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Reader Survey results – What are your top factors for underwear – Underwear News Briefs



Today we are going to see what are your main factors in choosing new underwear. We asked you about several topics and here’s how you answered. It was one of those long questions where you had to assess a lot of different criteria.

This one was obvious. The material is very important to all of us. I think he was the only one who didn’t answer “Not important”. Good material is essential when choosing underwear.

This is how underwear is cut. Is it comfortable, are the legs too tight or too loose. Yet another very important thing for you guys.

Another important issue is the fit and how the underwear conforms to your body. We all know that some styles may not suit us so well.

About half of you really think the cover is very important. I fall into this camp. There is nothing worse than a pocket that is too big or too small. Or for this fact too loose. Does he have to offer incredible support or really what’s the point?

One of the biggest issues we hear in underwear is the size inconsistency between brands and countries. It is also very important to you guys. You really need to know which brands are small and which are bigger. Although it seems that most run smaller. Plus, what brands only go up to 36 inches in size!

We all have a favorite style, a thong, a bikini, a jock, a brief. When choosing new underwear, we look to these pairs and novelties.

It was another who shocked me. I thought more of you would be more concerned with the color than answering. I thought that would be one of the main criteria. But it’s prob in the middle of the pack.

Another one, eh? This one is by far, somewhat important, which is in the middle of the road. Some of you that I know are not very price sensitive. If you want it, you will buy it. But, many more of us are very price sensitive.

I think sex appeal is one of those depending on the situation. If we take underwear for work it’s more functional, but if it’s fun or if it’s a date, we want it to be super sexy. It’s just my thought

Are the pair fashionable? Some of you do and some of you do and some of you don’t.

The last is the construction of the pair, basically, the quality of its workmanship. It’s important to you guys, but not what I thought you might like.


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