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Cocksox new Americano Line – Underwear News Briefs

GET TONE AND FIT FASTER TIPS OF THE DAY As you know, I am a HUGE Cocksox fan. So whenever there’s a new version you know I’m checking it out. They have just released the new Americana line which is inspired by everything American. Coming from an Australian brand, it’s quite flattering that they do something like this! Australian underwear companies have their own vibe and way of doing things, and those things just turn out to be amazing underwear and swimwear. They just know what they’re doing and make men’s underwear that fits and looks amazing. Here is the… Read More »Cocksox new Americano Line – Underwear News Briefs

Cocksox Long Johns UK | Thermal Underwear With Enhanced Pouch

Who said thermals are boring? Certainly not us who watch these Cocksox Long Johns with a fabulous improved contour pouch. This brand is well known for its pouch enhancement technologies. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you and your bump shouldn’t be looking your best with poor underwear choices. We’ve always been fans of improving underwear, and it’s great to see the technology available in long underwear styles. Cocksox CX92 Pouch Contour Long John Get the tropics in your pants with this super warm print! With giraffe and zebra prints, you’ll be toasty warm in perfect style as you slip… Read More »Cocksox Long Johns UK | Thermal Underwear With Enhanced Pouch