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I’m taking part in the #tlfbodypositivechallenge 7 days…

I’m participating in the #tlfbodypositivechallenge 7 days of 7 positive things about your body. @thelingeriefiles chooses this body part as well, although I don’t find this body part an odd aspect to choose at all. So on my last day, I sort of get a tribute to Chloe. Day 7. My shoulders. I’ve always loved my shoulders for their shape and soft curves, but I’ve also loved my shoulders for the strength they have physically and emotionally. My shoulders help me carry out daily activities that I enjoy every day. My shoulders also helped me carry many burdens and difficulties… Read More »I’m taking part in the #tlfbodypositivechallenge
7 days…

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW FLORAL PRINT MISS CROFTON POPPY BRA AND PANTIES I wish I could remember the beauty of the lingerie I saw in this set that introduced me to Miss Crofton and ignited my floral desires because I wish I could thank them. Miss Crofton is vintage-inspired and playful which is a sheer delight and a notable mention is how much I love the images on their website which are unlike any other lingerie website I’ve seen before. now. The Poppy set has firmly entered my wearable rotation as it is absolute luxury to wear. Of all the lingerie I… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW AMORETU CROSS STRAPS SHIRT I had only met Amoretu very recently. Overall, Amoretu appears to be a budget lingerie brand with the intention of providing good quality sexy clothing. Personally, I find that Amoretu is somewhat reminiscent of Ann Summers. I was personally the most drawn to the Shirt range they had available. The crossover strap mini dress they offer was by far one of the prettiest of what they have to offer. The design has a red and black counterpart but I felt that the black and white offered a more subtle and delicate attraction for me… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW BLUEBELLA NOVA BRA AND THONG IN RED Nova. Perhaps one of the most recognized instagram styles, most often in black. I think I saw this bra on instagram 100 times before giving in and buying it myself. I was very skeptical if this was going to be as amazing as the photos suggest, after all a lot of social media as we know is built on a foundation of white lies, but this bra lives up to its fame. This set is the definition of alluring. The bra and thong both feature architectural structure with cutout panels to… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

Im going to get involved in the #kdlgratitudechallenge after…

I’m going to get involved in the #kdlgratitudechallenge after seeing a time jump today. A few years ago, I took my first “professional” images and started my movement from an insecure, unbalanced and anxious girl to a comfortable, outgoing woman. I looked at these pictures and for the first time I thought I was pretty. Modeling might not be for everyone in terms of acceptance, but it’s something that has helped me. Although I have new and different things that I am insecure and anxious about, my body and I are not one of them. So I’m grateful for this… Read More »Im going to get involved in the #kdlgratitudechallenge after…

The Lingerie Raven

F / W 2016 Wish List So to coordinate myself, I thought I was going to sit down and choreograph a wish list. This way, I can keep track of the brands I love without forgetting them and the particular outfits I want so that I can keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to own them. I thought it would be nice to post it on my blog, like so many others have done, so that those interested can browse the things I like as well. Cristina Aielli Flora high waist panties and bra This set makes me feel like… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

4 THINGS I LEARNED WHILE MODELING So I am at a transitional stage in my life where modeling takes a step back as my work progresses and therefore requires more time and I find much more joy in lingerie blogs and the lingerie community. It doesn’t mean that I quit modeling, not at all, but it does give me space to focus on more of the things I want to do and it also allows me to reflect on my modeling experiences and maybe be to share certain ideas with others. 1. “One thing I’ve learned from modeling is that… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEWAYTEN GASSON ETTA CARACO AND SILK BRIEFS I think even from a young age you still talk about someday owning something silk. I know I did, I always wondered how I felt against my skin and how it would hold onto my body, so when the opportunity arose to grab something from the beautiful Ayten Gasson brand I did it. Etta was entirely an impulse buy and it shows in various ways. In fact, I’m not a blues or navy type at all. Second, I chose a style that is generally not suitable for small breasts. And finally, I… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW BLUEBELLA CHRISTABEL BRA AND PANTIES After purchasing the Nova de Bluebella set, I was very impressed with the brand. Bluebella is generally an affordable, good quality brand with a high sex appeal in terms of designs. I have always had an eye on the Christabel set and was incredibly surprised when it dropped several levels in the sale, so this purchase was a real bargain. Christabel is a bit of a visual trickery. Don’t get me wrong when I bought it, I never claimed this was going to be a sensible set for a day-to-day portable base, but… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

So in addition to my articles on lingerie, for anyone interested, I will be posting mini behind-the-scenes blog posts on every photo shoot I attend. They will aim to be short, sweet, and more visual. I recently had a photoshoot for Emiah’s next collection and it was absolutely fantastic. Getting this opportunity has been a bit of a dream as I have admired Emiah for what seems like a very long time. I was completely overwhelmed the moment I saw the underwater series with Zara Syrett- Model and Catherine Laura Photography, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW WEAR THE BRALETTE AND THE CLEMENTINA CAROLINE THONG I saw this setting when I was on vacation in June and when I laid eyes on Caroline, I needed the scenery. I have a penchant for strappy styles and animal prints, so the combination of the two got my lingerie craving overwhelmed. When first released, the set was due in late June but was released in early October. I was at work on my lunch break when I noticed and in that short time the thong was no longer in my size. For a while I was upset but… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Illustration Contest Entries – Knickerbocker Stories

Entries for the 2017 Karolina Laskowska Illustration Contest. Please click on the thumbnail to open a larger image with credits. Header image by Messalyn. Contest winners to be determined. Click here to view the Selfie Contest entries. Isobel painting Illustration by Eugenie Gallien Cake by Rebecca de Coverly Veale “You said any medium, so I chose the cake. I’m not a pro, just an avid baker and this was my first carved cake. I started by determining the basic shape of my cake pans. I figured out that I needed 11,372 cm ^ 3 of cake batter to fill all… Read More »Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Illustration Contest Entries – Knickerbocker Stories

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW AMORETU BODYSUIT WITHOUT HOOKS BOTTOM STRAPS When Amoretu asked me to review certain products, I was naturally happy to do so (especially in my previous shirt review which was very nice and I liked it a lot), but with the bodysuit I was definitely hesitant for two reasons. The first is that I had no idea how bodystocking was going to behave like a low budget piece and two given that they seem very sexualized to me which is not why I wear my lingerie. Overall, these two aspects kept me from liking the bodystockings as a whole… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW LONELY LINGERIE PENNY HIGH WAIST BRIEFS AND BRA I have known Lonely Lingerie for a long time and I admire the clothes they produce. Lonely Lingerie seems like a go-to brand that many lingerie enthusiasts own or are looking for. When there was a sale, I ended up buying the Penny set on a whim. I wish I had brought more consideration because while I love Penny, I don’t like Penny and I probably could have made a more informed decision. Nonetheless, this is by no means a bad decision, just a decision you kick yourself into. The… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW –THE AGENT SIENA SOFT BRA, STRAPS AND STRAPS I brought Siena on a whim alongside Lucila and was sad to say that both sets were disappointing, especially after my first purchase was Esthar a while ago and I loved it. I don’t know if a blog on Lucila will be beneficial, but I will consider it because Lucila has entirely different points from Siena. I was hoping to buy these two sets and write something to rekindle my passion for what I considered an affordable yet attractive brand, but this time I fell flat. Siena is particularly difficult… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

