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Sexy Bras to Sports Bras – Dana Tosk Finds Her Fit

Dana Tosk, 37, has always been busty. “But even when I was younger, they were very sagging. After breastfeeding three children for a year each, they were the breasts of an 80-year-old woman. I’m pretty fit and happy with my body at this point in my life, and wanted my breasts to match the rest of me, ”she told Bare Necessities.

It was then that she made an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Bra Fit Expert Kristyn

About to begin training to become a yoga instructor, Dana has been focusing on health and fitness in recent years. she trains six days a week. Now fully recovered from having undergone an augmentation, Dana suddenly needed any type of bra.

“My biggest complaint is that when I bend over my breasts sag. I always seem to tuck the girls in. I want to be held back and not have to worry about them. Specifically, I need a good sports bra to support my chest while I exercise without straining my neck. And would it be too much to ask for a bra not to pinch my back fat? Smooth and seamless all around would be great.

Dana had been in Target and Victoria’s Secret 34DDs: “I admit I’m part of the problem. I buy cheap bras, and they suck. I haven’t been measured since my raise either, so I really don’t know my height. I would like an expert to tell me what I’m doing wrong and help me feel more comfortable.

Like, say, Bra Fit Expert Kristyn.

A mother of three young children herself, Kristyn sympathized with Dana’s changes in figure. She measured Dana on the phone and found her to be a 32DDD.

“While technically it’s the sister size of the 34DDs you’re already in, the tighter band will give you the lift you need,” explained Kristyn, who prioritized finding support- more supportive sports bra (farewell, stretchy XLs) and stepped-up bras for the rest of the day. “Dana always wears t-shirt bras because that was all she could wear before implants. She hasn’t made the mental leap yet. I want to show her how to adjust to her new figure. . Her breasts are slightly apart, so I would love to try to bring them closer. And I would love to see her in something a little sexier since she has these awesome new tits!

Dana was all about it: “I paid for them dearly, so I want them to look good!”

Camio Mio lace balconette bra

After dispatching the first set of trials, Dana and Kristyn were vibrating.

For the everyday of the week, the new trendy Camio Mio lace balconette bra, exclusive to Bare Necessities, fits like it’s tailor-made for Dana. Stabilizing straps and lightweight foam cups trimmed with very contemporary lace solved its overflow, softness and comfort issues and tucked her breasts in and up as Kristyn hoped with a bra.

When it came to sexy, Freya kept getting noticed. The thin but intricate construction Freya Fancies Plunge Balcony bra that Kristyn turned to initially looked super hot while lifting and supporting at the same time.

On the sports bras front, “I don’t think Dana even realized they come in bra sizes,” Kristyn said. “She was wearing a style of sweater that was way too big to fit her chest, but what she gained in ability she lost in support.” Instead, she found Dana’s perfect fit in the Anita Air Control Wireless Sports Bra. “While this is function, it also happens to suit him well.”

“Everything you sent me is cute and comfortable. I wear cotton t-shirt bras and sports bras every day… I’m not used to such beautiful bras! It’s nice to feel beautiful, ”Dana wrote.

Anita Air Control Wireless Sports Bra

“They are all wonderful! Dana said of her bras on the day of her photoshoot. “The sports bra is super supportive and very comfortable. The one in black lace shapes me perfectly and is so sexy. The pink push-up makes girls look cheerful without knocking them down when I bend over.

But getting into the hands of an expert was Dana’s greatest aha! moment of everything: “Kristyn was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. The bras she chose right away were the ones that fit her the best. Talking with her was an education. She was educating her. explained to me what was wrong with my old bra size, then sent me exactly what I wanted and checked it was ok. It was much nicer to try on bras- throat in the comfort of my bedroom than in a dimly lit mall walk-in closet. Making what I didn’t like was a breeze, and I found four bras that work for my life.

Kristyn couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of this bra makeover: “I hope she ditches t-shirt bras for good and stick to sexy support!” “

Camio Mio lace balconette bra
Freya fantasies plunging balcony
Anita Air Control Wireless Sports Bra

Let us take care of your bra issues as well. Call a Bra Fit expert at 877-728-9272 x4 or chat through barenecessities.com.

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