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Reader Survey Results – Where do you guys buy undies – Underwear News Briefs



Ok, where do you buy your underwear. In approaching this, I would place my bets on the fact that online stores are king with branded sites. I know that underwear stores are not widespread outside of the big cities. But I still like to know where you like to shop. You shop on the brand’s website quite often.

You see, you also like online stores. This one is very question that very few will ever answer.

Specialty stores I consider underwear stores. Like I said, it’s not something most guys have access to too. I would like that to change so that the lower numbers don’t surprise me. I mean, if all the guys had a Skivies in Dallas, we’d all be in Heaven.

In the 90s, department stores had big brands. However, in the 2020s and outside of CK most department store underwear is a bit basic in my opinion. They are addressed to the masses and we are not the masses. They don’t have a lot of thongs or bikinis.

This is another area that is not what it used to be. TJ Max and Marshalls were once an amazing underwear heaven. I remember scoring CK thongs and bikinis back then. But now it’s mostly boxers and tight whites.

This slide made me happy. Few of you buy your underwear at discount stores like Target etc. Granted, sometimes Target has good underwear, it’s all or nothing.

I’m surprised more of you don’t buy cheap underwear or other deals sites. I think the most consistent deal site is Inexpensive Underwear. Others have come and gone.

This is an interesting slide because I was curious about who buys underwear on Amazon. It’s more than I thought. They have such restrictive rules for underwear. Most of the sexiest pairs should be shown without a model. It’s boring, that’s why I like to stick with other online underwear stores


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