Wish List SS17 For coordination purposes, I’m compiling my wishlist for spring / summer which will run through winter and maybe allow others to browse my lingerie style and tastes. Cristina Aielli Flora high waist panties and bra. This is the set that dreams of lingerie are made for me. I probably know that I will never afford this set but we can wish it. Bra, garter belt and briefs Va Bien Lingerie Midnight Garden. These flowers and blues are so luxurious and elegant. Kitty Bra Lascivious Lingerie, Open Panties and Garter BeltI have wanted the Kitty Set for as… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven

LINGERIE REVIEW –LASCIVIOUS LINGERIE KITTY BRA, STRAPS AND OPEN PANTIES I’ve coveted Kitty from Lascivious for longer than I want to admit. It’s always bad luck on my part that I couldn’t afford the set and missed every flash sale / no funds at the time of said sale but… my time has finally come this year. I firmly believe that there is a time and place for everything and this time I have not only Kitty but the Captain Bikini. I improvised struck gold. (Well, black and frilly) I can’t begin to describe how sweet Kitty is, without a… Read More »The Lingerie Raven

Lingerie Secret Santa 2016 – Knickerbocker Stories

It’s pretty terrible that I haven’t updated this blog for almost 8 months, but there has been a lot is happening in the meantime. I’m relaunching it for a rather excellent cause: the 2016 interpretation of Secret Santa Lingerie! Lingerie Santa Pangolin, apparently now the secret mascot of Santa Claus! Illustrated by the wonderful Marianne Faulkner The Lingerie Secret Santa was started by me a few years ago, thinking that the lead-up to Christmas is a horribly busy time of year for most independent lingerie designers and that it would be nice to indulge yourself for a while. this period.… Read More »Lingerie Secret Santa 2016 – Knickerbocker Stories

Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Selfie Contest Entries – Knickerbocker Stories

Entries to the Karolina Laskowska 2017 Selfie contest. Please click on the thumbnail to open a bigger image with credits. Header image by an anonymous entry. Contest winners TBA. Click here to see the Illustration contest entries. Anonymous entry By April Anonymous entry Amethyst Skye by Diana Suder ‘For this set of photos, I wanted to show a (okay, slightly editorialized and glamorized) version of how I wear your lingerie. Because lounging around is great, and lounging around in fancy lingerie is even better. Robe by Soma Intimates, garter belt by Backseam, knickers by Edge O’ Beyond (with a solid black pair… Read More »Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Selfie Contest Entries – Knickerbocker Stories

Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Contest Winners – Knickerbocker Stories

I have to challenge… Choosing individual winners for my recent illustration / selfie contests has proven to be impossible. I literally spent weeks agonizing him. There’s only too much exceptional entries! If you’ve seen the entrees I’m sure you’ll agree. So I decided not to choose a single winner for each one… and I chose several! So without further ado, the winners! Illustration contest: Illustration by Léa Saugé // http://www.twitter.com/Cocavert Illustration by Messalyn // http://www.messalyn.art Isobel painting Cake by Rebecca from Coverly Veale Selfie contest: Anonymous entry Anonymous entry Anonymous entry. Eve // ​​http://www.instagram.com/eve_gunn Eve // ​​http://www.instagram.com/eve_gunn A big thank… Read More »Karolina Laskowska Lingerie 2017 Contest Winners – Knickerbocker Stories

“You Oughta Know” Canadian Plus Size Lingerie Brand, Misfit Lingerie

As news and reports show the pandemic has shut down businesses in North America, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based Stacey Lipstein decided to take the plunge and do something she always wanted. to do: create her own plus size lingerie company and thus, Misfit Lingerie was born. A small batch bespoke lingerie business has grown with large consumers in mind. “I realized I loved lingerie in a way that I hadn’t really thought about before,” Lipstein says on a phone call from his Toronto studio. Freshly divorced, she felt inspired to try lingerie again for herself and fall back on her own… Read More »“You Oughta Know” Canadian Plus Size Lingerie Brand, Misfit Lingerie

Fleur of England — Wallflower set // Lingerie Highlights

Disclosure: This set was kindly offered to me by Flower of England. I was not asked to create this post. All the opinions expressed here are my own. Back when I started Morning Madonna, I felt like every article needed some sort of in-depth article to go with it. However, I don’t feel like every set I own needs a review, especially if it’s from a brand I’ve reviewed before. Writing content about brands that produce similar parts and have consistent sizes can seem incredibly tedious. Also, if a set were to sell before I had a chance to review… Read More »Fleur of England — Wallflower set // Lingerie Highlights

Moda Lingerie and Swimwear Show 2017

It’s our favorite time of year – the Moda lingerie and swimwear show. And last week we traveled to Birmingham for our annual trip. After traveling on Saturday night after a busy day in the store, it was early to go to bed before the Sunday show. After a morning of brushings, manicures and outfits, we were ready for a busy day of fashionable lingerie, wine and beautiful women (oh, and of course business!) – a little more glamorous than our Sundays. usual. Parades We were fortunate to be invited to the Moda lounge as VIP guests! That meant a… Read More »Moda Lingerie and Swimwear Show 2017

Our 4 Favourite Lingerie Blogs

Lingerie blogs – we never tire of them. We love reading these women’s opinions on brands, bra styles and fashion. They are full of self-confidence, they are independent and love lingerie as much as we do. So we want to share these insightful lingerie blogs with you ladies and hopefully give you some inspiration for your lingerie collection. Fuller bust This blog, although written by Georgina Horne, is beautifully looser and looser, is a great read for women of all sizes. Her articles are very focused on lingerie, but in recent years she has also been more oriented towards fashion… Read More »Our 4 Favourite Lingerie Blogs

WINNERS of Best Boutique Style Lingerie Shop

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have won the coveted Stars Underlines Awards for Best Boutique Style Lingerie Store 2019 in UK !! This award is the Oscar for the lingerie industry, and we were delighted to hear that we were in the final (along with 20 other fabulous stores in our category). Our competitive category celebrated stores that featured a distinctive layout, with appealing interiors, furnishings and accessories, and an eclectic selection of intimate apparel. We attended the awards ceremony at the spectacular venue, Café de Paris in London on Thursday 14 November 2019. It was an… Read More »WINNERS of Best Boutique Style Lingerie Shop

Amoralle SS17 lingerie collection is here. Ready to fall in love?

For those who appreciate couture cuts, precise fits, luxurious fabrics and lingerie beautiful to the eyes and soul, Amoralle will be one of your favorite lingerie designers of all time. Each new collection is dreamy, full of options ranging from affordable luxury to lavish styles fit for a queen. What we love about Amoralle is that you get the real deal, in this case, luxury lingerie. We’re excited to add our selection of styles from the Amoralle SS17 collection to bellabellaboutique.com that we think you will love and enjoy. Ready to fall in love? See more gorgeous Amoralle styles in… Read More »Amoralle SS17 lingerie collection is here. Ready to fall in love?

