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Protect our planet with your choices — even something like grabbing a bottle can make an impact! –



There is a popular saying among winegrowers that goes: “a good wine begins in the vineyard”. Indeed, the world of wine is centered on the notion of terroir. Terroir is how the climate, soils, and terrain of a particular region affect the taste of wine. No two wine regions are the same. There can be a myriad of differences between two wineries side by side!

The terroir also takes into consideration the impact of the human hand. Winemakers influence wine in different ways. This includes vine training, irrigation practices, canopy management, and pest control. The role of the winemaker is similar to that of a chef when he is provided with ingredients: the result depends on skill. For Kind of Wild Wines, the secret to getting the best results is to respect Mother Nature’s gifts and not disturb them unnecessarily. For us, it all starts at the source: the soil.

Better fruit for better wine

Kind of Wild founders Adam and Jordan Sager seek out organic produce and other natural foods to support their families. It was a natural transition to bring their passion for all things organic into the philosophy of winemaking. That is why Kind of Wild is committed to using exclusively organically grown grapes to produce our high quality wines. Kind of Wild donates at least 1% of its sales to organizations such as Kiss the ground + Foundation for Research in Organic Agriculture that support the expansion of organic and regenerative agriculture.

Wines made around the world for your lifestyle

It’s time to taste wines that align with your values and can join you on your fitness trail! Kind of Wild has spent years crafting wines that aren’t just made from organic grapes and grown using sustainable agriculture practices, but are also the the most remarkable wines the land has to offer. Kind of Wild is a collection of global wine discoveries dedicated to rewilding the planet. They partner with the best producers around the world who cultivate healthy soils to craft premium wines, lovingly produced and certified organic.

Build your favorite pack of 3

This lively Grüner Veltliner comes from a young dynamic multigenerational family winemaker in Austria. Racy and exotic, with a deep golden color and aromas of sunny citrus, schist and limestone. The palate shows lemony notes, racy acidity and white pepper spices. It will transport you to the Alps and make you yodel from the top of the hills during your après-ski.

Kind of Wild discovered this distinctively chic Rosé from a 3rd generation female winegrower in the south of France. It is truly a Mediterranean experience – superbly fresh, with energy and verve. There are layers of watermelon, cherry and strawberry, accented by hints of rose petal and minerality. It will make you dream that you are sailing on the riviera as you soak up a silhouette of a pink sunset glittering on clear waters.

  • Malbec-cabernet-sauvignon

It is an honor to present this deep red but fruity blend from the Argentinian pioneers of sustainable viticulture and socially responsible winemaking. It has a concentrated purple core with a magenta edge and explodes with layers of violets, blackberry jam and fresh herbs. The palate is rich and generous with an exceptional fruity balance, as well as lots of spices and tannins on the finish tinged with cocoa and espresso. Your palate will tango as you contemplate your next move.

When you choose Kind of Wild wines, you are buying more than wine. You support producers and winegrowers around the world who believe in creating a sustainable wine industry by improving soil health, decreasing soil erosion, keeping natural waters free of chemicals and making an impact. positive and sustainable on the local ecosystem. We believe in supporting these producers and winegrowers; we can encourage others to embrace organic and regenerative agriculture. It’s a huge victory – more respectful of the planet, leading to more choices of quality wines that are kindly sourced and more respectful of you.

Together we can help Mother Earth while enjoying a glass of something Kind of Wild.


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