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size? sessions x Nike at our Carnaby Street Store – an interview with Teezee

To celebrate the release of the cult Nike Air Max BW silhouette, we decided to partner with the brand to welcome a size? sessions. Being a figure that was favored among the iconic London grime scene, we thought our size? Carnaby Street Store would be the ideal location to host this event. For sessions of this size, we wanted to combine OG Nike Air Max BW nostalgia with an impressive roster of rising musicians. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the artists included in this event …


Originally from Lagos and often present in London, Teezee is an artist who takes serious steps. A new figurehead in portraying the musical and cultural synergy between Nigeria and the UK, Teezee is set to release her much-publicized debut, including feature films with BackRoad Gee, Lancey Foux, Santi, Pa Salieu and more. Additionally, Teezee was recently featured on Skepta’s latest track, “Peace of Mind,” a grail-like mark of respect for an emerging artist, especially one who openly turns to BBK for inspiration. Are we super excited to have this artist on the list for our size? Carnaby street show – we don’t speak lightly when we say this is a must-see set.

New World Ray

A rapidly rising star, New World Ray hails from London’s rich music scene, delivering a unique sound that is sure to gain traction around the world. His latest summer outing with Uglymoss – ‘Yingani’ – shows his sound evolving into something massive, showcasing a rich combination of vibrant beats, hypnotic melodies, and fearless expression. With a slew of other releases in 2021, the artist says he’s here to stay and take control of the stage. With that in mind, was it a privilege to invite him to prune? Carnaby Street for a massive ensemble – we can’t wait to show it to you.


Vivendii – a name inspired by Latin for “our way of life” – is a collective from London and Lagos, made up of Jimmy Ayeni, Ola Badiru and Anthony Oye. Hailed as a punk fashion collective, this collective started off as a blog, as they produce Y2K-inspired clothing and make music and DJs under the pseudonym Vivendii Sound. Intending to represent the youth of Nigeria – globally – Vivendii is rapidly expanding across multiple creative platforms. Coming to the size? Carnaby Street Roster sessions under their musical alias, Vivendii’s set is not to be missed – coming soon.

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