Introducing MADALYNNE – Sporty Feminine Lingerie

We’re excited to announce the addition of a gorgeous new lingerie brand to the Bella Bella boutique. Madalynne intimes offers a contemporary and modern approach to aesthetics that combines sport, femininity, comfort and functionality. Designer Maddie Flanigan has a serious love affair with lace and lingerie. She’s a lingerie designer, sewing teacher, freelance photographer and personal stylist who turned her dream of sewing and blogging into a passionate career. Most of the time, you’ll find her in her studio, located in Philadelphia, designing the next collection or teaching women how to make a perfectly fitting bra. Madalynne Intimates is the… Read More »Introducing MADALYNNE – Sporty Feminine Lingerie

Introducing COLETTE and SEBASTIAN lingerie

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Colette and Sebastian lingerie to our family or our lingerie designers! Colette, originally from New York, is largely the product of the city’s vibrant energy and creativity. The same goes for his phenomenal collection of pieces, perfectly crafted to represent all of his tireless efforts to succeed in the big city. Ambitious, fearless creative and insatiable, she took an original concept and turned it into a breathtaking and invigorating fashion brand. The brand owes its development to his residence in Florence after his intensive studies. Culture summed up her ideas and motivated… Read More »Introducing COLETTE and SEBASTIAN lingerie


PRESENTATION: JOGE LINGERIE Skip to main content PRESENTATION: JOGE LINGERIE Jogê is a Brazilian lingerie brand specializing in women’s underwear whose main objective is to create products that provide comfort and well-being to our customers. With special care at all levels of production, respecting human dignity and the needs to develop quality products, keeping in mind the concern and awareness of fashion. Discover so much more! Shop Jogging Lingerie Collection. TIPS OF THE DAY HOW TO GET TONE AND FIT FASTER GET YOUR ABS & OBLIQUE SHREDDED FASTER Top Selling Muscle Stimulators | BEST EMS Advice of the Year What… Read More »INTRODUCING: JOGE LINGERIE

Favourite Things: Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia Lingerie

Another part of our ‘Favorite Things’ blogging series, where we ask professionals in the lingerie industry to choose a favorite item from our collection. Today’s selection comes from Stephanie Bodnar from Evgenia. Evgenia specializes in luxury lingerie inspired by 1930s lingerie silhouettes and the 1920s embellishment technique by inserting lace. The brand’s ‘Night Garden’ set is part of the museum’s collection. Stephanie’s choice is the overlock floral jacquard ribbon corset. Overlocked Floral Jacquard Woven Ribbon Corset, c. 1900, Great Britain. The Museum of Foundations. Photo by Tigz Rice I had such a hard time choosing my favorite piece from the… Read More »Favourite Things: Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia Lingerie

INTRODUCING: CAROL COELHO INTIMATES | Online Sexy Lingerie Sets and Lingerie Accessories

Carol Coelho was born and raised in a small town in Brazil. She attended Indiana University to study fashion and costume design. After graduating in 2005, she moved to New York City to work for Bill Blass’ house as an assistant designer. In 2008 Carol moved to Paris to work in fabric handling and shortly after returning to New York in 2009 she was hired by Isaac Mizrahi to work as a textile manager. Finding the opportunity to explore the Brazilian market, Carol decided to settle in Sao Paulo at the end of 2010 and started working as chief designer… Read More »INTRODUCING: CAROL COELHO INTIMATES | Online Sexy Lingerie Sets and Lingerie Accessories


Pantone Color of the Year 2020 CLASSIC BLUE A familiar and calming shade of azure. Also known as cobalt and royal blue, classic blue is a color you can depend on. It creates that feeling of confidence and stability. Here are our favorite lingerie styles in this gorgeous classic shade! Alessia satin and mesh teddy by Roma Alessa lace high cut teddy by Oh La La Cheri Selene dress by Oh La La Cheri Casablanca short dress from Wrap Up by VP Desarae lace teddy by Oh La La Cheri Mavi Babydoll by Fantasy Lingerie Roma Juliana Satin Pajama Set… Read More »PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR – LINGERIE EDITION


Celebrate your beauty with a sexy boudoir photoshoot. Whether you are gifting the photos to someone special or treating yourself to a day that matters to you, boudoir photography can help you see yourself in a whole new light. A boudoir photoshoot is all about exploring your sensuality and building your self-confidence – it doesn’t matter if you’re a size two or twenty-two. The key to a great boudoir photoshoot is finding an outfit that makes you feel good. Lingerie is all about enjoying the female form, so choose something that accentuates your favorite features or choose something with a… Read More »TIPS FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT LINGERIE FOR A BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT

The Evolution of Lingerie

LINGERIE 101 The evolution of lingerie Jen Cheng MARCH 16, 2020 2:00 PM The choices of lingerie for women have changed dramatically throughout history. Sometimes it’s fun to dream of living in another era, wondering what you would do and how you would feel wearing these historic clothes. Pick a moment in lingerie history below and maybe imagine yourself with largely feminine curves thanks to a corset or dare to lay it all bare in the no-bra 60s movement! What type of girl in lingerie would you like to be? window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new array (); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push ({hoverImage: ”,… Read More »The Evolution of Lingerie

Lingerie Accessories for Summer Fashion

Summer is here and it’s getting HOT HOT HOT! Dig out your beach wear from the back of your closet, and get ready to bask in the warm glow of the summer sun. Before you get too excited about working on that perfect tan, do you have the appropriate lingerie to match all your summer fashion styles? window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push({ hoverImage: ”, uuid: ‘s-4be7e3ea-ec3b-4e63-af6a-0ffc14f5fc30’ }) PHOTOS FROM JAYNE AND LINDSAY, WOODYBUNCH, JUST THE DESIGN There usually aren’t that many faux-pas when it comes to personal lingerie choices as long as everything fits well — but there… Read More »Lingerie Accessories for Summer Fashion

Lingerie Blog: The ultimate bespoke, the cost of lingerie and empowering underwear

Lingerie Blog: The ultimate tailor-made, the cost of stimulating lingerie and underwear – End of month report at www.lingerie.co.uk The ultimate bespoke, cost of stimulating lingerie and underwear – end of the month from www.lingerie.co.uk So you want a perfectly fitted bra? Our first two stories might help you … Technology and underwear Jess Haughton, a fashion student from Nottingham Trent Uni, used the latest technological developments to achieve that perfect fit – 3D printed lingerie! Although Jess’ underwear is currently only part of her design class, there is a high likelihood that such clothing will be readily available online… Read More »Lingerie Blog: The ultimate bespoke, the cost of lingerie and empowering underwear

Lingerie Blog: Summer lingerie – the silly season stories you couldn’t make up!

Lingerie Blog: Summer Lingerie – Silly Seasonal Stories You Couldn’t Make Up! Summer lingerie – the silly stories of the season you couldn’t make up! Underwear theft In Tennessee, a man was arrested for theft of lingerie. Nothing unusual about it, you might be thinking, but the man, Christopher Wade, didn’t run off with a few flip flops or slip stockings into his back pocket – no, he was ambitious! One night, just after midnight, he walked into a lingerie store in Old Hickory and ran off with an entire model! In fact, he failed to fit the entire dummy… Read More »Lingerie Blog: Summer lingerie – the silly season stories you couldn’t make up!

Does lingerie increase confidence? Should women wearing mastectomy bras pay tax? What shape should lingerie models be? We answer the burning questions in underwear!

Does lingerie increase self-confidence? In short – yes! With a little more detail, we would accept that an anecdotal study involving only two people is by no means conclusive, but it is certainly interesting. The HuffPost sent two of his employees to try out the effects of expensive underwear on their psyches and the results were what we might have predicted. Yes, beautiful underwear costs a little more and yes it makes us feel good. What we wouldn’t necessarily have recognized, however, is that the two women who took part in the experiment had pretty fixed ideas about what they… Read More »Does lingerie increase confidence? Should women wearing mastectomy bras pay tax? What shape should lingerie models be? We answer the burning questions in underwear!

Lingerie hijacks, hi-jinks and hello boys!

