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Reader Survey Results – Where do you wear swimwear styles – Underwear News Briefs



Ok, now the good stuff, what styles do you wear in each situation? This is one of my favorite poll questions. I think I carried memories to everything on this list. But to start, we asked about a public swimming pool; most of you wear swim shorts, some wear swim trunks, but very few wear thongs. I was hoping the briefs were more than what you answered.

I am not the biggest fan of the lakes. Long story, and I won’t bore you with it, but the beach is much better by the lake if you are in Chicago. Again, you are wearing swim shorts, and the only surprising thing is that the swim briefs and swim shorts are tied up! Here in Atlanta we have Lake Lanier and Gay Creek where the boys go in speedos and flip flops and hang out on boats. But it seems most of you are looking to the lakes in a conservative way.

Now I thought the briefs would exceed the photos for the beach but no you wear swim shorts at the beach but swim briefs are growing. In addition, the beaches are very friendly. More guys need to rock them at the beach.

We finally have swim briefs on the top. If you go to a private resort, like a gay resort, one in Mexico, etc., you will pull out the swim trunks and have fun. It’s by a big margin too. I am very happy to see this result. It is also one of the first places where men wear swim trunks; we heard from several people that they felt comfortable and rocked them there and continued to wear them afterwards.

Private pools are pretty much all that happens: the slip and thong rule. According to the pool, if you’re like some of my friends, you start out in a swimsuit and then lose it all day long. But, I think more guys are comfortable wearing smaller styles around their friends than in public.

Finally, the private tan. This means by yourself or in a tanning booth. More guys are wearing underpants or thongs. You want the great tan lines. Personally, I love a swim brief tan line, but I can see that more of you want this thong tan line.


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