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Biker shorts. They are cute and all. Trend even. They’re watching So so comfortable. It’s all well and good, but you think; can I remove it? I am here to say absolutely yes! I was actually you unbelieving biker shorts, not so long ago. I remember seeing Kim Kardashian wearing them with heels and thinking I never could! For me it was definitely a peek at the celebrity trending train and your daughter wasn’t about to board, Okay! But look at me now! Here I am today not only in biker shorts; she wears them well I could more! Oh… Read More »HOW TO STYLE BIKER SHORTS: PLUS SIZE EDITION

ASH Biker Boot Leather Styles

By Ash Shoes + / October 15, 2019 / If there’s one thing ASH is good at, we’re definitely going to say creating the perfect biker boot. This winter we have a wide range of new biker boots from the collection you won’t want to miss. The Grunge movement never stopped here, the MADNESS the boots scream perfection with its ridged platform sole and multi-lace detailing. Pair them with an oversized denim jacket and skinny jeans. Add sturdiness to your look with the SYMPHONIE boots, this studded multi-strap design is enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Wear… Read More »ASH Biker Boot Leather Styles

Grizzly bear pursues mountain biker near site of recent attack

A mountain biker said he was chased by a grizzly bear on Friday morning in northeast Idaho. “The bear chased the rider but did not injure the rider,” the US Forest Service-Caribou-Targhee National Forest said on Facebook. The incident occurred in the Stamp Meadows Road area of ​​Island Park. A spokesperson for the Idaho Department of Fisheries and Game told KSL bear tracks were found nearby. The bear is believed to be a female with cubs. In early July, a man was attacked by a female grizzly bear while running four miles from where Friday’s incident happened. The victim, who… Read More »Grizzly bear pursues mountain biker near site of recent attack

The Biker Shorts You Need for the Perfect Athleisure Outfit

It took me a minute to get started with the biker shorts trend, and I know I’m late for the game, but I’m so glad I arrived! I’ve basically been living in these Wunder Train High Rise biker shorts from lululemon since I decided to start wearing them for both workouts and casual wear. Not only are they available in such a fun color range, lululemon biker shorts fit like a dream! I take my usual size (4), and the incredibly comfortable Everlux fabric makes them great for all day wear. There really is no end to all the summer… Read More »The Biker Shorts You Need for the Perfect Athleisure Outfit