Lingerie blog: lingerie hijackings, hi-jinks and hello boys! Lingerie diversions, hi-jinks and hello boys! This is what we Brits call ‘silly season’ for the media and to our delight the political world has been shaken up a bit. No, not Theresa May becoming PM (although we’d love to know what’s in her underwear drawer), nor the Labor leadership contest. It is actually Toby Perkins, a Labor MP who had his Twitter profile hacked. For a brief and delightful period, her usually bearded face was replaced by the curvy “Anna Nelson” who described herself as a “sexy model” and offered to… Read More »Lingerie hijacks, hi-jinks and hello boys!

Lingerie Blog: September in lingerie

Lingerie blog: September in lingerie September in lingerie We are delighted to see Naomi campbell back in lingerie for her new photoshoot, and even more thrilled that she’s 46 and looking fantastic! This is her 30th year working as a model, making her one of the longest careers in an extremely competitive and cutthroat industry. The set, starring famed cameraman Mario Testino, reveals Naomi’s intense body confidence and perhaps a sunnier side to the notoriously hot-tempered beauty we often see. Her bra and pant set picks up on the athleisure theme that has become widespread over the past year. The… Read More »Lingerie Blog: September in lingerie

Lingerie Blog: Glamour, power and outrageous panties

Lingerie Blog: Glamor, Power and Outrageous Panties – October opens with sizzling lingerie Glamor, power and scandalous panties – October opens with sizzling lingerie Underwear that isn’t safe to hang around? It may depend on your age. An anonymous (and poorly educated) neighbor took a pair of RoSamund Perrin’s panties from his rotary dryer and sent them back to the mailbox with a note reading, “It is totally inappropriate (sic) for this type of clothing to be displayed in front of the village primary school. There are members of this community who would like to stop this.“ Ros is 65… Read More »Lingerie Blog: Glamour, power and outrageous panties

Lingerie displays past and present

Lingerie Blog: Lingerie presents the past and the present Lingerie displays the past and the present There is something very special about lingerie – and we’re not the only ones who think so. A lingerie store in Abingdon shares its history with the whole city. An exhibit at the County Hall Museum will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the store which was originally opened in 1936 and has undergone four different and one change of location. The exhibit will feature pieces of Victorian-era lingerie, old underwear advertisements, and show how the history of lingerie, sleepwear and corsetry has changed over… Read More »Lingerie displays past and present

Online lingerie shopping & Halloween Lingerie

Lingerie Blog: Buy lingerie online and Halloween lingerie Buy lingerie online and Halloween lingerie While Huff Post has an article on buying underwear in my 50s and 60s, where the author says, “I feel invisible when I walk in one of America’s most famous lingerie chains. . I do not exist as a client. it looks like buying lingerie online was invented for such circumstances! That is why we make every effort to describe our underwear online as clearly as possible, so that all of our buyers can find exactly what they are looking for, because no one is invisible… Read More »Online lingerie shopping & Halloween Lingerie

November is the month for firecracker lingerie

Lingerie Blog: November is firecracker lingerie month November is firecracker lingerie month November is the month to improve your underwear game – summer is definitely over and it might feel like the fun is over, but it’s the perfect opportunity to explore some more lingerie. luxurious than what would be entirely comfortable in summer. Bustiers under wool sweaters and richly textured bottoms to spice up your winter boots go go voom are just the beginning. There is no reason to keep your boudoir gloves for the bedroom – we have found that there is a delicious thrill to be gained… Read More »November is the month for firecracker lingerie

Lingerie experiments, underwear fails and reader query

You can experiment in your underwear! We loved Ceilidhe Wynn’s blog post about wearing lingerie in bed for a week… it was an amazing and realistic account of what it’s like to be a mother, to be in a long-term relationship, not to be completely confident in its own body – and what happens if we trust ourselves and give our wants, needs and wants a little more space in our lives. What we especially liked was the section “I felt so tired after a full day of mom that I almost said that and put on my favorite old… Read More »Lingerie experiments, underwear fails and reader query

Lingerie Blog: Celebs in lingerie

Lingerie Blog: Celebrities in lingerie – when it’s okay and when it’s not Celebrities in lingerie – when it’s OK and when it’s wrong It is not acceptable to use Marilyn Monroe to promote your panties So who do you think would be the perfect face for a lingerie brand? Did you say Marilyn Monroe? Of course, she would be in the top three of most people… the sexiest woman in the world poll after poll after poll. And it turns out someone else thinks so, only we don’t really know who. The Marilyn Monroe Estate is suing a company… Read More »Lingerie Blog: Celebs in lingerie

Lingerie Blog: Lingerie research and resolutions

Lingerie Blog: Research and resolutions on lingerie Lingerie research and resolutions The month of January is devoted to research and resolutions in lingerie. First, which college girls are most likely to wear sexy underwear? As a result of a survey, it turns out that students at the University of Cambridge have the greatest tendency to wear sultry lingerie – 90% of them having special underwear to wear during a date. Interestingly, half of these women still wear that special occasion lingerie when going on a first date or blind date … so it is not true that women are rushing… Read More »Lingerie Blog: Lingerie research and resolutions

Brag it like Beyoncé and what to expect from your new lingerie

Lingerie blog: brag like Beyoncé and what to expect from your new lingerie Brag like Beyoncé and what to expect from your new lingerie When Queen B announced that she was expecting twins, the world went a little crazy. The photo of her in powder blue panties and a burgundy bra (and veil) is now the most popular Instagram photo of all time with over 8.5 million likes. The iconography in the photographs relates to Oshun, the Nigerian goddess who is particularly associated with fertility and twins. Pregnancy photoshoots are fast becoming a really big deal – so how are… Read More »Brag it like Beyoncé and what to expect from your new lingerie

Lingerie exhibitions, myths and colours of the year

Lingerie Blog: Lingerie exhibitions, myths and colors of the year Lingerie exhibitions, myths and colors of the year In Shelburne County, lingerie and other underwear from Nova Scotia will take center stage at a local exhibit called Underneath It All, which will showcase a century of North American women’s underwear from 1860 to 1960. Exhibition curator Allison Burnett is looking for vintage underwear for loan or donation that would complement the collection. The museum wants bras, corsets, bras, girdles, camisoles, shirts and jumpsuits – which looks exactly like our own wishlist! The deadline to contact the museum to make a… Read More »Lingerie exhibitions, myths and colours of the year

Lingerie trends, lingerie models, lingerie browsing …

You would be amazed at the things we end up looking at in our search for anything lingerie related to bring to our amazing underwear customers! This month we have high finance, older models, and a glimpse of what women in India are supposed to do when shopping for lingerie online. First of all, Yahoo! Finance reports that the global lingerie market has become increasingly important to the global apparel market. One of the biggest changes in recent underwear purchases has been the growth of the bra – which now holds the largest market share of all lingerie purchases. And… Read More »Lingerie trends, lingerie models, lingerie browsing …

Lingerie Blog: Underwear for photo shoots and drinking at home

Lingerie Blog: Underwear for Photoshoots and Drinking at Home – May’s Amazing Lingerie Stories! Underwear for Photoshoots and Drinking at Home – May’s Amazing Lingerie Stories! How to drink Finnish in underwear Most of us will have tried hygge this Christmas – it’s that untranslatable Danish habit of enjoying life’s simpler pleasures and it was a huge meme throughout the holiday season. But just recently there was a new Scandinavian word on the block – Kalsárikännit. What does it mean? According to the Finns, who coined the term, it is the feeling one gets when one gets drunk at home… Read More »Lingerie Blog: Underwear for photo shoots and drinking at home

