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Supplements for Muscle Building and Fat Loss

Struggling to lose fat? Frustrated that all of your hard work isn’t working out? Then this one is for you ladies (most of the information also applies to men)!

I have worked with so many women who have had frustrating times trying to lose weight no matter what they have tried, sticking to their nutrition and strength plans and reversing does not work without gaining weight. fat! And what do lab tests usually show …

They are low in progesterone, testosterone, high estrogen (at least compared to pro / est ratios) with lower thyroid function.

What is happening? So many factors; history of dieting or excessive competition, constant lack of sleep, birth control and stress! Let’s talk about stress for a minute; many don’t realize they’re under as much stress as they really are! They will rate stress on a scale of 1 to 10 around 4 ish. Not bad is not it. Well, once a stressor is removed they realize how stressed out they really were! It happens all the time!

When you are stressed by severe diet, stress at work, schedule, emotional stress, toxins and the list goes on and on, the hypothalamus senses stress and lowers FSH and LH as your body wants you to survive and not reproduce right now. It affects progesterone. In addition, the hypothalamus increases cortisol. Once this happens for a while, your body will have a hard time making enough cortisol and will then recruit more pregnenolone (also the precursor of progesterone), thus eliminating the production of progesterone, thus reducing progesterone. Now that progesterone is doubly low, testosterone is affected because progesterone is the building block of T. And if that wasn’t enough, when T goes down, estrogen goes up causing fat storage, water retention and you making it more emotional.

Let’s not forget about slowing down your thyroid gland since your body is now in survival mode, it will slow down your metabolism to store fat to ensure you survive the impending stress.

The above applies to men, but I see it A LOT less often, as women are much more susceptible to stress and calorie deficits since they are the ones who give and support life! Men … those tiny sperm don’t even use a fraction of the energy needed to grow a baby and then feed and care for it with your body for the first year of life.

What do you need to do?

  1. Always good and sufficient sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress management!
  4. Have a large lab panel done and try herbal supplements to balance hormones and manage the stress response.

I like to give clients herbal supplements to balance hormones while on a diet. Discover them in this video! :





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