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Plus Size Beach Vacation Outfits

For most of us, packing for a beach vacation takes a little thought. Since one of those thoughts is, “It would be a lot easier if I had time to go shopping,” we should be having this conversation whether or not you’re planning a trip to the beach next month. . Don’t worry, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe to hit the beach for a week. But you might want to treat yourself to a few pieces that will make your wardrobe a little more seaside.

But first, a word about beach bodies.

Allegra in a red and white print camp shirt

The only thing you need to do to get your body ready for the beach is to apply some sunscreen.

Imagine me shouting this on a Facebook post and you’ll get a pretty accurate picture of me for most of the spring. For realities, however. If someone even gives you a little sidelong glance while you’re on the beach, I want you to wave at the ice cream vendor and eat the offender’s ice cream sandwich. Maybe you make up a little song about how you have tasty ice cream and they have body issues.

What’s “beachy” anyway?

Imagine all of us standing in front of our open closet trying to figure out what to pack for our beach vacation. There must be something in there that is sufficiently beachy. We are talking about bright colors, light and relaxed colors. Your black pants are not going to cut it at the beach. I know this because I was wearing black cropped pants while visiting a friend in Orlando and came out like a sore thumb.

Let’s pack our bags

What exactly you take with you depends on your personal taste and how much skin you like to show off. As always, you do it yourself. But here are a few pieces that you might want to take to the beach.

Allegra in a blue print dress

A caftan. Or several caftans. If you can’t wear a kaftan at the beach, where can you do it? They are comfortable and so stylish. Wear a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses to complete the look. If nothing else, consider wearing a kaftan as a blanket on the way to the beach.

Casual dresses. Easy, airy and beautiful.

Short pants. So much more comfortable and practical than shorts.

Camp shirt, flared cardigan or kimono jacket. They move beautifully in the breeze and look so much nicer than the windbreaker you grab when the evening gets chilly.

Sleeveless shell, sleeveless tunic, short sleeve tunic. Obviously. The swimsuit is perfect in hot weather. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Transparent topper. At some point in your beach vacation, you might want to dine out at a restaurant or invite friends over, or – there are plenty of reasons you might want to be a little more dressed in the evenings. Slip on a sheer cardigan or printed feather duster and your daytime outfit will be instantly chic.

And when you get home?

You can also wear each of these pieces outside the range. Separate rooms can go to the office, the sheer top is great for parties, and the kaftan and dresses are great for lounging and looking fabulous (or throwing a party yourself).

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