Lingerie censorship, website fails and top tips for summer underwear

Lingerie Blog: Lingerie Censorship, Broken Website, and Top Tips for Summer Underwear Lingerie censorship, flawed website, and top tips for summer underwear Turkish TV underwear fines Turkish television recently fined two of its television channels for “undermining the morals of young people”. What did they do – show Last Tango in Paris or Big Brother’s underwear highlights? No, they didn’t care that they showed off a Victoria’s Secret fashion show on New Years Eve when the kids could watch. It wasn’t just the costumes (or the lack of them) that troubled the TV watchdog, but the dancing. However, Turkey has… Read More »Lingerie censorship, website fails and top tips for summer underwear

Lingerie for all, with www.lingerie.co.uk

Lingerie Blog: Lingerie for everyone, with www.lingerie.co.uk Lingerie for all, with www.lingerie.co.uk Fine lingerie models The August lingerie stories are about who can and can’t wear sexy lingerie. First off, Victoria’s Secret is making headlines again, but not for good reason. Current “Angel” as VS models are called, Elsa Hosk created a storm on Instagram after posting a topless pic. Commentators have expressed concern about her thinness and even said that she is “way too skinny”. The brand’s experts suggest that this is a deliberate strategy on the part of the lingerie company that chooses its models as the type… Read More »Lingerie for all, with www.lingerie.co.uk

Broad Turns 2! – Broad Lingerie

Big turns 2! This weekend, Broad Lingerie celebrates its two years! Here’s a look back at our second year in business, including some of our fondest memories – and a little less. Our very first customer survey. When we were one year old, we sent out our first customer survey to find out what you wanted to see in year two. Many of you responded, and you all had strong opinions! There were a few common threads that helped us plan for the future of Broad, including an online store that we worked hard on. In the meantime, we’ve answered… Read More »Broad Turns 2! – Broad Lingerie

Best of Broad: Parfait Lingerie Adriana Bralette

Best of the Wide: Perfect Lingerie Adriana Bralette For a long time, we have been skeptical of bralettes for large breasts. But over the past year, a few have come to prove us wrong. One of our favorites? The Adriana bra from Parfait Lingerie. What makes it work? A bralette that is suitable for large breasts can seem like an impossible dream. Part of making this dream come true is having realistic expectations and changing your criteria for success. Unlike an underwired bra, the main job of a bralette isn’t the support – it’s the comfort and cuteness! That said,… Read More »Best of Broad: Parfait Lingerie Adriana Bralette

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Affordable Plus Lingerie

Hey everybody! I hope everything is okay! As you know, February has just started and I am delighted. It looks like this year will pass. As you know, February plays host to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Love Day is actually approaching in less than 2 weeks and ladies I hope you are getting ready! To guide you, I’m going to introduce you to four online stores offering affordable lingerie and more. I’m not talking about that boring dress you wear to sleep (no offense, I love them too). I’m talking about some sexy pieces that… Read More »Valentine’s Day Countdown: Affordable Plus Lingerie

Swimsuits for Bigger Boobs – Broad Lingerie

Swimsuits for bigger breasts By Terry Pérousse. Let’s face it: buying swimwear isn’t everyone’s idea. Comfortable and pretty swimsuits for those of us with bigger breasts are even harder to find. How many swimsuits have you tried that make your beautiful big breasts sag, sag, puff over or come out to the side? During this time, a salesperson assures you that this is the best they can do. They are, to be nice, WRONG. There are some awesome swimsuits for big breasts! We know. We are you. Buy your swimsuit where you buy your bras Elomi Paradise Palm Bikini Anyone… Read More »Swimsuits for Bigger Boobs – Broad Lingerie

Avocado lingerie reviews – Lace and Haze

You read that headline right, several reviews in one little blog post! As you may know, Avocado is one of my favorite brands when I’m looking for fuller but still beautiful bras. I have bought from them a few times in the past but these two sets were given to me by the brand. I was sent the Misia HCQ bra and panty and Silk Gardenia HCQ bra and panty. Both bras are 60G and the briefs are both medium in size. Visually, I liked these bras when they first arrived, but when I tried them on I loved them,… Read More »Avocado lingerie reviews – Lace and Haze

Lovehoney lingerie – Lace and Haze

I usually don’t review the cheaper lingerie. Maybe I’m the snob. I no longer buy cheaper lingerie. But when lovehoney approached me last year, I was curious. Curious about the brand and the quality. I will review them as I would any of my luxury purchases in terms of price versus what you get. So these products were sent to me for free but all opinions are mine as always. So Lovehoney is a brand that I wouldn’t normally buy from. Yes, I’m the snob and I’m probably somewhere else in my lingerie journey. Its ecommerce site is functional and… Read More »Lovehoney lingerie – Lace and Haze

When lingerie fights back. – Lace and Haze

I’ve noticed a trend lately seeping into my lingerie drawers, my lingerie makes me laugh. It makes me smile smirk. A strange reaction to lingerie to be sure. Most of the time, it ignites feelings of trust, lust, or security. But now it’s fun. The reason? The lingerie industry seems to give a man the big finger and I couldn’t be happier. Whether it’s erotic prints, cheeky embroidery, or a playful design, it seems the lingerie industry is fighting the oppressive censorship that the industry is receiving in the best way it knows how. I might only see what I… Read More »When lingerie fights back. – Lace and Haze

Evgenia starlet lingerie set; A review. – Lace and Haze

This set was purchased with my own money. This blog post does not contain any affiliate links and all opinions are my own. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with Evgenia lingerie. It was one of the first lingerie brands I ever followed when I launched my instagram page. The collections were so dreamlike, the aesthetics so perfected. I’ve been dying to try something, anything from this brand for so long! I finally managed to collect enough $$$ for a full set and here are my thoughts…. First of all, this lingerie is very expensive.… Read More »Evgenia starlet lingerie set; A review. – Lace and Haze

Luxury loungewear, Emma Harris Lingerie – Lace and Haze

This item was provided by Emma Harris Lingerie, all thoughts and opinions are mine. Emma Harris is a brand whose name you may know but cannot locate. It is a luxury lingerie brand that goes unnoticed. With a small social media presence and a classic take on lingerie, it can be easy to miss out on a culture focused on trends and technological development. Emma Harris relies on quality materials and luxurious finishes. It’s understated, elegant and certainly deserves more attention. The size range is pretty standard for a lingerie brand, I am technically sharp and I was very skeptical… Read More »Luxury loungewear, Emma Harris Lingerie – Lace and Haze

Plus Size Lingerie Upgrades for Your Wardrobe with Mustang Sally

Happy Tuesday my awesome blogger fam, hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. We’ve been on lockdown since Boxing Day and unfortunately it’s just been extended so we’re at home trying to make the most of things and do our part. Today’s post is in partnership with my friends from Woman indoors who return with their regular programming scheduled for 2021! I love the opportunity to work with brands like Woman indoors long term because I can share my continued love for my favorite brands, share my insider knowledge and my favorite choices. I can’t wait for you to… Read More »Plus Size Lingerie Upgrades for Your Wardrobe with Mustang Sally

