Thin – Even with the material issues, the underwear works great.

There have been claims that the Thinx material is unsafe.

You can read more here –

Thinx responds to a report complaint

Another article on Menstrual Thinx understands that there are toxic chemicals in the crotch

And one more on Thinx denying the allegations

Hard to see this happen, which looks like a good business.

Do your own research and decide what you want to do.

Overall, we still wear them mainly because we have them, and we don’t feel like throwing money away when it works.

We also love the way they are fighting for better access to puberty education and the underwear donation.

2 – Luna Pads (Away period now) – all in all, I love the idea, that it is enough to change the interior liner, but personally we did not feel comfortable. They are bulkier and do not adjust as easily. The liner bends a lot. Having said that, it still works. We never had a leak, even overnight.

3 – Joyja – This one is our favorite. It is quite similar to Thinx in terms of offerings and fit.

I love the way they give panties to someone in need every time you buy.

Now for the styles we purchased:

From the classic Thinx line:

Cheeky – overall it works it’s a tight fit on the body. The price $ 30. The size we have is XS.

String – worked great for lighter days. We tend to wear them in our last 2 days. The price $ 24. The size we have is XS.

Hiphuggers – this style is our favorite. Very comfortable and works great. The price $ 34. Size XS.

Then from the Thinx cotton line:

Cotton thong – again overall good, fine. The price $ 24. Size XS.

Cotton bikini – very comfortable and fits well. The price $ 32. Size XS

Moon :

The styles we have are no longer offered.

They have a new variety and a style that it looks like now.

I am not sure to try as we are happy with the Joyja brand.

By Joyja :

Emily – shortie – this one is our favorite. Good for heavy and moderate flows. We love the feel and the fit is great and so comfortable. $ 25. Small size.

Olivia hipster – our second favorite. Good for moderate flow. $ 25. Small size.

Alice – breezy palms – we can’t seem to find this one exactly on their site, maybe it was a limited edition or something. But they have other Alice colors. We love the fit. It is comfortable and comfortable overall. Good for moderate flow. $ 25. Small size.

For lighter days we have 2 strings from Joyja:

Lily $ 20 – Small

Léa – $ 20 – Small.

Between the two, we like the Lily the best. We find it more suitable.

Overall, we love the idea of ​​period panties. We don’t feel disgusting in them, although at first it was an adjustment. But with each period it got easier and easier and honestly we don’t really see ourselves going back to tampons and pads.

Menstrual underwear is great for those of us who want reusable and durable sanitary products.

But as we mentioned in the video, the only downside is traveling. We are not sure they are good if you have to travel as you do not always have access to a washing machine.

Let us know your thoughts on menstrual underwear. Have you tried any?

We hope our little girl cat has helped you.

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