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Support UNBs Podcast Patreon – Underwear News Briefs

It’s been a while since we posted on the UNB Patreon. We started this to help cover the costs of running the blog and turned it into a Podcast. First of all, the podcast has gained a huge following, and we’re having so much fun doing the show. It was great having guys really connected with no guys and sharing the stories of real guys there. We have lots of plans for this year and will bring you lots of podcasts. We also want to know what you want to hear on the show.

Why do you have a Patreon?

Excellent question; like i said, its not cheap to make a podcast. First, there is the hosting fee for podcasts. Then there are the costs of equipment to improve our sound (such as mics, editing Softwear and other equipment). As an entrepreneur, that is to say underemployed, it is not easy to cover all these costs.

How much does it cost?

We have levels as low as a dollar a month. You can go up to $ 10 and we think we’re adding high tiers with some amazing rewards.

What benefits can I get?

First of all, you get the shows before the audience. Second, you get the pre and post shows. Where we talk about everything and nothing. Plus, we talk about SEX LOL every now and then. We have so much fun on these, talking about all we can. Worth it just for the pre-show. We want to add more perks, but want feedback on whatever you want. Note that you will have your own RSS feed which you will need to paste into your favorite podcast player.

How can I register?

Just go to the UNB Patreon page. It only takes a few steps to register and enjoy. Any questions let me know!


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