Golden Hour | Fortnight – Fortnight Lingerie

A creative short film directed and conceptualized by Mashie Alam, capturing our essential basics in motion under the warmth of the glow of golden hour. Our team This film was made possible by our amazing creative team: Director – Mashie Alam @mmmmashieDirector of Photography – Peter Hadfield @peter_hadfieldProducer – Mel Stojanovskii @melstojanovskiiiCamera Assistant – Tom Wood @tom_wood_photoCamera assistant – Felipe Lopez Gomez @ altra.filmsGaffer – Nick Tiringer @nick_tiringerColorist – Clinton Homuth @clintonhomuthSite – @__fieldwork__Models – Dina Roudman @dina_roudman, Abigail Whitney, @abigail_whitney, Desiree Skylar @desireeskiesMovie @kodak @kodak_shootfilm TIPS OF THE DAY HOW TO GET TONE AND FIT FASTER GET YOUR ABS… Read More »Golden Hour | Fortnight – Fortnight Lingerie

7 Recommended Shops for Selling Women’s Lingerie Online, Guaranteed Quality

Who doesn’t want to have a sexy and gorgeous outfit? Of course, all women would want clothes like this. But don’t worry, you can still have a variety of sexy lingerie style clothes.Especially for those of you who want to look special in front of your husband, don’t miss out on the interesting products from Lingerie. In fact, you can only get quality products here. How? ‘Or’ What? Still curious? Indonesian lingerieLingerie Indonesia is one of the stores located in Malang City that offers various lingerie collections. Make no mistake, even though the collection is based in Malang, the collection… Read More »7 Recommended Shops for Selling Women’s Lingerie Online, Guaranteed Quality

5 List of Brands Selling Women’s Lingerie Online In E-commerce

Every woman wants to have quality lingerie. No wonder lingerie plays an important role in showing the actual posture of a woman. But in the choice of lingerie should be chosen correctly.Of course, lingerie is not just bras or panties, but there are various other styles as well. Call it as a bustler, strappy camisole, or thong. So just adjust it to suit everyone’s needs – everyone. How? ‘Or’ What? Still curious? WacoalWacoal is a brand trusted by various people who produce lingerie. There are so many to choose from ranging from bras, panties, bodyshapers, sleepwear, to various other underwear.Not… Read More »5 List of Brands Selling Women’s Lingerie Online In E-commerce

5 Recommended Brands for Selling Women’s Lingerie Online Suitable for the First Night

Today, there are many brands selling women’s lingerie online that can be a source of inspiration for you. Especially for those of you who want to change your appearance to be sexy, of course you can just try one of the products. Because there are so many different stores that carry a variety of women’s underwear. It will definitely make a lot of men more focused on your appearance. Now, to make your search easier, you can simply choose one of the brands. Check below: Victoria’s SecretVictoria’s Secret is a place that often sells various female lingerie scattered around Indonesian… Read More »5 Recommended Brands for Selling Women’s Lingerie Online Suitable for the First Night

Fairytale Inspired Lingerie: Beauty & the Beast

Lingerie really lends itself to fairy tales. There is a tremendous amount of creativity that goes into both the design of lingerie, the folk tales of yesteryear, and the modern recreations of these that we see in art, on stage and on screen. Fairy tales are whimsical and fanciful; lingerie is often too. Take those ruffles, stitching, embroidery – they are reminiscent of the whimsy and flourishes of myths that have been passed down from generation to generation. I keep lists of lingerie that I love, all categorized into different themes – heavenly, velvet, Halloween, retro and more. I began… Read More »Fairytale Inspired Lingerie: Beauty & the Beast

Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

I was lucky even though I have a difficult size because finding nursing bras wasn’t too difficult for me. Being immersed in the world of lingerie as I am with friends in the industry, I had a lot of recommendations and gifted products to try which meant I discovered some great styles that work for me. right now. I have maternity bras that are pretty, one that looks like a “real” bra with flexible threads and proper cups, another that is stretchy and super comfortable in a range of sizes. The challenge that I took up is to find maternity… Read More »Molke Review: Wonder Woman Lingerie for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

5 Independent UK Lingerie Brands to Watch in 2019

At BCLC, we really try to support local brands where we can. Of course, there are designers across the world who create some absolutely amazing pieces – and we share them as often as possible – but today we wanted to focus closer to home and highlight a few lingerie brands. British people who have caught our attention lately. should have a fantastic year 2019. And this is really just a tiny snippet of the wonderful independent British lingerie brands you can find out there! Throughout the year, we’ll continue to spotlight more brands so we can hopefully introduce more… Read More »5 Independent UK Lingerie Brands to Watch in 2019

Bridal Lingerie under £250 – Big Cup Little Cup

Evgenia Lingerie Janus Tap Short – $ 152 (approx £ 114) So, remember last year when I got married and started a series about where you can buy bridal lingerie for different budgets? Remember how, uh, I didn’t finish this series either? Yeah. I had planned to take it back after the wedding because I had created all my lists, but none of the articles were written, but another life got in the way (40 weeks tomorrow!) And I am never there reached . I had half-decided that I wasn’t going to finish the show, since the wedding was over… Read More »Bridal Lingerie under £250 – Big Cup Little Cup

Bellevue Camisole Sewing Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for our new Bellevue camisole sewing pattern! Today, I want to share some sewing inspirations for making your camisole! References include camisoles, briefs and babydolls as they all have the same basic shape. 1. WALLPAPER PRINTING Nightie by Marjolainephoto credit Marjolaine I love the historic feel of this beautiful, crisp floral – very similar to 18th century European (“Indian”) fabric prints that were made to mimic the textiles of India. You can never be too daring with the scale either! 2. ROMANTIC LACE Briefs by Carine GilsonNet-A-Porter photo credit I have chosen several examples… Read More »Bellevue Camisole Sewing Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

This week I thought it would be fun to see different ways to style the Bellevue camisole! I really love how this classic piece of lingerie has been given new life through creative overlays, and is now an outerwear classic and I hope these fun examples inspire you in your tailoring! 1. ON A SHIRT left: Marlijn Hoek (photo credit Eilish McCormick / Figarophoto via Contour RA)right: Leigh-Anne Pinnock (photo credit Mark R. Milan / GC Images) It works with so many types of shirts! A button-down shirt (close it up to the neck so that the different necklines are… Read More »Bellevue Camisole Styling Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

Newell Skirt Sewing Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

This week I wanted to show you different ways to get creative around our Newell Slip skirt model! As much a classic piece of lingerie as the silk camisole, the culottes also took center stage as outerwear. I love seeing how brands have fun with the concept, and here are some of my favorite twists. 1. IRIDESCENCE The way this wispy fabric reflects light is so unique. It gives the culottes a playful and futuristic style, and the bias cut is highlighted thanks to the transparency of the textile (the weaving appears more clearly than with opaque fabrics). 2. MINERAL… Read More »Newell Skirt Sewing Inspiration – Orange Lingerie

Sizing Guidance for Orange Lingerie Bra Patterns

One of our goals at Orange Lingerie is to make making bras as easy as possible. Our models include detailed step-by-step drawings of each step in bra making and our blog is full of ten years (!) Of lingerie research possible. As with shopping for bras, an ongoing challenge is determining the size of the bra. I spent some time discussing the reasons why bra sizing can be difficult in our last blog post. The short version: measurements alone don’t tell you your bra size. To simplify bra sizing, I continue to recommend that you start with your ready-to-wear (“RTW”)… Read More »Sizing Guidance for Orange Lingerie Bra Patterns

NEW Video Tutorials! – Orange Lingerie

Since the launch of our first online video course, “How to fit a personalized bra” we saw the power of videos to show you how to make your own beautiful and professional lingerie. We recently surveyed our newsletter subscribers (click here to subscribe) and they overwhelmingly said they wanted to see the new tutorials as YouTube videos rather than reading them on the blog or posting them on another platform. -video form. The survey results confirmed our decision to switch to a “video first” approach for new tutorials. Over the past few months, we have steadily added more videos to… Read More »NEW Video Tutorials! – Orange Lingerie

