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The cult classic Nike Air Max BW OG returns once again

While Nike is renowned for its revolutionary sportswear, the brand is also essential for streetwear styles across the world. Whether it’s niche subcultures or global trends, Nike’s standalone styles often possess a simply timeless nature. Now we see the return of one of its streetwear grailings – the Nike Air Max BW.

Back in its OG blue, black and white colourway – and celebrating its 30th anniversary – the Nike Air Max BW is three decades strong for a reason. From the Rotterdam dance scene to the London grime phenomenon and a host of other European subcultures, the Nike Air Max BW OG is a holy grail for many. This will also be the 7th time the BW has landed in its OG colourway – there’s no need to change a winning formula.

Always in demand – and extremely stylish – this silhouette features a standalone look while offering a quintessential Air Max setup. Leather, mesh and suede form the upper, opting for a bold black primary color with blue and white accents to support it. Classic Swooshes adorn the sidewalls, while Nike Air branding signals its cushioning technology.

The title BW – AKA ‘BIG WINDOW’ – nods to the enlarged visible air window in the single unit. This feature certifies supreme cushioning, as well as classic Air Max styling. A grippy rubber tread on the outsole is also present, providing stability with every stride. Classic and timeless.

The Nike Air Max BW will be available soon on our launch app. It arrives in men’s sizes and is priced at £ 125. Want more chances of winning the raffle? Join size? Access below via the links, terms and conditions are here.

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