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Shopping For Old Navy Plus Size Clothing Just Became More Inclusive

You can now buy plus size Old Navy clothing in stores up to size 28 and online up to size 30.


Old Navy is finally joining the program and eliminating the separation of its plus size clothing in-store and online. They have listened to consumers and will now carry all styles for women in sizes 0-30 online and 0-28 in store. by really making a mark size included.

This month they presented their new #Bodequality campaign and called it a fashion revolution.

plus size old navy clothing is available up to size 30

While this is great news for the plus size community, it shouldn’t be seen as revolutionary. Really, this should be considered the norm. Especially since the plus size fashion the industry is a multi-billion dollar business. And the average height of an American woman is a size 16.

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However, I think the decision to be more inclusive is long overdue. And Old Navy agrees. In an instagram post, Old Navy says,

“From today, you no longer have to dig into a special section or not be able to go shopping with your best friends. It’s time to do what we’ve always had to do and completely revolutionize the shopping experience. Now in every store, online wherever you find us, you will find all sizes, all styles, at the same price.

plus size old navy clothing is available up to size 30

To kick off their inclusive size campaign, Old Navy called on actress / comedian Aidy Bryant and tall influencers to promote the #Bodequality initiative.

This new campaign gives tall shoppers the experience of walking into a store and being able to find their size. Without going to a whole other section of the store. Which is normally in the back or in the basement. Women of all sizes can now shop together.

If you prefer to buy the plus size Old Navy online, you will notice that all items are sizes 0 to 30 without you having to click on the plus size category for women.

Old Navy’s size-inclusive fashion revolution falls short

With this new launch or should I say ‘fashion revolution’, many plus size consumers in the Old Navy feel like they’ve missed their message of bodily equality.

And here’s why some plus size customers dispute the misleading size inclusive message.

-Although they offer up to size 30, unfortunately size 30 can only be purchased online. If you are going to have the 28 in store why not add size 30?

-If you are going to preach #Bodequality, the campaign visuals do not feature plus size models or influencers from the size 24-30 range.

Below are some comments from tall women left below the Old Navy campaign launch post on Instagram.

In response to complaints that a size 30 was not included in stores, Old Navy responded to a commenter with the following: “Size 30 will be available online as we launch our new experience, but we are always listening and bringing information to our management team. “

I think this new shopping experience is necessary. For many taller buyers this is a win. Being able to go to the store and find a size 26 and 28. Even being able to shop online and get a size 30.

However, Old Navy is unlikely to follow suit. I say make size 30 available in store. Also use large plus size models. How can you come up with larger sizes without using models that reflect that size.

If you haven’t seen the #Bodequality campaign go to OldNavy.com to view the campaign and the new sizing arrangement.

What do you think about the fact that Old Navy plus size clothing is available up to size 30 online and 28 in stores?




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