How to Create a Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe

If you looked our latest video, you know one of my favorite things to do every season is put together a lingerie capsule wardrobe. While there are many different types of lingerie wardrobes, such as dates, loungewear, etc., every season I create an everyday lingerie capsule to work with my wardrobe. of seasonal clothing. Benefits of a lingerie capsule The benefits of a lingerie capsule wardrobe are similar to the benefits of a clothing capsule wardrobe. For starters, there are fewer dressing decisions to make every day. When you open your lingerie drawer, you only see the pieces that suit… Read More »How to Create a Lingerie Capsule Wardrobe

Brilliant Basics For Your Lingerie Drawer

Delicately embroidered lace lingerie is fine, but most of us don’t have the lifestyle where we can carefully select a perfectly matching lingerie set to wear with our azure blue dress or pink blouse. fuschia. Instead, getting up and going out in the morning can be more of a mission, and you’re more likely to grab your favorite slick t-shirt bra, knowing that whatever you decide to wear to take the kids to the spot. school, rush to the office or even embark on a myriad of errands, your underwear will not disappoint. So let’s hear it for the basics,… Read More »Brilliant Basics For Your Lingerie Drawer

Enhancing Yourself with Sexy Lingerie

Follow my blog with BloglovinCountless dollars, miles of pages of paper, and years of feverish thought have gone into finding the right underwear to make women look and feel sexy. A lot of people argue that it’s actually all futile, like the one thing that makes a woman sexy a female character – but that won’t stop women, or even men, from looking for the perfect sexy lingerie items that transform. an attractive woman into an attractive woman A sexy lady. The money that goes into doing this is just one part of an industry that has been around for… Read More »Enhancing Yourself with Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie Lace Camisoles

A little known fact that has gone unnoticed in years of underwear marketing will follow this phrase about lace camisoles. The word “Straitjacket” is actually known in the psychiatric world as a straitjacket. Yes, that’s right – they are used to tie up sleeves by immobilizing patients who may pose a danger to themselves or to the public, just before being locked in their cells. You probably knew that? I would certainly assume that few people knew about it. And of course gives things a new twist, doesn’t it? Lace camisole, the lace camisole is not actually used to restrain… Read More »Sexy Lingerie Lace Camisoles

It’s Earth Day, so here are some eco-news from the lingerie industry –

A few years ago, I started educating myself on how the fashion industry harms our planet and everyone who lives on it. From that point on, I made sure to mainly promote companies with an ethical mindset. Now, ethics is a big word that can mean a lot of things.Queen of Suburbia Map Traveler Bras Watch out for greenwashing You can pay your workers a fair wage, but still get their fabric from a factory that doesn’t. They could also use materials that harm the environment and will never biodegrade. One of the most misleading facts about ethical fashion is… Read More »It’s Earth Day, so here are some eco-news from the lingerie industry –

Wearing Lingerie with Confidence – CHARLI RUSSON

Wearing lingerie can be incredibly stimulating. But it can also be incredibly nerve-racking. So how do you make sure you feel your best when putting on these special pieces? Believe it or not, wearing lingerie (especially being photographed in lingerie) hasn’t always been natural for me. I cringe at how awkward I look in my first lingerie photos. Before taking these photos, I was going through a heavy routine. Applying layers of makeup, styling my hair to perfection. Getting my husband to take a thousand clichés of awkward poses from a thousand different angles to make everything perfect. Even after… Read More »Wearing Lingerie with Confidence – CHARLI RUSSON

High Summer Lingerie Look Book with LoveHoney

As night approaches and September approaches, it can seem like summer is coming to an end. But I’m definitely not ready to let go and with the beautiful, flowery, bright lingerie in LoveHoney’s new season offerings, summer is here to stay. And who doesn’t want to hang on to summer when he brings with him floral satin dresses, scalloped teddies and floral lace lingerie? True to form, LoveHoney gave us a sultry range of luminous flowers worthy of the fairy court of Titania. The offerings are whimsical and playful with intricate flower gardens blooming in lacy and printed on the… Read More »High Summer Lingerie Look Book with LoveHoney

BDSM and lingerie: a long love affair

BDSM. Slavery. Discipline. Domination and submission. Sadomasochism. Lingerie. You would think the two go hand in hand. But why? And with so many BDSM influences prevalent in our lingerie trends, how can we cross the border between wearing and practicing safely? A fascination with fetish clothing and BDSM has long manifested itself in fashion and lingerie designs. The likes of McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Balmain have all tapped into fetish fashion when designing haute couture. Lingerie designers are no different. Bordelle made a name for herself with her coveted bondage dress. And Damaris began to introduce strapping to the… Read More »BDSM and lingerie: a long love affair

High Street Lingerie: Bravissimo Millie Fuller Bust Bra Review

When it comes to fuller bras, Bravissimo has you covered. The Millie bra is one of their bestsellers, but does it live up to the “most comfortable bra ever” reviews? I had a dilemma with the bra. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and almost two years at home mean I have lived in nursing or wireless bras. So imagine my shock when I pulled out a trusted bra to wear to an in person meeting and realized I now have a big quad boobs! Yes, my breasts have changed in size. My back shrunk, my breasts got bigger and gravity started to take… Read More »High Street Lingerie: Bravissimo Millie Fuller Bust Bra Review

Wild Anticipation: Lingerie by LoveHoney

Bridgerton and her soft-porn for women Take Regency Romance has won us all – and LoveHoney was not far behind with Wild Anticipation – the latest lingerie collection from the sexual bliss brand. Wild anticipation. Do some research and all the media will tell you LoveHoney was inspired by Bridgerton. A palette of soft pastel colors, lace and delicate flowers reign supreme in the Wild Anticipation range. The range is whimsical, romantic, a little scorching. It’s all reminiscent of the Netflix drama that filled all of our screens this past winter. But, if I’m honest, the Wild Anticipation range doesn’t… Read More »Wild Anticipation: Lingerie by LoveHoney

Kilo Brava: affordable, ethical, luxury lingerie

It’s not very often that the words affordable, ethical and luxury appear side by side. But that’s what Kilo Brava is trying to do. Best of all, they’ve teamed up with lingerie favorite Playful Promises to make sure UK lingeristas have access to them too. Champagne is best enjoyed on a Lambrusco budget. That sums me up. I love luxury. The silks and sheer lace turn me on in a way that poly-mixed satins never will. Or, at least, that’s what I thought. I dream of the day when I can justify indulging my tastes. But, with a house undergoing… Read More »Kilo Brava: affordable, ethical, luxury lingerie

Get the Look: Celestial Goddesses with The Lingerie Addict

If you haven’t visited The Lingerie Addict to read our collaborative article on the set of Celestial Goddesses, what are you waiting for? Inspired by goddesses, celestial bodies and vengeance, we’ve planned a photoshoot featuring some of our favorite lingerie sets we both own: the stunning, limited-edition Viola Gold collection from luxury specialist Harlow & Fox , and the decadent Kaylin Kaftan of the burlesque queen. Catherine D’Lish. You can see all of Sylvie Rosokoff’s incredible photos, and find out more about what this series meant to us, today on The Lingerie Addict. At Sweet Nothings, we wanted to share… Read More »Get the Look: Celestial Goddesses with The Lingerie Addict

