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Reader Survey results – What influences your buying – Underwear News Briefs



Ok guys, what or who influences your purchases? The first thing we asked was does your partner influence your underwear? Well, almost 50% say NO! I think most partners don’t go into underwear as much as we do. There are a few who love it and get it, but I think we wear what we feel sexy and not what our partners think is sexy.

I’m always curious if the brand’s emails are influencing you. I subscribe to discover the novelties of the market. It’s probably my best way of knowing when things are going. If you have a favorite brand, I suggest you subscribe to their mailing list to be informed of the latest news, even if you buy it from an online store.

We write newspaper articles and we have them long and short. I’m always curious what you think of them. Glad to see they are useful. but the majority of you find a little less value. So that reminds me of the content of the site. This will certainly have an impact on the future.

This one makes me sadder than surprised. This reaffirms that you don’t talk about underwear with your friends. I have several friends that I regularly talk to in my underwear. I think we need to work on that and make the guys feel comfortable talking about the underwear they like or a new pair that’s coming out.

It’s interesting. I swear reviews were much higher in the past. Almost 40% find reviews to be either a good deal or very important in influencing decisions. It’s another one of those things that makes me wonder if it’s something guys like but don’t realize they like. Hmmm

It’s something I’ve been feeling for a while. In some industries influencers drive traffic and sales but I don’t think underwear social influencers drive that much. Guys love to see hot guys in their underwear, but does that translate into sales. In your opinion, not at all.

Ok guys, it makes me feel better. You read and love underwear blogs. I know a lot has gone to IG and other social platforms. But I think a blog will still be there and the guys will want to read and see what’s new in underwear.

This should come because no surprise prices influence the purchases. I know the whole sale compared to the regular price. In addition, new pairs and lines are generally more expensive than those that have been around for a while. If you’re like me on a budget for underwear, you’ll see what’s out there and plan your money for it.

The last is selling. It was obvious and you did what I think. If it’s a good sale, you’ll buy. If it’s a bad sale, you won’t. Years ago we had a brand that wanted to promote with us and offered us a 10% discount. I told them it wouldn’t move the needle. They insisted and we launched it and there was a sale with the code, one that I made! To be truly effective, it must be 20% or more.

This slide makes me so happy. I am happy to know that I have influenced 70% of you to buy something. I LOVE the underwear and really want to share that love with you guys. So it means a lot that you feel like you received some value from UNB.

Another difficult slide to read! But see the numbers below. None of this really surprised me

Brief distraction 22%
Interview with the brand 15%
Interview with the model 8%
Write news 22%
none of these answers 1%
Meet again 64%
Social media posting 23%
UNB Reader’s Award 8%
UNB Swimwear Guide ten%


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