Holiday Lingerie! Festive Styles and Where to Buy Them

Une petite note de programmation : mon budget n’incluait pas une grande série éditoriale de vacances cette année, mais c’est en partie parce que J’ai un projet différent que je propose à quelques autres points de vente, alors j’espère pouvoir partager ça bientôt! Si vous souhaitez revoir les éditoriaux de l’année précédente, vous pouvez tous les voir ici. Vous cherchez des conseils pour intégrer de la lingerie à vos tenues de vacances ? Cet article couvre tout, des soutiens-gorge sans bretelles aux sous-vêtements en passant par les soutiens-gorge à bretelles et les bas ! J’ai pensé qu’à la place, puisque beaucoup de… Read More »Holiday Lingerie! Festive Styles and Where to Buy Them

My Top 5 Lingerie Purchases of 2019

Welcome to 2020, the world is still… well, let’s do like an angry site visitor accused us of doing several years ago and continue to focus on the frivolous. I’m expanding the definition of “lingerie” for this year’s post (you can also check out the Top 5 Lists of 2015, 2016, and 2018) to include anything related to lingerie, loungewear, or breasts in general, but I hope you are all along for the ride. Again, I’m in the ridiculous and monstrously lucky position that some of my favorite lingerie acquisitions of the year were giveaways or magazine samples or photoshoot… Read More »My Top 5 Lingerie Purchases of 2019

For the Lonely Hearts- a Valentine’s Day Lingerie Editorial

As a chronic bachelor every year in February, I never felt pressured to do a Valentine’s Day editorial for Sweet Nothings. I usually resent a vacation that makes romance obligatory and often frighteningly patriarchal. Also, lingerie that is worn only for someone else is not my ministry; my own lingerie is above all for me, because I am a vain monster. Over the past year, however, I’ve started to question my hostility to romance, and for reasons I don’t quite understand, I impulsively started planning a shoot as soon as 2020 arrived. I have found myself researching romance stories, romance… Read More »For the Lonely Hearts- a Valentine’s Day Lingerie Editorial

At The Lingerie Addict: Fairytale Wedding Lingerie for Fuller Busts

I am so excited to share that a special editorial I produced is appearing today on The Lingerie Addict, the number one lingerie magazine in the world! I wanted to style a photoshoot that showed some of the best wedding-ready lingerie, both for fuller breasts and plus sizes, and the designers, brands and the creative team I worked with put it all together. implemented! Harlow & Fox x Karolina Laskoska ‘Alycya’ bralette, garter belt, stockings and briefs; custom Harlow & Fox bra; Dottie’s Delights x Mosh ‘Marry and Bury’ Bathrobe Whenever I speak with friends who work in the wedding… Read More »At The Lingerie Addict: Fairytale Wedding Lingerie for Fuller Busts

I Like This: The Perfect Lingerie Art for Your Boudoir

Haha, hi folks, wow, I fell off the face of the earth again, huh? It’s almost like things in the world still aren’t great, which means that for some super weird and totally inexplicable reason, I still don’t have the attention span! Savage. What IS great is that I moved into a new apartment this spring, so after a year of really horrible loneliness and horrible, slightly traumatic stuff with a neighbor, I’m finally in a life situation that’s to be seen. the opposite of that! Hope this means my attention span will return and I can start writing and… Read More »I Like This: The Perfect Lingerie Art for Your Boudoir

Lingerie brands must embrace new comfort zone as behaviours shift

Welcomes the guest writer, Alain Sévaux, RFID market development manager, Avery Dennison Smartrac (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification) Omnichannel retail has become a gold standard for the fashion industry in recent years and now we are seeing the lingerie industry evolving as well, reflecting not only consumer trends but a broader societal shift as well. The merging of physical and digital retail has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressure to create a seamless omnichannel experience is the new reality for brands and retailers. Today, consumers discover brands in new ways and seek convenience, transparency and new experiences… Read More »Lingerie brands must embrace new comfort zone as behaviours shift

Vintage mood. Review of Covent Garden lingerie by Myla London.

Originally I wanted to buy three different styles from the Myla London website during New Years sales, but while trying to figure out my size all of the discounted silk lingerie suddenly disappeared and I ended up ordering only a Soho lace set. I didn’t forget the beautiful silk pieces though, so when I found them later on Farfetch, I didn’t hesitate. Here’s a review of the Covent Garden style, and the one from Grosvenor Square will come later. The Covent Garden style has a subtle vintage vibe. Not a daring pin-up but sweet and elegant, calling for dim lights… Read More »Vintage mood. Review of Covent Garden lingerie by Myla London.

My top list. 3 lingerie brands and 3 designs which I was late for.

There are a bunch of lists of tops that I had in mind when I decided to start this column: my top list of lingerie retailers, my top sales list, my top list of lingerie brands for little girls. exploded, etc. But instead I started. with the most practical pointless item – my list of lingerie that I was too late to buy. After all, I never wanted this blog to be a super handy marketing or sales tool, sometimes it can just be an ode to works of art and beauty without any practical use. We are on leave… Read More »My top list. 3 lingerie brands and 3 designs which I was late for.

Lingerie catalog. Launch and where it’s all going.

Recently I added a brand new page with a lingerie catalog to my blog. You’ve probably seen it before, but unless you’ve subscribed to email notifications, little has come of the way. Here I am making up for it. Adept at statistics and analysis, I tend to collect all the data possible, structure it and look for correlations everywhere, even when it comes to my passion like lingerie. I have a pretty long list of lingerie brands, and my lists usually turn into databases with brands and ratings pretty quickly. This time I had thought that someone else might find… Read More »Lingerie catalog. Launch and where it’s all going.

Best lingerie brands 2019 according to lingerie bloggers.

Depuis que j’ai commencé mon blog sur la lingerie, mon approche de la lingerie a radicalement changé. Tout d’abord, je suis devenu beaucoup plus pointilleux. La qualité que je considérais comme assez bonne auparavant est maintenant comparée aux meilleures de l’industrie… et perd évidemment souvent. Le design avec lequel je serais charmé avant maintenant est souvent “Oh, j’ai vu quelque chose de similaire.” Et les facteurs auxquels je n’ai même pas pensé maintenant peuvent être primordiaux. Alors, quand j’ai jeté un nouveau regard sur ma nouvelle liste de souhaits juste pour réaliser à quel point elle est différente de celle… Read More »Best lingerie brands 2019 according to lingerie bloggers.

Unique lingerie. Ada Language collection by Lisa Smirnova.

I was looking at Lisa Smirnova’s Instagram account for a while, actually long before I started this blog. Funny thing, I have admired these pieces seeing them in my default feed so many times, but it never occurred to me that this was actually exactly a topic for my lingerie loving personality. Well, it’s time to do it right. Lisa Smirnova is a Russian artist specializing in illustration and embroidery. Well, I’m a big fan of embroidery in general, and of course embroidered lingerie particularly catches my eye. I’m not going to list all my favorite brands or separate pieces… Read More »Unique lingerie. Ada Language collection by Lisa Smirnova.

Bengal lingerie by Livy. The Girl with the Tiger Tattoo.

This set that I had watched the longest of all, I hunted these tigers for months. Mainly because of the size. I found parts to try on in the offline store, checked out the brand’s support team, and after all still wasn’t successful. In fact, I’m not even sure my size exists in the Livy’s range. I do not regret anything however, I can forgive everything for this wonderful embroidery, even a few imperfections in the cut. Even though I didn’t get the right size, it is still quite comfortable, which is a rare quality for the things that make… Read More »Bengal lingerie by Livy. The Girl with the Tiger Tattoo.